Life’s Golden Ticket Revealed!


Since the day Life’s Golden Ticket was released, I’ve been asked to reveal what the secret message was on the golden ticket at the end of the story.

I was always reluctant to share my vision of what the golden ticket said because I wanted the reader to draw his or her own conclusion. I wanted the secret to a happy and meaningful life to be chosen by the reader, by you, not me.

Originally, the publisher and I were going to put the golden ticket in an envelope in the back of the book, along with an invitation ticket that you could give to a friend inviting them to read the book. But we chose not to include the envelope at the time, so until now the “golden ticket” has remained a *mystery*.

The time has come to finally share what I envisioned the ticket to say. I’m hoping you’ll comment on the golden ticket and also provide what YOU think is the golden ticket. (See below on how to comment).

The Golden Ticket Revealed!!

What is the secret message we were all given on our golden ticket at birth? What message did I want to include with Life’s Golden Ticket? Revealed here for the first time, below is the front-and-back of the golden ticket we were originally going to include in an envelope in the back of Life’s Golden Ticket. Print this ticket out and carry it with you as a reminder of our greatest blessing – the gift of free will and second chances.



Print the golden ticket front and back of the ticket by clicking on the following links:
Golden Ticket Front
Golden Ticket Back

Please post a comment on this blog and let me know what you think of the golden ticket. Just scroll down to leave a comment.

Also, feel free to post a comment and share what YOU think is the golden ticket. This should be your thoughts on what we all need to hear as a reminder to get us to live to our full potential. It’s your reminder to others about what to keep in mind in order to live a happy and meaningful life. Try to keep it to 2-5 sentences max. I’m sure people will like to see and comment on it.

As a thanks, I’ve also included two incredible videos below to inspire you and help you get centered despite this chaotic world of ours. Enjoy!

Thank you for your support over the years. I hope you always remember your golden ticket. And I hope our paths cross soon. Until then, may the gates to possibility always swing wide open for you.

– Brendon Burchard
Author, Life’s Golden Ticket


Life’s Last 3 Questions

This video shares what inspired me to write Life’s Golden Ticket. Essentially, I had an accident that taught me life’s last questions and I wanted to write a parable about a man who is forced to look at his life and decide if he had ever really lived, loved, and mattered. That’s the essence of the book. It’s also the essence of what I know to be important in life based on my accident.


The Purpose of Life

After a participant suffered a seizure during one of my seminars, I shared my thoughts on life. While conducting the seminar, my father was fighting a losing battle against leukemia. I thought this video would help you become present and emotionally connected so that you can truly appreciate the golden ticket (and hopefully help you come up with your own, too).

  1. Hello Brendon,

    This ticket helps ease the pain by words alone in the hearts of those whom are suffering from this changing world. By this ticket it actually helps the guru’s online to protect themselves from all the hype about how much money they make. Is this a strategy to protect your future work and income? People will always look up to kind words of wisdom and knowledge and religious as we are in the time of this changing world. We are overwhelmed by the guru’s telling us how much money they make online and how we too can do the same thing, but in reality…… one will ever be educated enough with out tons of money in their pockets to pay for this education through gurus and other promises online.

    I am working on something here, that may work for those who don’t have deep pockets and help them get educated on how to make money online without making the guru’s rich first.

    Like you said before and I appreciate your advice greatly, take a stand and get moving now before the ship sails or something like that.

    The next SHERU………….thx

  2. Life’s Golden Ticket is your imagination. At any time you have the power to change anything and everything about your life by imagining things the way you want to be. Life is changing constantly. We sometimes feel “stuck” when life changes from one thing to the same thing. Usually over and over again. This happens because our thoughts and imagination are focused on the aspects of life we do not like or want. Your imagination, Life’s Golden Ticket, gives you the ability to instantly put yourself into a better reality in your mind. And if you do this with some regularity, then your life will change to match your imagination. It takes some dedication and effort, but the alternative is feeling stuck in a life you don’t like.

  3. I am aware of a world in which everything is already perfect, in harmony, peacefull, completely silence and serene. Everything is connected with one another. There is only love. We already have everything. This world is our true essence. We live in grace , are already loved and truly blessed. This thing we call LIFE is an ultimate gift to us to express ourself in any way possible and to create whatever we wish as a creator. The choices are our!
    Imagine expressing yourself, creating whatever you wish without your divine body!

  4. Brendon, I bow for thee, Namaste

  5. Brendon, thank you so much for life’s golden ticket & the contributions you’ve changed the lives of so many. I know you’ve much more to come. Thanks!

  6. Thank you, Brendon. second chance is Life’s Golden Ticket.

  7. Dear Brendon:

    I re-wrote this bit more and changed my previous message … I felt impressed I needed to look up what you had on Life’s Golden Ticket.. Thank you. So these are my comments.

    My Life’s Golden Ticket is awakening from my death experience and coma six years ago into a Living, Breathing, Radiant New World. It begins with…

    My mind is confused and spinning into unconsciousness. I have full memory of my death visit and I am struggling to understand what I am experiencing and why this is all happening. No one can understand anything as I attempt to speak..slurs.. arched body with anxious tear-filled eyes.

    I feel a most cold, terrorizing thing attached inside me, sounds of humming and noise activate unending fear…” Get it out” It is choking me; a mechanical nightmare, controlling… controlling my world. How is it possible for me to speak of such loss and terror at the same time. Each breath I take, I am suffocating… each moment is given by another, letting go into death again and again. My mind is cold, frozen in time, not capable of comprehending that everything is backwards…fear fills my every cell. I am gripped with anguish, struggling to breathe.

    Imagine finding out that the only way you may live is to NOT breathe and let go into that!! All air is taken from me, I am gasping, spinning into my own abyss of death, one more time–down, down, down into darkness…. I am dead.. hopelessness and total despair fill my being. I LET GO… and LET GO into my own disappearance, a dark void of such unknown.

    Suddenly the freshest most beautiful air floods my lungs..I can breathe; along with this I experience a brilliant light! Sweet Oxygen fills me, I am rejoicing and gasping at the same time. Yet… I am in terror that I may have this delicious life sucked out from me and left unexpressed! I truly do not wish to DIE!

    I am in a coma for almost a month and after weeks I am finally able to write although no one but me, can recognize what my scrawls are saying. I have the most profound message to share; my time with our Living Lord and Savior and I can not even be heard! I am so frustrated, filled with anger and unable to do anything for myself in the months and years ahead.

    I find myself now in my most difficult journey, being back in life. I learn to let go into not being able to move my fingers, legs with no connecting my thoughts with my body motions.. let alone emotions. I slowly realize I may only experience life as I let go.

    I begin this message with my Golden Ticket…it is that my life is being given by his every breath. I have realized anything I do, is not my doing. He breathes my very breath. I am grateful for every moment. I am child in wonder as I discover my life contains this magical elixir, resounding power, rhythm and majesty within and without. The Kingdom of God is within you and the Kingdom of God is without you…You have only for the scales to fall away from your eyes for you to realize this extraordinary TRUTH.

    When I am with him, he teaches me of the kingdoms, principality and powers that pulsate within us and all things. He taught me of the power of his Living Word, bathed in his permeating love available each moment. He spoke to me… “This is our Time of Choice”. I became a butterfly enveloped in chrysalis…I surrendered into my healing with little movement for four years. I experience and learn so much in this glorious silence.

    Everything takes on a radiating glow, color and vibrancy. I have the capacity of listening into joy that is within all existance. Reds and oranges are deeper resplendent hues, sounds of petite birds are choirs of angels sent to me for one blessed moment. Life has it’s own sound I am privileged to hear. Everything has its own voice and is living.

    Yes I receive Life’s Golden Ticket each moment and am writing of his magnificent messages given by these living systems. Your Golden Ticket you were given is one of them. Your book touched my son deeply in further experiencing redemption and being prepared to write with me my experience and messages from our Lord.

    So thank you Brendon for who you are in this New and Glorious World that is available to each and and everyone of you, as the Layers of Darkness fall away. Love and Blessings to you and everyone reading this… In his Glorious Name and vibrancy of life I speak these things… Donna

  8. Dear Brendon:

    My Life’s Golden Ticket is awakening on a ventilator. It is the most terrorizing experience I could imagine. I had a death experience and so much in my mind was spinning as I came into consciousness. I had full memory and was struggling to understand what I had experienced and why. No one could understand anything I attempted to speak..slurs..slurs..slurs

    Here I was on the ventilator, the most cold, terrorizing thing I could ever feel and know, a mechanical nightmare to me. How is it possible to speak of such loss and terror. Every breath I would take I was suffocating to death… so each moment was given by another letting go into death.. my mind was cold, frozen in time, not capable of comprehending that everything was backwards…fear filled every cell in my body. I was gripped with anguish and struggling to breathe.

    Imagine finding out that the only way to live is not breathe and let go into that!! When all air was taken from me and I was spinning into abyss of death one more time–down, down, down into darkness…. Suddenly I LET GO… the freshest most beautiful air flooded my lungs..I could breath!There was brilliant light! Sweet Oxygen filled me up, I was grateful and gasping. I was still in terror that I may have this delicious life in a moment sucked out like a candle in the wind.

    I had been in a coma for almost a month and after weeks I was finally able to write although no one but me, could recognize what I was saying. I had the most profound message to share of my time with our Living Lord and Savior and I could not even be heard. I now begin a most difficult journey back as I learn to let go into not being able to move my fingers, legs and still not connected with my thoughts and unable to connect with my body motions let alone emotions.

    I began this message with my Golden Ticket…it is that my life is given by his every breath. I have realized everything I anything I do is not my doing. He breathes my every breath. I am grateful for every moment. Each thing in life contains this magical elixsor, resounding power, rhythm and majesty within and without. The Kingdom of God is within and the Kingdom of God is without…You have only for the scales to fall away from your eyes for you to see this.

    When I was with him, he taught me of the kingdoms, principality and powers that pulsate within us and all things. He taught me of the power of his Living Word, bathed in his permeating love available each moment. He spoke to me “This is he Time of Choice”. I became a butterfly enveloped in my own chrysalis…I would surrendered into healing and little movement for four years. There is so much you learn in this enveloping silence.

    Everything has taken on this glowing, shimmering quality. I listen into the joy that exists within all beauty. Colors are deeper, sounds of petite birds are choirs of angels sent to me for one blessed moment. Life has it’s own sound I am privileged to hear. Everything has a voice and is living intelligence.

    Yes I have received Life’s Golden Ticket and am writing of these magnificent messages given by these living systems. Your Golden Ticket you were given is one of them. Your book touched my son deeply in further experiencing redemption and being prepared to write with me my experience with the Lord. So thank you Brendon for who you in this New and Glorious World available to each and and everyone of us the Layers of Darkness fall away. Love and Blessings to you and everyone reading this… In his Glorious Name and vibrancy of life I speak these things… Donna

  9. Brendon, Reading your golden ticket gave me goosebumps. It is beautiful and I love that people can validate it in any given moment and it has no expiry.
    On the front it says Pass – maybe it should say Permit because people seem to need permission to be all they can be.
    Right now Brendon you are my Golden Ticket (and so much more) I was full to bursting with messages I want to get out into the world and I asked the universe every day to send me the teacher to tell me how to do that and you showed up in my inbox, thank you universe and thank you Brendon. I’m an enthusiastic (just a bit!!!) student on your Blueprint to success course and it’s exactly where I want and need to be.
    I love your devotion to your cause and my Golden Ticket to ride this stage of my life journey. Thank you Brendon.

  10. I love the way you have put big concepts into succinct words. I believe that we all have deep inner resources and when we are encouraged to use them, to develop our creativity we are happier and make the world a better place.
    There are many, many ways of saying this truth. That’s why there is poetry, art, music, friends laughing together and more. My blog tries to encourage people to look for the zing in life and share it. Keep up your good work. Donna

  11. I’m an MD, 61yo, and instead of going to retire, I’m doing new things, risking with “lions”, flying in the tightrope with “Zanzinnis” and now getting strong like Mike. If you have read the book, you will grasp what I’m saying! Life is full of promises, and I’m happy and excited to go to new dimensions, exploring new territories, dreaming and working in new programs for healing people and, through Expert Academy TotalBluePrint program, going to do a new dent in the universe of spanish spoken people that don’t speak or understand health advances written and announced in english, being a “bridge” over the gap that separates modern medicine from conventional one. And thanks Brendon, for empowering me and my partner Pedro in doing that. I intend to live fully, to love openly and make a difference TODAY.

  12. The Golden ticket for me is to remember, that if I want things to change, I have to change, and if I want things to get better, I have to get better.
    I learnt these wise words – among many other – from Jim Rohn.

  13. I finally started to understand my Life’s Golden ticket,when it showed up for me laying in a hospital bed after being pretty badly smashed up when I was hit from my push bike. Although I was never able to have children I was gifted with a second chance at life and my commitment to that second chance was to give back through training and influence in a positive way my team members around me. Tony Robbins had a massive influence on me and still does to this day, and when you start to believe and forgive yourself for what you perceive as wrong in your past life …. Your Golden Ticket is reinforced with Peace of Mind.
    Thank you Brendon for all what you offer and reinforce.

  14. My remix quote: “Many are called but a few choose to answer”…Vizion2010

    Bringing your passion to fruition is your duty in life. Be Purposefully Present. Be aware of your Mind and Emotions and keep them in alignment with your soul’s desires. Every moment is an opportunity to bring life, love, and light to the world. Thanks, Brendon, for being diligent in reminding us all of our Power to CHOOSE and BE on Purpose!

  15. hi brendon,
    thank you for your inspiring work. indeed, free will is a gift that sadly not too many people know they have. i’ve had my share of low moments myself and i think i found some solutions reading a book written by dr. wayne dyer many years ago. you’ve got great work that certainly will help a lot of people like me..God bless you..

  16. Have I lived MY life or someone else’s? That’s a hard question now that I think about it, I have lived fully, but not MY life I have lived for my parents, my school, my husband, my daughters, my siblings, my business, but what about ME? Brendon, you just made me realized that I have a lot to offer the world that’s still inside me, I have a purpose in life, that’s why God put me on this earth, to make a difference, to leave a legacy, to LIVE FULLY.

    Have I loved fully? Yes, I love everyone and everything, on this I have no regrets, except that maybe I need to show love to myself more often.

    Have I matter? I know that I have made a difference in my parents lives, my close family and some friends, but I still have a lot to give and to be remembered for. I’m starting to work on my personal message to the world, I’m working on making a difference on my personal circle of influence and then working out from there, that way when the Lord calls me to his prescence I will have left this world a little better than when I came in to it.

    Thanks, Brendon. You have made me realize that life is even better than I thought, and that’s because I like to see the big picture, but is like comparing the fence in front of my house to your vision of the Chinese Wall, you see everything bigger.

  17. Having a grateful heart is Life’s Golden Ticket. What I learned is when you are grateful for something you have in a specific area of life it opens the hand of God to give you more. Every day I thank God for the people supporting my dream to start my business. I name them in my prayers every day and the list keeps getting longer. Brendon has been added to my prayers.

  18. Hello Brendon,

    I believe that life’s golden ticket is that we are created to be sons of God and to walk in His manifested power so that others can be liberated from whatever binds them. As sons of God, we have the power of God in us to do anything that we want to do. Understanding that limitations are not real they only become real when you believe them. So the power to do and to be whatever lies in our ability to think it, pursue it, until we experience it. Also, knowing that there are buzzards strategically place in our lives to keep us from achieving but it is up to us to keep living life to its fullest because the buzzards can’t live around life, they only gravitate towards dead things.

  19. Hi Brendon, I believe life’s golden ticket is to:
    1. “love yourself” and then you can be ready to give and receive love.
    2. Find your passion for life and live it.

    God bless from New Zealand:)

  20. Hi Brendon
    I have recently benefitted from your free videos on marketing and E-Business ….and they were so breathtakingly good, I have scheduled them for detailed review very soon.
    I also resolved immediately to find more of who you are, and what your teaching is about ….and what I am finding is both educative, helpful, and really delightful.
    I especially liked the wording on the back of the Golden Ticket I have just printed ….where you wisely make it clear how important it is to “release the anger, hurt, resentment and worry of one’s old story , and seek the clarity and strength to start anew”.
    I can continue to learn from someone who writes ,knows, and experiences these things …and I am eager to do so.
    I have been a teacher for more than 40 years , and some years ago I realised how “inappropriate” it is to have anger ,when dealing with children,or indeed, with anyone.
    Once I declared anger as non-productive , I began to enquire and ask questions instead of apportioning “blame” ….and I found this perspective immensely valuable .
    It became possible , with real focus, mental effort, and skilled practice to so improve my relationships with students of different ages that they began to welcome me with enthusiasm ….quite simply because I had learned more ways to encourage and to value them ….and I no longer had any causes for anger .
    Disappointment ….yes, misery….yes, but not anger.
    I had found a formula for keeping calm myself, and keeping others calm .
    I had found a formula for valuing each and every individual , and modelled that process of valuing for them ……..I was “really”living, and loving the colleagues I had, and the students I taught in a new and exciting way…..which has literally only ever got better and better.
    The decision to make away with anger was deliberate ….the results were amazing ….and continue to be so today .
    It has made a significant difference …………what you have suggested, I have actually done……and found it to be true .
    Kindest regards
    Graeme McLeod
    New Zealand

  21. Hi Brendon.
    I did’t read Golden Ticket yet, but I’ve been seen many of your presentations, however I was seeking of how to find the way to earn more money to make my life more fully. Now I knew that you’re not onely the great motivator, expert of how to do stuffs, but alsow a great person. I’m from polend so I mind make some mestikes in writing, don’t mind that. I just wonna say- you doing good, and keep it up!
    Ps. Your hair it’s …. a mess.;)

  22. So as I’m sitting at my desk at 11PM last night doing a quick email check, from behind me I hear the 5 Scariest Words a man can ever hear: “HONEY, WE NEED TO TALK.”

    Since I live fully, love openly and try to make a difference (Thanks Brendon for ALL your inspiration!), I wasn’t too worried. “Luckily” my lady friend said the HWNTT words in a calm, ‘thou somewhat serious and worrisome voice.

    She reached the crossroads of her life asking the GOLDEN TICKET questions we all have need to answer at some point: “What’s My Purpose, What’s My Value to Others, How Should I Proceed, What’s My Plan?”

    Well, she came to the right person, as similarly to you Brendon, I was once in a well paying corporate world, then had a serious skiing accident, and during my months-long recovery had plenty of time to think and change the course of my life – a second chance in life.

    It is now 9AM the next morning and I am responding to your request for Words of Hope. It seems profound that I received the email overnight, as after the long conversation my girl went into a deep peaceful sleep knowing nearly exactly what she needs to do next.

    Below are a few things I told her that might help you (the reader) if you have similar questions on your mind.


    First of all I told her to start with Gratitude. What are you grateful for? Home, food, family, friends, health, soul, ability to learn, ability to think, skills, talents, job/business, car, computer, internet access, mentors, …?

    Second, think what you Love about yourself (body, mind, personality, social and career skills), what Inspires you (your Vision Board: best you, home, places, things, people, purpose), what Resources you have (time, money, appearance, special skills), what are your Values (self, health, love, money, giving), and who do you Know Professionally that might help you.

    Then make your definite SMART goals: for Ultimate Life, 2-5 Years, This Year, 3-6 Months, This Month, This Week, Tomorrow, Today, NOW.

    “The most important thing about having goals is to have one.” – Geoffrey F. Abert

    I told her to take a piece of paper and at the top write “What is it that I Want to Experience in my Life?” Carry that paper with you at all times and over the next week or two whenever you have an “Eureka” moment write it down. After 2 weeks and having 10-20 ideas to ponder on, take a second piece of paper and write down “HOW can I experience that?” (what are your possible first steps and options).

    “We are all here for some special reason. Stop being a prisoner of your past. Become the architect of your future.” – Robin Sharma

    My biggest change after the accident was assuming the win-win-win philosophy and caring much more about the customer. Already being entrepreneurial, creative, persistent and optimistic – a must in the current tough times, I proceeded on faith in knowing that new opportunities will present themselves.

    Case in point, while reading other posts on this page, I found a very informative website by E.G. Sebastian, I spent 2 hours reading about great Headline ideas (What Does Lingerie Have In Common With Great Headlines?), Lead Generation, Landing a TV Placement, and much more. [Thanks Sebastian – great website!]

    To end this lengthy post, here’s what a wise and successful older executive once told me:

    “Miracles do happen! There is always a way (even where there seems to be no way). Hang in there!”


    P.S. If you are truly stuck and want a quick idea for an immediate action, here is one idea might work for you (it’s not for everyone – you need to enjoy talking to people).

    This Business-In-a-Box idea came to me after watching Brendon’s Experts’ Academy. In short, I created a highly informative and highly valuable Fitness and Health blog that YOU CAN USE to generate income tomorrow. For details scroll all the way down to the FAQ on the ORDER PAGE of this website:

  23. As the greatest man who ever lived says, you own the world,if he gave the world to Papa Abraham and we are heirs of Abraham then we poseses the world and everything in it.Thank you Brother Brendon For confirming this truth ever written in the bible

  24. Hi Brendon,

    What I believe the Golden ticket is… is a ticket the gives me permission to be exactly who I am and by being exactly whom I am meant to be and being fully present I impact the world in a positive way. Because what I believe I am meant to be, is a full expression of love and when I am operating on this level I give others permission to be trully who they are. My kids who I have the most impact on, sore in life because I am fully present to give them the Love, Time, and Attention they trully need to realize and live there full potential. By giving them this gift they pass it on to others. It trully is a Miraculous way to live.

    I was put on this earth for a purpose and I believe my purpose is to impact others lives in a positive way. To fully be me!

    Love yourself fully, so that you trully have something of value to give to others.

    Go out there and live your life!


  25. When we came into this world we come with the idea that we are champions only to have someone take it off, but left the possibility of discovering what we really are, we just have topman a decision that is to recognize ourselves as part of the Creator and become other creators, with all qualities, with full power to be successful and create a life full of all riches.

  26. Within each of us is a striving… a striving for more, better, higher, richer, fuller, deeper… we can be happy and grateful for what we have yet we can never be satisfied. This keeps up striving for more!

    Life’s Golden Ticket involves striving toward and continually growing toward our Incredible Human Potential! The more of our incredible potential we live, the more we will have lived, loved, and made a difference in the end.

    I believe it includes self discovery (knowing our gifts and abilities), living in and enjoying the NOW…using our talents, abilities, knowledge and experience to create value for other.

    I am a former suicidal street dwelling heroin addict, 9th grade drop out who today makes 6 figures in the corporate world (as part of a management team of a $100 million dollar business unit for a tech company) with a corner office and a parking stall in the garrage. I have 0 debt, own my home and cars (and Harley Davidson) outright, have a successful mariage of 23 years to my one and only wife, have 4 really smart kids. I am an Author, speaker, song writer…
    and I still don’t have a college degree :-0

    Almost always grateful, usually happy, and thankfully never satisfied…striving for more, better, higher, richer, fuller, deeper…

    Mark Edward Duin

  27. Réya’s Golden Ticket:
    -We create our own relities by the beliefs we have about our selfworth. If you don’t like where you are, recognize and change the belief, set a new goal and life will come through to support you to reach your new goal.
    -When one door closes another opens. Just ask to be shown it.
    -When you face a hardship, ask “What is this here to teach me?”
    -Forgive and live free. As Oprah said “Forgiveness is letting go of the hope that the past could have been different.”
    -Kindness given out of the generosity of spirit to serve the suffering world rise up and claim what is rightfully theirs – a life of freedom and independance to live the life of their dreams in harmonmious coexistance

  28. To me, Life´s Golden Ticket is:
    “…todos os dias, durante o tempo que se chama HOJE”( Heb.3:13 )
    1.Amar o Amor@Deus! Viver esta intimidade com Ele todo o dia- como a um amante por quem tenho paixão e adoração! Viver com este entendimento me traz LIBERDADE e FELICIDADE!
    2.Amar a mim mesma, como templo do Amor@Deus! Viver e me cuidar com o segrêdo:”O Amor me criou , está dentro de mim e me ama! Ele é apto para me curar, guiar e guardar até Aquele grande dia!”
    3.Amar com o Amor@Deus, aquele que está em meu caminho. Reconhecer que ele foi atraído pelo Amor para ser amado por mim neste AGORA.
    O AGORA contêm todo o Poder do Amor@Deus para a criação de TUDO novamente.Para novos começos, novas decisões, nova vida!

  29. Oh, darling boy…I will be 80 next year. My Life is so blissful, it makes me wonder why one is called to “hang it all up” when one has finally learned how to “do it right.” But, that transition is a part of life, too. I am satisfied that I have “loved, lived and mattered” as I have written four books of my own, and co-authored one with a “gay guy”. Our goal was to make a difference, and we have. I have raised six children, each so very unique and full of mystery…but most of all, I have learned to savor every moment, cried because nature is so beautiful, sighed because of sad moments and laughed until my face hurt. Married now, for 62 years…and still treasuring each moment, as it comes to me. I recently said to my husband, Gene…that “if I died tomorrow, I want you to know it has been one incredible ride! I have had sooo much funny being me! I can’t thank you enough for allowing me the freedom to BE that “me” And so it is.

  30. That is really cool and yes releasing all of the anger, hurt , worry and resentments that we all accumulate over a life time is key to everything else including happiness. As Deepok Chopra says, happiness is the goal of every other goal and you can’t get there carrying baggage.

  31. Olá, Brendon,
    O Bilhete Dourado que me enviaste nada mais é o complemento que tenho almejado em minha vida.
    Faz 1,5 anos que faço tratamento de câncer na garganta e em momento algum eu desisti de viver.
    Minha vida é tudo, minha vida é Amor, minha vida é Familia, minha vida é fraternidade, minha vida é humanidade. minha vida é crer em DEUS!
    Sua contribuição para com todos nós, através do Bilhete Dourado, é de tamanha significação que somente uma pessoa que não tem si quer em mente um objetivo de vida, que não dá valor ao teor de seu bilhete.
    Crer, acreditar, ter fé no amanhã.

    Obrigado, Brendon.
    OBS: Sou Brasileiro de São Paulo, recebo seus emails e fico as vezes incapacitado para me filiar ao seu programa, porque sou muito pobre.
    Eu para lhe escrever, uso o tradutor do computador, mesmo antiquíssimo, ainda dá para escrever o que sinto.
    FIQUE DOM DEUS! você e seus leitores!


    João Bosco Mafra

    Hello Brendon,
    The golden ticket that you sent me is nothing but the supplement that I have sought in my life.
    Does it do 1.5 years of treatment for throat cancer and I quit at any time to live.
    My life is everything, my life is love, my life is family, my life is fellowship, my life is humanity. my life is to believe in GOD!
    His contribution to us all, through the Golden Ticket, is of such significance that only one person who has himself in mind or a life goal, that does not value the content of your ticket.
    Believe, believe, have faith in tomorrow.

    Thanks, Brendon.
    PS: I’m Brazilian from São Paulo, I get your emails and am sometimes unable to join me to your program because I am very poor.
    I write for you, use the translator of the computer, even ancient, you can still write what I feel.
    DOM GET GOD! you and your readers!


    John Bosco Mafra

  32. I really feel blessed connecting with you here, and can hear the sincerity in your voice when speaking in the hopes that anyone listening will believe that you are truly trying to help and will take that step forward.
    Thank you so much Brendon Burchard. It’s a pleasure meeting you here, and I look forward to shaking hands at our next meeting.
    I feel the Golden Ticket is to be true to yourself and do unto others how you would have them do unto you. I do try everyday to live by those words. If there is something you can do to help someone then do it. Give thanks every day. Live, Love, and Offer.
    Blessings to you Brendon Burchard x

  33. My message is don’t be afraid to step out in to the void and experience all and everything life, and this amazing world, has to offer.

    My passion is for teaching people how to overcome anxiety, especially the fear of failure, and live the life of their dreams.

  34. I loved this book! I kept thinking that the ticket would say that we are to have life and have it abundantly. It really struck me that the character is faced with the choice, and the knowledge that he CAN change, he is ABLE to change, and he has to prove it to himself by TAKING the FIRST STEP. I have wanted to make my life better for soooo long. This story made me feel that change is possible but it really is up to ME.

  35. Dear Brendon,

    I just became acquainted with you and your work only about a week ago & find in very inspiring! And you’ve caught me at a time where my life is changing, so lots of thoughts are “stirring” inside of me.

    One thought on “Life’s Golden Ticket” from my behalf is that it is very important to have a common vision & a “win-win”, let’s say, situation, with all the people that you are closely related to. That is, the things that please me (for my own reasons) must also give *you* something back, for your reasons, as this will boost the relationship (whatever relationship – from your other half to co-workers to friends, relatives, etc.) in an upward spiral where we will continue wanting more & more positive vibes & energy. The sad thing is that we frequently become selfish & lose the capacity to see the other person’s view-point.

    In my eyes, those we choose to have close relationships with (and who in return choose us), do not have bad intentions for us. But frequently when feeling alone & “not understood”, people in return do things that alienate the other, pushing in a downward spiral. And that’s where it starts going wrong.

    But, if you know WHAT you want from your life, and you find/keep those people around you that share a common vision, then the positive feelings start flowing and boosting you to reach your “self-actualization”.

    PS – You must have inspired me as this is the first time *ever* that I post in a blog! Don’t know if it’ll inspire anyone in turn, but here it is!

  36. Emmett Fox: “Sermon on the Mount”

  37. Dear Brendon,

    I am so grateful to be exposed to your materiasl and what you are teaching, it is exceptional.

    What you said made me think about 2 questions :

    1. Did I had the chance to choose my life? if Not ( since i do not like what I am having and ) then;
    2. Am I chooing my own life right Now??????

    Seeing every moment as a new begining in every aspect of life is truly the Golden Ticket. we always can start over at any point.

    Therfore, the quicker you are ( to use your ticket) , the better position in life you will be in.

    Good luck for every one and thank you for sharing your message

  38. I had already commented above, but I think I did not go far enough.
    One day I found myself looking down the barrel of a 38 calibre gun. I thought my life would end right at that moment. Time slowed down and the thing that struck me, was that I had never lived “my own” life. I had done what every else asked me to be and do. It was truly the beginning of the rest of my life with an entirely different path. So do what you love, inspire others and have fun with it.

  39. Well Hello Sunshine,
    I am yet to read your work, however I have know for sometime of my incredible 45 years thus far on this divine planet…the Golden Ticket is to Truly Love explore and be thy best self. Without it it’s just illusion and my number one rule I live by if it’s not real there is NO DEAL! Learning to truly Love myself and let go of observations that formed distorted beliefs and false values has awarded me the jackpot every moment of every blessed day. I am often asked, “Louise what on earth is it that you do or are you doing as your always HAPPY and emanating joy and energy”? The answer, for me is LOVING me and waking up everyday with the clearest of intention to consistently and continually improving myself…God bless Tony Robbins. Yes it’s my work of art and contribution to the incredible universe I choose to incarnate into. We all arrive in this life with a predetermined MAJOR…being yourself. Now its up to you to do MAJOR greatness
    with yourself…the world deserves ALL of you.
    Namaste Louise MAree

  40. What you see will be.

  41. The days are long but the years are short…simple yet incredibly profound. Do not wait to create the life you crave.

  42. In speech or thought, in pursuit of truth or the attempt to live what I believe. I know we begin to live when we stop struggling. When we answer the rising up of our soul that calls to us. The rising up that knows no satisfaction until we become still and silent. When we completely trust our higher guidance, open our hearts and learn the essence of all.

    The path is straight and narrow, arriving is a beautifully simple and natural experience that our soul has longed for. When the longing has been answered the discovery begins.

    I write a blog that is dedicated to all who are searching for the life they desire. Please visit.

    Gerene Schendel

  43. Hi Brendon,

    Thanks a lot for your messages. They are always positive.
    Sometimes I received it , when I was very sad or worry about my future and life.
    The Golden Ticket for me is great life with my love.
    I believe that everything could be possible if I want, but sometimes I couldn’t have my dream, goal or hope.
    I don’t know what is the problem. maybe my way is not true. but I don’t have so much time and I want be that person, which always I want to be.

    Thanks again and best regards

  44. My life’s golden ticket became visible to me when I lost all things material. I became humble enough to be taught how to claim my personal freedom enough to live out all the dreams of my heart. As the miraculous phoenix, I rose from the flames of adversity as my true self, someone I hadn’t yet met.

  45. Brendon,

    When I read your ticket, I see freedom of choice to live our greatest potential from the moment we are born. In the living and loving, we can make a difference in the wolrd around us. I have heard your story so when I hear you speak about the “ticket;” it reminds me of the gold ring on the Merry-Go-Round where one is given a second experience at the ride.

    My life changing experience was turning around and looking down the barrel of a 38 caliber gun.

  46. Hi Brendon,
    Every time I read your thoughts about your current work, I feel emotional. You have given me an opportunity that I never really believed existed. My life began in poverty and I learned quickly that my role in life was to help my mother with her life. She had nine children and adored all of us. We always knew that, even though she had little to give us. My mother never had the desire for material things. Much of her life was shattered by the loss of her father during The Great Depression. She was sent to an orphanage during her sensitive years. This had a huge affect on her for the remainder of her life. She communicated her desires through her gentle blue eyes and tone. and we all understood what she wanted from her children. It was clear to me that I would help care for my brothers and sisters. I understood this, not from her words; I just knew. When she became so ill just before Thanksgiving, 2005, diagnosed with cancer, which was in nearly every organ of her body, our family drew together to help ease the shock of her hearing she had perhaps 2 weeks to live. We had her transferred to a hospice which allowed our large family to stay with her. It seemed like a normal family interaction in that big room with the TV on and temporary beds everywhere, with the exception that our mother was in the bed. We took turns sitting next to her to monitored her pain meds by watching the clock and recording the bolus doses so she would get the maximum relief possible. When she passed, we were all there, surrounding her and telling her we would be okay and that she should take Jesus’s hand. Her death was peaceful. This was the first step I had taken towards a belief in a “Golden Ticket”… that is, I was able to accomplish something so meaningful in my life and I did not doubt that I could do it.

    Brendon, since that time, I have taken care of my wonderful little brother who succombed to a brain tumor eight months later. My entire family came to my home to spend those last days with him. We lost a younger sister two months before that, to a genetic lung disease. From my early experiences, I knew what was needed and I handled each experience almost like I knew exactly what to do. It was all very painful and yet very moving, too. I was exhausted.

    However, one day I met you, Brendon, through another friend and you offered your hand to me. At first I didn’t know what to think — you might as well have appeared on my computer with wings. After a bit of consideration, though, I understood what was happening. You were reaffirming my worth as a human being; accepting me without a lot of knowledge, and giving so much. You, my dear friend, have taught me that friendship is the Golden Ticket.

    Thank you so much Brendon. You have changed my life. I can take my golden ticket and help so many who did not have a mother like mine or a wonderful friend like you.

    In friendship,

    Victoria Grove

  47. Starting over is hard to do. But each of us are responsible for our own lives. Stepping into your future is a daily risk, and it’s taken even if it is unintentional. So make it intentional. Determine what you want. Determine how to get it. Determine to go after it. Determine to not be deterred. Become intentional.

  48. The message I see on Life’s Golden Ticket has 2 parts:
    1. Life is about always seeking knowledge in order to realize and use all the gifts that God gave you so that you can live to your fullest potential, and
    2. All our efforts here on Earth should be focused on serving others and coming from a place of LOVE. Life is about Love…loving yourself, loving others, loving your friends, family, co-workers, loving your enemies.

    Brendon, I thank you for all the knowledge and inspiration that you share to help people like me, realize our full potential and make our goals and dreams come true.

  49. If you were born with a golden ticket at birth simply means that you were resurrected to start the mental change over effecting the growth take over of the Tree Of Life. Congratulations, you’ve been given the power to conquer the hardest job to ever exist for humanity. How do you know? You had to swallow the fear and surpass what was already here and you know first hand how sickening that corruption made you feel. Our Motto, “Get this job done, because none of us are ever coming back here again.” For the rest of you….follow us if you can.

  50. I believe Life’s Golden Ticket to contain our Purpose here on Earth, compiled of all that we’re passionate for and naturally skilled at doing. I believe it is our job to use this ticket, to give back to the World selflessly and in so doing, receive the greatest gift of all…a Life with Purpose unique to us.

  51. The purpose of life is to figure out what your gifts are and maximize on them. How can you make other peoples lives better? How can you leave someone better than you found them?

    Live in joy, complete gratitude, love and peace.

    Thanks Brendon for sharing your message with the world.

  52. For me it is living a life of service. Doing what comes from the heart with the talents I have been blessed with.

  53. Brendon,
    I Love the message on Life’s Golden Ticket. Love is the answer to every question I ask, and it was the love within you that brought your amazing wisdom forward to share with others. Life’s Golden ticket invites you to take that trip within, to take back your power, and when you do, you will discover so much more about who you really are…… and you will realize that you are love and you are loved. Brilliant. Thanks Brendon for being exactly who you are~
    Stephanie Kathan

  54. First thanks for being such an inspiration Brendon! I think the text on the golden ticket is just fine the way how it is. You are giving thought and inspiration and remind people that they have there own will and can make there own choices. You do that in a very positive way and still leave the responsibility for everybody open. Even the choice to move forward or to stand still…plus the reminder that the gates will close.

    Maybe a little bit to much text in the first view, but than if you shorten it it would be a different meaning.

    What I get out of it…life life to the fullest…don’t hold on to things which harm you…love and share…do it now and don’t wait until it is to late…the choices are with and within you…give it your best and do what matters for you and others…live every moment.

    Keep up the great work of yours Brendon.

  55. Never leave for tomorrow what you can do today. Your life is ALL free will and allows you the freedom to make the choices you deem to be your calling card. Enjoy it, live it, practice it with passion and never be regretful! Every mistake is a learning experience so nothing you can do can be or have a negative effect unless you allow it to!
    Be grateful, love life, and bask in your vision.
    Trudy Schwartz-Burrill

  56. Hello Brendon. First I want to say thank you for inspiring me to really focus on where I am heading with my life. I had a very dysfunctional childhood of alcoholism & domestic abuse. I have been on my own since I was 17yrs old. It was a MAJOR struggle. Nights without eating not knowing what to do thinking i was free but not feeling free. Years later I realized that I needed to forgive my father and that was the only way I could be free. I decided to accept him for who he was and who he wasn’t. After reading the The Purpose Driven Life- Rick Warren I realized WHY I was here and what my purpose is. Knowing and living it out has been my Golden Ticket. God bless & best of health Liz :)

  57. I will ask myself : Did I Live, Did I matter, Did I love? Worry looks around, regrets look back, faith looks up! Every second, minute is grace – live minute by minute………..

  58. Hi Brendon: Your take on Life’s Golden Ticket is terrific. The only thing I would add is that too many people feel they have only one correct path; one very singular purpose. We all have been given multiple gifts, multiple passions, and thus, multiple possibilities. We also have been given many lessons on those paths that must be overcome to fully realize those potentials. All too often we give up on those possibilities before the results are born. So, in addition to your thoughts, Life’s Golden Ticket is also a ticket to achieve as many of our potentials as we choose. Thanks Brendon for your wonderful work, and for instilling in me the notion that I, too, can achieve my most desired results.

  59. Hello Brendon!
    I consider you my “expert” with your gifts that you so freely share with others.
    I believe that our Creator does bestow upon each one of us at birth our purpose in life and the destiny we should fulfill on our journey of life. Most of us grow up and lose our child-like curiousity and the creative spirit that brought such happiness when we were young. Adult lives then become cumbersome with the responsibilites of life. Life’s Golden Ticket is about remembering our spiritual nature, to reclaim the creative purpose of our destiny. It is never too late to take stock of what is important in one’s life. Life gives us all a second chance, if we stop and listen to our heart. What matters is to accept the true creative nature and purpose everyone is meant to live.
    Your Golden Ticket, Brendon, is a WAKE UP clarion-horn blaring call to those who know in their heart and soul–life must change and be authentic.
    God bless you for your life’s work!

  60. Great Job, Brandon, at every level! The book, the speaking, the teaching, and now the ticket…

    I agree, we all get the golden ticket to life at birth and the time should come for each of us to use it to fulfil our destiny. I believe we were all born to succeed – I don’t believe success is a choise; I believe it is our destiny – except from our teen years on we keep coming up with excuses, commit to dead-end activities, and often refuse to listen to the inner voice that tries to guide us to fulfill our destiny…

    To me, Life’s Golden Ticket came very much in the form you described. I used to be a very angry young man, getting in lots of fights, also became an almost daily user of alcohol at age 16, hanging out with the very wrong crowd (true gangsters, fighting almost daily, getting drunk daily, getting in and out of jail, etc.), but luckily – and almost tragically – I got alcohol poisoning at age 17 and almost died. In the middle of the night awareness slowly, slowly creeped up on me, realizing that I’ve been throwing up for quite some time (I drank about 4 galons of wine the previous day, and couldn’t even remember what else), and I was laying on my back, with my head bearly tilted… The sad thing was I couldn’t even move and my body was struggling to throw up more stuff but there was nothing left… so I just lay there in my own “product” – felt it all the way down to my elbow – and kept jerking like I had spasms, trying to throw up more…
    Soon I passed out and the next day noon when I woke up my head hurt like someone hammered in about a hundred tiny nails… and the world was spinning really rapidly… and I still could not move… I cried… I promissed if I survive this, I’ll never drink again…

    My recovery was very slow… the first day I finally rolled of my bad and I dragged myself to the kitchen on four legs, like a dog… and drank a bunch of water… then I passed out near the fridge for a few hours, sleeping on the cold kitchen floor…

    In the more than a week that it took me to recover, I picked up a book from my library, titled Yoga. I had no idea what it was about – never heard of it till that day. A girl gave me the book because she knew I loved Judo (figure that!?) – she must have been a ted dislexic, but it was th egreatest gift I got – I life saver. Out of curiousity and nothing better to do I started reading the book… and it promissed me calm – something I didnt have; it promissed me confidence – something I lacked as well; promissed me health – heck, I wanted health badly; and promissed many other things I longed for… and the rest, as they say is history.

    That book taught me meditation and affirmations. I started meditating daily and “chant” affirmations: “I’m calm in every situation; I’m calm in every situation…” I kept repeating 20 times in the morning and 20 times at night… and my severe anger problem dissapeared in about 3 months – everyone around me was shocked, they often said “Common E.G., “bolow up” – I know you are angry…” and similar comments… But I had a new life a new path…

    I was a school drop out… at 18 went back to school. I was a sickly kid all my childhood – a year after practicing the breathing exercises (along with the meditation, affirmations, and only a handful of postures), my doctor was surprised to see that the spots from my lung dissapeared (I had chronic bronchitis among other ailments). My health changed for the better (needless to say I kept practicing yoga throughout my life – now I”m 43 and it is still my anchor to a healthy and peaceful life).


    For me the “Golden Ticket” is the realization that there’s only one life. This GIANT GIFT will never repeat!!! So it is each of our duties to take maximum advantage of this little “trip” on this planet and spend it in a way that will result in no regrets… When you’ll be 93 and sit in your rocking chair on the porch at your back of your house, watching the sun setting over the ocean (or lake), you watch that view with a big smile on your face, thinking “I have no regrets – it was a great ride…”

    The golden ticket is the realization that I have to live life on my terms: don’t just dream about things – do them!

    At 23 I quit my job and decided to become a millionaire or homeless – nothing in between… and in 8 months I reached my goal – I became homeless :) But never gave up on my dream, and even as homeless, I still wore a suit and tie daily (I slept mostly at a church shelter). At around 24 I realized I had a big gift – I spoke several languages – so I started helping foreigners set up companies in Budapest (that’s where I lived at that time), which really soon started to put looots of money in my pocket, as well as gained some great connections…

    By 25 I became the manager of a Chinese-Hungarian joint venture and became more successful than ever imagined. At 27 I went to college and was a straight A student for the first few years (then I met my wife and lost some of that focus :) ).

    Now I’m 43 and I”m happily married for 15 years.. have three beautiful kids.. and I’ve been a full-time speaker for close to a decade (and love every minute of it!!!!)

    I can say I lived life on my terms – I used my golden ticket to life to step into my greatness…

    OUps! Sorry for the long post… This took me back on memory lane… and get carried away a “ted”…

  61. I think everything boils down to this:

    Love God, and Love Your Neighbor (or fellow man) as Your self.

    If we all did that – putting God first, and honoring Him by the way we treated our fellow man, then we we’d avoid many of the challenges we face in this place called life.

    And with with the love and support of God and each other, we could overcome ANY challenges that still managed to come our way.

    But that’s just my two cents ;-)

    Thanks Brendan for giving us this opportunity to share our wisdom/advice with the world. You’re one cool dude, and I wish you a billion times RAISED to the infinite power MORE blessings than you can even imagine.

    You’re a blessing to ALL of us! Please keep on letting your light shine, because, well…the world could use a little more love! :-)

  62. Brendon,
    If we do this right, WE can be the golden ticket for others as well as ourselves.
    You have wisked away some of the cobwebs in this otherwise old and experienced mind. You have reminded me that by helping others, we help ourselves.
    In my profession, failure among the “newbees” is an expected occurrance. So much talent wasted. I aim to change that!
    There is enough gold to go around….and around.

  63. Hi Brendon,

    Thank you for sharing your light with the world. For me Life’s Golden Ticket starts with knowing that we are beautifully and wonderfully made by our creator. No matter how much this world knocks you down, you’ve got to stand tall and know you are loved.

    We all have a purpose in life. To find yours:
    -Discover what you are most passionate about
    -Share your story
    -Learn from your mistakes and be grateful for them
    -Revel in tribulations and know that they will serve to make you better
    -Have a servant’s heart

  64. A must read. Brendon you are a blessing to all of God’s people that take the opportunity to understand that we are not here my chance and should know that our destiny is left up to the choices we make.

  65. Wow, Brendon, you are so inspiring!
    Great concept the Golden ticket, really pulls you up to think! Gratefulness is I think, a part of the message, and knowing that you are the person responsible for your life. You always have a choice and you can always ask for what you want – life will pay any price you ask. Love, respect and be grateful for this wonderful world and the wonderful experiences you can choose.

  66. You always inspire. Thanks Brendon!

  67. Hi Brendon,
    Thank you for all your positive work. You’re not only doing a profit job, but helping people to make their lives a sense, and this is what I consider a Life’s Golden Ticket. The world is made by both Good and Evil, the best choice is to tag on the Good Line and to be well prepared for our second Life which begins after we die.
    I hope, I and my children, attain to learn from your Millionaire book I ordered today.

  68. Thank you for the opportunity to have my golden ticket! I’m sure my kids will have one too. Thank you for the inspiration, the kind words and the wisdom you give everyone, life is different thanks to your book.

  69. First, thank you Brendon for bringing your message out in such a simple and precise manner.
    I believe Life’s Golden Ticket is “Love”. Love yourself, love who you are with, love what you do and love the fact that we can create the life that we choose.

  70. Two quick thoughts.

    The closer we get to becoming what our passion is about the more people we serve in more powerful ways.

    On being present; I used to share this thought with my youth group kids when they had issues. “So sad – too bad. So what – now what?”


  71. I just saw one of your on-line videos! Great, informative video! I recall at the beginning of the recession hearing Oprah say that now was a great time for people to come up with creative ideas, to become entrepeneurs….I have always felt I have a “Great American Novel” inside me, so I think the internet route is the way to go, at least in the beginning. On another front, Brendon, I have been throwing around two brand new product ideas in my head for about a year, both would require patents. How does one get motivated enough to even begin the process?

  72. It doesn’t mean anything. Except what you make it mean. So make it mean something cool.

  73. Hi Brendon!

    You are such an inspiration! Thank you!

    My Golden Ticket was when I finally realized, and surrendered to the fact that I had to forgive every single person that abused me in my young life. Forgivness is the key to really living, really loving, and really making a difference.

  74. Hi Brendon,
    I am adrian from switzerland. my sincere respect for what you have achieved, and for what you are contributing every day to this world!
    my personal golden ticket is simply living a life with health abundance , happiness and freedom, and with no regrets! beeing humble, serve your community and family.
    Thank you!

  75. Thank you Brendon for BEing who you are! I appreciate with tremendous gratitude the gifts you openly share. What is resonating with me now on this part of my journey is remembering that we are human BEings not human DOings and when we focus on BEing the DOing comes naturally. We have been trained to be doers and many people struggle through life because whatever they do it is either never enough or leaves them unfulfilled. As I experiment with focusing on BEing and letting go of controlling the doing, the shift is incredible as the doing is not what I would have planned and yet it is even better than I could have planned and came about without the struggle.

    With much gratitude,


  76. Brendon,
    Wonderful story and an inspiration to live my life to the fullest. I originally found this in the Bible when Jesus said that He came to give us life “to the full” (John 10:10 NIV) and it’s a part of my mission statement. Life’s Golden Ticket is a great reminder and touched my heart to continue on the journey.

  77. The Secret Message inscribed on Life’s Golden Ticket: The World is Your Oyster. It is up to each of us to find or create our path & live our bliss & teach others who are stuck to do the same. I love your style Brendon! Looking forward to Experts Academy in San Jose in March! My life is better because of you! – Traci

  78. Hi Brendon, I’m inspired by your thoughts. Life’s Golden Ticket to me is exactly that – a second chance to live a full life – as we all have had setbacks and pain or rejection. Not giving up is the key truth. Never live in the past is the other. Thanks for the great coaching. Diego.

  79. Hi ! Thanks to you, your videos, newsletters & the Transformational Truth – !! I have been selected as one of the finalist in the James Malinchak Big Money Speaker Blog Contest!

  80. Thank you for sharing this videos! Love your passion about what we can do in life, and for reminding us that we always have a choice, that life can be a challenge if we want it to be.

  81. Hi, thanks for today’s inspiration quote…. I think the life’s golden ticket, is to be present today, right now. A lot of time we are thinking about future, about past, while that happens we lost our present, our life.

    We must be present every time, live today, contribute to the world.

  82. I think the key to life is do your passion, team up with like minded individuals, have fun and play. amber

  83. Thank you Brenden for choosing to live your life to the fullest, being inspired and inspiring others by really putting yourself out there. By developing your chosen course of acton and charting that course , others can follow that course while theirs is revealed within them. Yes, life’s Golden Ticket is to Love anf Live fully and you seem to do that very well. We have quite a wonderfully inspired global community here on your blog, you are touching many with your loving passion for life. Bravo!! And to all that read my post, thank you for being that light in your communities. We are the change that we seek. In Love & Light, B

  84. Brendon,

    My Life’s Golden Ticket,
    Is hearing my Ulogy now, while I walk this earth. I don’t have to wait until my day of walking through the Pearly Gates comes to hear it.
    I love what I hear people say about me, when I’m not around, or when they don’t know that I can hear.
    I love that I’ve left impressions on people, and I have gone anywhere, I’m still walking this earth!!
    I’ve always wanted to help and enlightend people, and I know I have.
    So while I’m still here, I feel it’s my duty to do just that!! And I will!
    My nickname isn’t “Butterfly” for no reason.
    Brendon you’ll be introducing me one day!!

  85. don’t try to be “RIGHT” be “SIMPLE”, don’t “REACT” to conditioning world – you have a CHOICE to create your own! just take a MOMENT and then take an action – you have FREEDOM OF CHOICE – everything else is just another illusion:)

  86. Secret to a happy life – “Great health and a bad memory !”
    I heard this quote the other day and I am sorry that i cannot remember who it was attributed to originally. It made me laugh with its simplicity and double-distilled truth. Perhaps a bit too concise, however if you can try hard to understand people, forgive indiscriminately, not let any bad experiences adversely affect you and you have good health and vitality, you will surely have a great life !

  87. Brendon:
    Bár a világ másik részén élek és más nyelven beszélek a fordított üzenet fantasztikus számomra. Tudom nehéz lehetett átélni ami megtörtént ,de ebben Isten áldását látom megvalósulni, hogy általad mi is megtapasztalhassuk a második esélyt az életünkben. Már nem is emlékszem ,de csak egyszer itt láttam az emailt a szemem előtt és ez sem volt véletlen, hisz kerestem valamit az üzletemmel kapcsolatban. Minden amit kaptam eddig, óriási erő és sok tanulást eredményezett, mind a nyelv, mind az üzlet szempontjából. Sajnos nem tudom a könyvet elolvasni , de a tickett itt van a gépem asztalán és ez ösztönzést ad a mindennapi életemhez, ami eddig nem volt könnyü, próbákkal tele, és mégis újabban bátran nézek a feladataim elé. Köszönöm, hogy itt vagy Nekem és lehetek egy jó tanítvány, aki szívesen veszi tanára tanácsait.

  88. The book and this ticket helps remind me that I have choices to make each and every day. Am I choosing to be who I want to be, or am I letting anger, fear, and resentments hold me back. Life’s Golden Ticket has given me the clarity to be all of those things I want in life. Love, friendship, honesty, selflessness, grace, acceptance, joy, etc. Life’s Golden Ticket is the law of attraction, what you give you get.

  89. Knowing that we each possess free will & the power to take a step forward by letting go of our past is great but choosing to take action and do it… is the key that unlocks an eternity of riches. The connection of paths between knowledge & action will constantly bring us to uncharted waters where the risk (fear of the unknown) faces us head on. No greater rewards in life will come without facing these fears and overcoming them with love.

    Due to the evolution of communication, I have the opportunity to positively impact millions of lives, as never before in history. Living the destiny I was born for by fallowing the desires of my heart.

    It is always an inspiration to find others doing the same.

  90. Love, significance, service.

  91. Brendon, you are right as usual about having a life of our own choosing. To me personally, what we think, we become. Our thoughts determine our be-liefs. Beliefs determine our desires and desires are the starting points of all our success. The desires we have determine our choices, and our choices de-termine our life!! Since our eventual life’s destiny rests on decisions we make, Life’s Golden Ticket, to me then, is the realization that we ourselves are life’s golden ticket. We are our own greatest asset. When we discover you and your wonderful training, we then have the knowledge of what to do with Life’s Golden Ticket.

  92. I think your Golden Ticket is absolutely inspired, Brendon. I know it has inspired me. One tiny reminder. Our Golden Tickets DO expire. That’s why we should treasure every moment of our life every day. You might consider changing the Expiration from “none” to “without notice” or “to be determined by your choices”.

    Your videos are awesome. You make us all more than we were just by sharing them.

  93. Hi Brendon.

    I discovered working with thousands of people over 28 years now that we are taught to seek permission for all that we do rather than be given the Golden Ticket so thank you for the ticket. I add here a little HOW guideline. It is one thing for people to realise that they have permission and that it is okay but what they really need is the “how to” and ’9Words to change your life’ is my “How To” process for people to use to effect great positive change in their lives. I have coached people personally (performancde, change, relationships, weight loss, career management) and in business (expand and franchise) (as they are the same steps) in the HOW TO and I hope these 9Words help your readers – It all starts with a PICTURE of your future, Feel the E-MOTION of it, find the WORDS to describe it; BELIEVE it, VALUE it and see the many more OPTIONS you actually have; THINK it real; SAY it real and then DO it for real, whatever that may be! ‘Achievement = Vision minus interference’. I am more than happy to further explain or expand this for anyone wanting to discover how to change or improve themsevles and realise what steps they best can take to effect positive and permanernt change in their lives. Email me today via the website ( say hello. And Brendon – again thank you so much for all you give – it really is appreciated. Cheers Paul

  94. hello! my regards to you – soad from libya .

  95. Life’s Golden Ticket- buried under lint and gum and movie stubs and chocolate crumbs in that pocket but miraculously unharmed, still shiny and golden, despite all the crap we’ve covered it with. Simply, it is the chance to reconnect to who we truly are and to express that in the world in ways that delight us and others. What a lovely question and group!

  96. I LOVE what you are doing! I feel like I get a NEW golden ticket EVERY day!

    Janet Cook
    NYC Healthy Chick

  97. Dear Brendon,

    I’m endlessly grateful to you. My friend gave me your book just as another inspirational novel. I didn’t pay attention on it until I finished reading all my English books and I wanted to practice English.

    Results are amazing and it’s only the beginning! Together with exploring Buddhism, meditating, absorbing every advise form my best friends I will make a difference in people’s lives! It takes a lot of energy, time but most important – my belief in people. I just realized that I have the same situation with my father as you described in your book. And yesterday I was about to leave forever. I cried, I prayed, and I didn’t know what to do and how to open a world of opportunities for him to live fully?… Right now while writing to you, I answered on my own question. Yesterday I was about to accept a public opinion that he is not gonna change. Like at Future teller’s booth.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you billion times.

    from Russia.

  98. Hi Brendan

    Thank you so much for showing me, via your free video, how to finally get it right, when promoting and packaging the right products to share my passion with others, it has simply been a God send to me.

    You asked in your most recent email if I would share my thoughts about what I consider to be what helps to make up Lifes’s Golden Ticket and I thought I’d share my free e-book, which I have entitled ‘How to get through the week when you don’t feel like it’. Link

    The book is free and is simply drawn from what I have learned from some great teachers over the years about how to simply get through the week and deal with the challenges that are thrown at us.

    The prinicples I have shared, I have also applied and they have helped me cope with an extremely challenging 2010.

    Keep up the great work


  99. Hi Brendon!

    Thank you for the opportunity to share. You are a BRIGHT LIGHT in this world. I stand with you in your message of Live, Love, and Make a Difference.

    The Golden Ticket for me has been to:

    Start every morning FRESH – no matter how dire the circumstances – to realize every day is new. The first thing I say every morning as my feet touch the ground is “SOMETHING AMAZING and UNFORESEEN IS GOING TO HAPPEN TODAY THAT’S GONNA ROCK MY WORLD.” And I really believe it!

    To have an unwavering faith that the Creator designed the universe with all the love, wisdom, money, resources, and wisdom I need. I dropped the idea that I hadn’t “worked hard enough” to deserve it, or spent enough time begging for it. I started believing God isn’t interested in wasting time with that stuff, WE’VE got a job to do to MAKE A DIFFERENCE – so NOW my Creator and I are rocking it out together! :)

    I started believing I’m ENOUGH. Nothing needs to be added TODAY for me to make a difference, LOVE OTHERS, and live a kickass life TODAY. I’ve got what it takes baby! Yeah, I see all my shortcomings and I let them go. I’m a voracious life-learner, hungry for wisdom – it will be added to me. But for TODAY – I’ve got enough.

    Lastly, the Golden Ticket is to GET IN ACTION. Any action. I’m naturally shy. I pretend I’m not so I can talk to people. It’s a fun game :)

    Brendon, you showed up as my first mentor about 2 months ago, and because of your videos, I STOPPED wasting time at my energy-sucking PR job in NYC, QUIT, and am now launching my lifework as a relationship coach, spiritual mentor, author, and speaker. I jumped off the diving board and am in mid-air! I’m exhilarated, scared, empowered, blissed out, and FULL OF LIFE.

    Thank you for being all you are! Your message is incredible, but the love behind everything you do is what’s changing lives!

    Stephanie St.Claire

  100. To me, the purpose of life is to know myself, and to know God. Life’s golden ticket is to live this purpose, to enter into this process and to give it all we have, all that we are. This means being honest with myself and others, living in integrity, living love, loving myself, others, and all life, living in service and giving to others, living in humility, respect for all life. living each moment fully present and fully alive. learning and growing, and being open in heart, mind, body, and soul to life, as life is God and God is life.
    what else is there?

  101. My ‘golden ticket’ was (and still is) the moment I realized that we can do so much more than we were raised to believe. And that the only thing we need to do to make it happen is to stop telling our stories and to start living our lives…
    It is the day I realized that the stories I was telling myself and the world were nothing more than excuses to not do the things I so desperately wanted to do…

    And from that perspective it is so much more than ‘hope’. When we hope something will happen, we are not certain if it eventually will take place, or even manifest into our lives. Hope is a fluid emotion which may well keep us alive when we find ourselves in a desperate situation ~ but doesn’t do a whole lot for us to actually ‘make it happen’.

    The golden ticket is more like a certainty that yes, it will happen!
    For me, for you, and for everybody who is willing to believe in themselves!

  102. My ‘golden ticket’ was (and still is) the moment I realized that we can do so much more than we were raised to believe. And that the only thing we need to do to make it happen is to stop telling our stories and to start living our lives…
    It is the day I realized that the stories I was telling myself and the world were nothing more than excuses to not do the things I so desperately wanted to do…

    And from that perspective it is so much more than ‘hope’. When we hope something will happen, we are not certain if it eventually will take place, or even manifest into our lives. Hope is a fluid emotion which may well keep us alive when we find ourselves in a desperate situation ~ but doesn’t do a whole lot for us to actually ‘make it happen’.

    The golden ticket is more like a certainty that yes, it will happen!

    For me, for you, and for everybody who is willing to believe in themselves!

  103. My ‘golden ticket’ was (and still is) the moment I realized that we can do so much more than we were raised to believe. And that the only thing we need to do to make it happen is to stop telling our stories and to start living our lives…
    It is the day I realized that the stories I was telling myself and the world were nothing more than excuses to not do the things I so desperately wanted to do…

    And from that perspective it is so much more than ‘hope’. When we hope something will happen, we are not certain if it eventually will take place, or even manifest into our lives. Hope is a fluid emotion which may well keep us alive when we find ourselves in a desperate situation ~ but doesn’t do a whole lot for us to actually ‘make it happen’.

    The golden ticket is more like a certainty that yes, it will happen!

    For me, for you, and for everybody who is willing to believe in themselves!

  104. Brendon
    being 60 years old and a grandfather to 8 grand kids I LOOK at things VERY
    different than say when i was 25/35/45 or even 50. My task in life is to Encourage people to be more than WHAT they believe they are.
    So I tell people there Problems…are NOT the Problem????
    NO it’s their attitude…change your attitude you will change your LiFE and second………Don’t QUIT R U Still Swinging your bat????

    Here is a gift you can share to any one that need encouragement from a friend Who has HELPED people to be MORE for over 50 years

    Call me if i can help or encourage Thomas M. Clifford Life After DEBT

  105. Be blessed Brendon. Golden Ticket to my understanding is life. And life is what you make it. It’s a world of choice and it’s your choice. You choose to standstill or look back for backloads or face the future with determination and courage. We are blessed with blessed people in a blessed world.

  106. I believe that gratitude is the key to unlocking our ability to fully absorb the Golden Ticket – it frees us of our past, brightens our future and most importantly, even for a moment, has us appreciate the present.

    Thank you for your work, and more importantly, your presence.

  107. Hi brendon,

    Thank you very much for your inspiring videos!!
    I have not read any of the above answers yet and will certainly do this after I have written my message.

    My life’s Golden Ticket…

    To live EVERY day,to appreciate my family and friends,to be grateful,to serve others from my heart,my passion, to be the best me I can be…and then improve some,and to know I made a difference!

    That’s pretty much the shortest version….

    Things change and impact everyones’life at least several times in a lifetime and I have not been left out in that department;

    I have known for many years I should have been doing something other than what I was doing;I was lying awake,got goosebumps,the lot…My passion did not fit my life at the time…and I’m now working towards it…But a wake-up call in the shape of the death of a young man(22)who I had known since he was 7,was…life changing.
    It took some time to get to grips with it’s impact and most people will never know untill i tell my story…and I WILL!

    My burning passion in life is to help others;Those who are struggling and frustrated in their businesses to embrace Personal Development(PMA)to help move them forward so they in turn can help others,To help especially those less fortunate than myself and that’s part of my’Grand Opus’….
    A worldwide living foundation of entrepreneurs,of caring,sharing,giving people who are role models and who are interseted in a better life for others..

    I will not be at the end of my dash,wondering if I should have done something different,wondering if I lived…..

    My passion is two pronged where one is about helping others,the other about giving people a’wake up you only live once’call;To shake them by the shoulders ….

    That passion where people should live,be heros to their families to their communities,be role models to all who know them, has even been called scary by some(I did a little video about my passions)
    That certainly is not my intention;I just want people to live NOW,not to worry or live in the past,not to worry about the future but grab it by the scruff of the neck and live your life by YOUR choices.

    We will never know when that dash ends,we have today…Today’s a gift,that’s why it’s called THE PRESENT.(did another little video about that:thanks giving)
    How many more presents like this will we receive?We’ll never know!

    THAT’s why we should all appreciate today;Don’t wonder what you will get for Christmas…you already have the best present you’ll EVER get…….

    ….I think you’re beginning to get the picture;I was just getting started and,looking at what I just wrote,thought about shortening it a bit…but no…I couldn’t,shouldn’t and wouldn’t :-)

    I hope you all have the best life you can live and may you receive everything you’re willing to work for!

    Jan :-)

  108. Hello Brendon!

    Dear readers!

    Brendon, i’ve only known you for a couple weeks now but you changed my life! … You inspired me to start a project (simple music world) to help all those ‘lonely’ musicians and songwriters out there, who, just like me, are unable to find a band to pursue their dream of taking their music hobby to the next level!

    My name is Betty Donelly and i have my own personal story of darkness and doom, and as described in the ‘about the author’ section (where you can read my personal story in greater detail) .. of my brand new simple music world blog , located at …

    i use a beautiful analogy of a caterpillar, seemingly forever glued to The Tree Of Life, unable to even move of live openly and fully, trapped in its cocoon and unaware of its bright future! Only to be freed, when the caterpillar turns into a pretty butterfly, with sudden magic flying capabilities, able to finally explore its new found ‘space’ by exactly doing what you mention in your golden ticket: “step through the gates of possibility into the life you were truly meant to live”. And i would add that BEING who you really are and expressing that is just as important!

    Living up to one’s true identity and not fall for the common trap of living a life of lies and deceptions, by putting on some self-created mask or persona to present oneself to the world, because one would just be deceiving oneself!

    Diagnosed with several severe mental disorders, a sleep disorder, and above all, a gender identity disorder, (meaning i am a woman but i was born in the wrong ‘male’ body), i’ve gone through a lot and was near permanently depressed for over three whole decades.

    This not only gave me an opportunity of DECISION, another fantastic word i personally would have added if i were to write my golden ticket, but the sheer unhappiness of being trapped in the wrong physical body literally forced my to make a decision. I had two choices, one being to remain in my situation of unhappiness to the point of turning suicidal, or choose the hard way and come forward and express my true female identity and make an informed decision to begin the feminisation treatments

    And by golly, since that day i opened up to my family, who definitely disapproved and didn’t even recognise my gender issue as a medical problem, i have become so happy as i go through life carefree and very very hopeful these last years, that my heart could burst with pleasure.

    Thanks for letting me share

    Light and Love

    Betty Donelly

  109. Life’s Golden Ticket is that before we can fully go out into the outer world we must first be willing to go to the painful and joyful places in our inner world. Until we learn to do this on a cyclical basis we ignore the most important source of information available to us.

  110. Here’s my golden key thought…

    Never look back… you only get a sore neck :)

    Love to all,
    Lisa x

  111. first of all thank’s for your message and for your emaill God bless u for your hard work of changing live. I have nothing to say much because so many has been said so to make it very simple golden ticket to me is love and been in touch with one’s spiritual self.the scripture has made simple saying love cover multitude of sin. and sin is the problem we all have so love is only one that can cover it. so let give more love to each other

  112. One thing is real, we have only one body that was nurtured by our parents for few years till we had enough maturity physically n mental to do it ourselves.
    So remember that is up to us to Keep our body in all areas in top shape to be able to enjoy life to the full by giving tp others love in action

  113. Hello Brendon! I’m brasilian and I don’t understand English very well yet, but in my opinion the Golden Ticket will be the day when I will open my email and realise your gift for me. What will be this gift. Your book Golden Ticket. So I’m will learning more English and understand your really vision by help people grow in their life. I hope that I had to help you understand what is the Golden Ticket for me. Thank you for your gift! I seriousoly belive, I visualize your gift in my email box!!! See you soon!!!

  114. Dear Brendon…
    I totally resonate with your idea of the secret message on the golden ticket. You have a very special message there. Every moment is a second chance…! Wow! That is the best part ever, for me. The second best part is the fact that I have privileged access to the world of choices. These are two most abundant aspects in our lives. Every moment we are thinking something and therefore making choices because whatever we focus on we create. So every moment of our life we are having a second chance to create/make a choice. I say create/make a choice because its one and the same thing. As we are making a choice we are in actuality giving notice of our intention to the Universe and in this process the creating cycle is set in motion. Question is, how are we using our second chance? What is the quality of our choices? I just feel so excited that EVERY MOMENT I am having a second chance!!!! It really can’t get any better than this! This is the BIGGEST blessing everyone has. Imagine how many ‘every moments’ we have! How can anyone not be excited about this! Right now I am choosing Brendon Burchard to be my mentor so that I can teach what I have been blessed with. This is a valuable choice and its exciting, and imagine, I have the opportunity to do this choosing every moment! Oh, my, my, I love this life! Brendon, I know in my heart that you are a genius and I instinctively knew you would come up with a priceless answer on the golden ticket before I read your answer! I had such anticipation, wondering what the exciting answer would be! You didn’t disappoint!


    Martha Remond
    Upcoming author of the book,
    ‘A Glimpse Beyond the Obvious’

  115. I feel honored to have been asked to share a bit about my personal story. It will be a bit difficult to condense 41 years into a tibit (is that a word?), so please feel free to send me a personal e-mail if you would like to talk more (am hoping this will be an opportunity to build new relationships).

    I have dealt with a wide array of “challenges” throughout my life thusfar. To name a few; struggle w/anorexia and alcoholism for 30 years, three “failed” marriages, a diagnosis of Bipolar Disorder along w/Generalized anxiety, two accidental overdoses in which my heart had to be restarted, the filing of bankrupcy twice, etc….

    I have been extremely fortunate recently to recieve a plethera of blessings. I feel that I have been given my life back. The biggest piece of this is accredited to WONDERFUL individuals who came into my life. Simply put…..When the student is ready, the teachers will come (not quite sure where that saying comes from).

    I share this list because I TRULY feel that I was given these “challenges” so that by working through them I’ve been able to gain a hands-on perspective of what others may stuggle w/ and they inturn will trust my input and find hope through my experiences, strength and new-found passion for life. As Brandon challanged in his 2010 message for the New Year….I am exclaiming “I am alive AGAIN!”.

    I also strongly believe in the Law of Attraction. I am living my life in a manner in which I hope to reach that in which I give. Like attracts like.

    That is the VERY short version of my story (and hopefully it made sense), and I hope that it may spark some further curiosity by some of you :)


  116. Dear Brendon,
    Thank you very much for your message that you are sharing with the world.I was in a car accident 21 years ago and lost my brother and it took me 16 years to pay the price of admission for Golden Ticket and for past 5 years I have been learning about walking on the path of my life’s journey. It started with the book “The Secret” and like the saying goes”Teacher arrives when the student is ready”. One by one teachers are entering in my life as a lighthouse to guide me to spread the message of Love and Peace that I want to send out to the community and to the world,making a difference in someone’s life by coaching them and being in the NOW. God Bless you and Love you. Looking forward to go in depth with your Elite coaching expert academy program. Thank you.

  117. I’ve come to feel that, in my life, encouragement is the opposite of judgment. The urge to judge (myself and others) falls away when I stand in the awesome power and influence of encouragement. It is the greatest gift I have to give and the greatest gift others give to me. Thanks for your encouragement, Brendon.

  118. Thank you so much for reminding us of the importance of this profound truth, Brendon.

    Basically our Creator gave each of us a Golden Ticket to love.

    That ticket also includes an Access All Areas pass to myriad choices of how we choose to love.

    We must present our Golden Ticket each moment of our lives, as none of us knows when it might be cancelled.

  119. Wow, I love all of the comments here! For me the golden ticket is realizing there is no golden ticket. There is no secret of life, there is just living. A few things have supported me in my life and would love to share them. Forgiveness is a gift you give yourself.
    You don’t need alternatives to choose something.
    Accept things are as they “should” be, then do everything you can to change what you don’t like regardless whether or not you think you can.
    The results are not up to me, I do what I can and am confident it will work out how it is best; not always how I want.
    Your attitude gives your life its meaning, and your attitude is a choice.
    Responsibility for your life and how you respond is the greatest freedom there that exists.
    You will never find “later” on a calendar. Go get it like your life depends on it; because it does.
    Thanks everyone! I look forward to reading more! Check me out if you want on my site. Thank you again!

  120. Life’s Golden Ticket means to me to share my unique perspective and gifts with the world and live my fully each day with passion. Thank you for your inspiration.

  121. hello! brendon i can not understand english , but i can send my regards to you – soad from libya .

  122. Leave past and family karma behind and forgive those involved.

    Create a new future and a new life by remembering GREAT MEMORIES and build upon them.

    Love and Hugs for a NEW day.

  123. Hi Everyone,
    To me the “Golden Ticket” is that I can forget the past and leave my family karma behind. Life is to create a new karma or a new future from this moment forward.

    Forgive the past. Bring back the GREAT MEMORIES and build upon them.

    Love and Hugs for a NEW DAY. Get Going!

  124. The Golden Ticket for me is being able to serve the Creator with all of my heart and soul, everyday that I awake. To also have a strong, intelligent, beautiful, and loving wife, who makes me complete. And to pour a wealth of knowledge and life experiences into my 4 children, who range from 11 – 21. I am truly Blessed!

  125. Dear Brendon,
    We sit outside the tent of life listening to all the joy and laughter inside. Desperate to join them, we run around like one who is insane asking the wisest people we can find “How do I get in there?”. One after another merely points to our chest and walks away. We accumulate money and goods and still we can find no way into the tent. In a last, final, desperate act we offer all that we have including the very clothes we are wearing to the unseen being in charge of the tent. It is in that moment, in our nakedness that we see for the first time an open door. Was it always there or did our offering of all that we are open it for us? The answer comes from deep in our chest where the wise ones were pointing. The answer is Love is the Golden Ticket and it is all you need for entrance. Thanks Brendon. Love and Blessings, Patrick

  126. Life Golden Ticket – In no particular order: –

    1. To stop comparing yourself with others – this can lead to envy
    and frustration.

    2. To stop having high expectations of other people – they’re
    human they can’t always give you what you want.

    3. Stop thinking about me, me me all the time. When you focus
    on others, you serve others – thereby give of yourself.

    4. Take a risk, go out your comfort zone – you’ll be surprised
    at what you can achieve.

    5. Fulfill your potential by helping others fulfill theirs. Like a library
    book you have a due date. Do what you want to do before
    your expiry date is up.

    We’re all here to make a difference let’s make a good one and be a blessing to each. You want people to say ”The world is a better place for you having being in it”. NOT ”Gosh! I wish you had never been born”.


  127. Life’s golden ticket is to live my life and show up fully each day at 100 percent. I choose to live my life in gratitude and to be in service to others.
    I choose to say yes to life and no to the things I do not want. I choose to follow my dreams and to live each day in the present.

  128. Lifes golden ticket to me is when everything in life flows so naturally you dont even have to qestion it anymore,its when you dont have to be worried about what will happen all the time,when you are completely present and can share your love with other people whitout worrying what they will think about you or judge them

  129. Hi Brendon, sorry I have ti write this in Spanish. Para mi Life’s Golden Ticket is… Nunca pierdas el ENTUSIASMO.Piensa, ama, trabaja, ayuda etc. en fin haz todo con entusiasmo. El ser humano puede perder muchas cosas pero no se puede dar el lujo de perder el entusiasmo en la vida, si se pierde el entusiasmo practicamente se pierde la alegria de vivir y eso es algo que uno no se puede permitir. Gracias por todo.

  130. What a great story and story telling! I now carry Life’s Golden Ticket with me wherever I go and read it over and over.

    Each time I read, the story seems to take me to a different critical moment from where I relive my life back to present. As I sit and read, I can trace a particular feeling back to its source. Reliving my own life, it gives me a chance to face the truth and be in that scary place, which I’d rather avoid completely or try selectively to stay away. But of course, that is not possible. Life keeps knocking my door until I’d brave to open it and cease the opportunity to amend. It never gives up or leaves me alone until I act on my second chance.

    Thank you Brendon for the ticket of love and courage!

  131. I’m only 14 and I read Life’s Golden Ticket and I loved. Every day I wake up and Think what am I going to do today to help and day i think this could be the last day(anything could happen in High School). After I read the book I passed it on to my mom and she gave it to a friend, I told her just to keep passing it on to friends and family. Thanks for the great story and your right, Life is a Golden Ticket.

  132. I recently read “Life’s Golden Ticket”, and now my girlfriend is reading it. As a father to 4 kids I hope to make it required family reading. I’ve always looked at life like this; How do you treat the people you “don’t have to be nice to”? The waiter, the checker at the grocery store, the kid with piercings and tattoos asking for your change. It speaks deeply to one’s character and one’s ability to “let it go”,fears, judgements, and past negative events.

    Thank you for the reminder.

  133. wonderful ticket…and I’m glad that you invited me to your youtube and this site. I will be watching your videos and placing them out where others can see them. I’d love to livestream them back out so that others can find the also. I could use this motivation in my life right now…thank you again, Jacki

  134. Loving yourself helps others to love you better.

    My Golden Ticket advice is through love God has given us life everyday that you wake up you have been given another chance to first love yourself; then pass that love to another person. You don’t have to fall in love with a stranger in order to pass that Godly love to another; you can greet them with a smile and a nice hello; that could be the best medicine that anyone may need. You can see someone in need and offer help; if you dont want to give money you can take into a restuarant and pay for a meal; someone may be cold you have dozens of coats at home so you can offer yours; I seen this happen a young man was having problems at home, walking down the street with nothing to eat and no shoes. My daughter’s boyfriend gave him his boots for his feet and she came and made him a plate so that he could eat. This was on July 4, 2010, we were having a little comment. Life is build on Love without it we are bound for destruction. I believe the violence, killings etc is because the lack of love in this county and abroad. Let’s love again please.

  135. Life’s Golden Ticket is our opportunity in life to make a positive impact on society. When you are given life, it should be your obligation to make the most out of it. You must learn from the past in order to make changes for the future. You must love unconditionally, and always do what you feel is right. You must live your life to the fullest, have fun and continue to grow and explore. You must always follow your dreams, and never give up so when it’s your “time to go”, you know you’re leaving feeling accomplished.

  136. Brenden,]
    I have to admit to you I haven’t yet read “Life’s Golden Ticket” yet. However, when I heard you speak on the recent teleseminar with Steve H. I was completely resonating with what you were saying. In a nutshell, my golden ticket has been to be on life purpose which gets detailed because I do life purpose readings for folks. Also, I’ve created a personal growth program call Reimaging:Transforming Your Life by Re-Inventing Yourself at

    I feel like life offers to us the opportunity to confront, change and thereby overcome tons of our unwanted patterns multiple times per day if one is paying attention or aware of this. Every little nuance about life from what one would call seeing something in the road on your way home, (waking dream), to an actual night dreams, to things folks say to me and ways I see myself, each becomes a fantastic opportunity to let go of old limiting beliefs,patterns etc. and become someone new everyday. That is what is meaningful to me along with helping others do the same with my program and other brief therapy techniques.

    There have been many long lasting challenges where I felt stuck myself and needed to move from point A to point B. I have also helped a number of other folks make this shift as well. I use my program as a vehicle and help from other sources with a holistic approach to overcome the many waves of life and stay up on my surf board as much as possible. This all makes for a very fulfilling life for me already.

    I’ve also noticed it’s about balance. Yes there’s lots of work and I get to experience lots of love,thrills, gratitude and fun too along the way as long as I’m clearing my internal “stuff” to get back to a present state of joy.

    Looking forward to hearing you at the seminar in September and by then perhaps will have read your book. It sounds very motivating.


  137. Great messages here in the 2 videos, powerful! Your message is very heartfelt all through, and the book is very good! I was a little reluctant when I saw it was a story, I usually read a lot of non-fiction, so I let the book sit for a few weeks before being guided to read it . . . perfect timing!!


  138. Great book! I especially liked the quote which was something along the lines of “deep skills cause deep ruts”. I hadn’t given that concept any thought before now. I had a few criticisms such as the objectionable, rough language but overall, this book is well-written. It can be disturbing enough to provoke real questions and emotional turmoil. To me, Life’s Golden Ticket is to stop using other people and the past as an excuse for our own behavior. All of that negativity is a reason, not an excuse. Thank you, Brendon! :)

  139. Hi Brendon,

    Thanks again my friend for this inspiration and reminder why we are here today on mother Earth!

    You always inspire me with your words of wisdom and truth….thank you so much!

    greetings from the Netherlands…..


  140. Loved your book and thougts.
    I´m really in a place in my life were I´m about to drop all my fears and start living.. still a bit scary but I´m moving forward all the time. Thank you for your inspiration.
    Andrea from Sweden

  141. Brendon, After spending twenty years locked up in the bottle, I can truely appreciate the value of a second chance. I know what you’re talking about with Life’s Golden Ticket, and I feel the passion with which you share it. Four years ago my life changed and it had very little to do with me. I believe I was being looked after by my creator, or God, or whatever you conceive it to be. Life’s golden ticket for me- the gifts we were all given at birth give us the power to live a joyous and productive life. It is the power of choice that gives us the experience we need to make that happen. It has taken the experience I’ve received from the choices I’ve made to reveal these simple truths. It is in the giving that we receive, not the other way around. That no person can sincerely help another without helping himself. That anger and resentments are the number one offender that lead to my poor choices and negative impact on others. That yesterday is gone and tomorrow is promised to no one, so what am i going to do today to make a difference. Mohandas Gandhi said it best,”become the change you wish to see in the world.” Today i’m able to live a life full of gratitude, i’m able to share with those around me. And strangely enough,Experts Academy was presented to me just when I needed it. I’m very thankful to you for creating it. It has been and still is very inspiring, and the step i needed to get to the next level. Righ now is the time I would write “God Bless You”, but I know that he already has, and i’m grateful for that too.

  142. Wow, Brendon, what a ‘winning’ ticket! And such a beautiful invitation to share our thoughts!

    Oh my God, I was SO struck by the wording of your invitation to share

    “…. your thoughts on


    because IT RELATES EXACTLY TO WHAT I AM EXPLORING RIGHT NOW FOR PARENTS!!! (I have organized, and am hosting a free tele-summit called the “Full-Potential Parenting Summit”, at As an aside, I am starting to think about how I might be able to get sponsors!).

    This comment feed is amazing…thank you everyone…I need to find a way to connect this to the parents I am serving…hmmm….Got it – I will create a link on my site that connects to this site….stay posted… :)

    Oh yes, my idea of Life’s Golden Ticket?

    “You are unique and special – yes, you really are, in every way!
    You have been born with unique gifts and talents.
    You possess a special kind of Light that only you can shine.
    And you have come with a capacity to give and receive Love.

    Discover, nourish and share your gifts, your Light and your Love.

    This may take some hard work, some discipline, and perhaps even some pain.

    And BE OPEN to the gifts, the guiding Light and the Love of others.

    This can save you some pain! ;)


  143. Brendon,

    Life’s Golden Ticket is a very creative example of psychotherapy. Was the basis of the book from personal experience or someone you knew?

    To me, “Life’s Golden Ticket” is identifying, acknowledging, and honoring our life’s purpose. I believe each of us are born with a very special and unique purpose, a reason for being here – and it is encoded into our DNA. (In fact there is recent scientific research that points to this.) Most people don’t know or are not aware of their purpose. We are not encouraged at a young age to identify our purpose – the reason we came to this planet at this time in history. However, I believe the first step toward a life of happiness, success, and fulfillment is to get clear on why you are here.

    You and I are spiritual beings who have come into this world to have a human experience. Each of us is born with an internal guidance system that tells us when we are on or off course by the amount of joy we are experiencing in our lives. So, your Golden Ticket is your joy.

    Life’s Golden Ticket to success, happiness and fulfillment is to figure out what it is you love to do, what is it that gives you the greatest joy as young as you can and then organize your life around figuring out how to make a living doing it!

    Realize that income is the outcome of the value you provide to others. Focus on what you can give, and remember value is determined by the receiver. The Law of Cause and Effect will reciprocate.

  144. When I read this I smiled….

    I Left UK and went to Barbados for a trip- Upon arrival I got a call from my dad back in UK telling me my 4year old brother just died…

    I was in UK heading to the USA to be ordained as a Reverend… When I was there I got news that my best mate in Barbados had died of Cancer…

    Love TODAY/ Forgive today/ Go to sleep with love in your heart and kindness in your thoughts – Tomorrow might surprise you.

    May ALL your tomorrows be filled with laughter/ may all your todays be filled with fulfilled promises/ May you keep your word and make that call or pay that Visit…[ One day you will thank me for this message or Hate me for it... what you do will determine your destiny]

    Reverend Michael A. Steele, Esq – A SOFT answer turns away wrath

  145. Learning that what you see as your greatest liability is your biggest contribution life’s best gift.

  146. Lifes golden Ticket is being in touch with one’s spiritual self – after 50 years of no-holds-barred attempts at having a fulfilled life which was wrecked with bad relationships and serial redundancies in the end – My spiritual transformation, which did not happen overnight, has gradually completely transformed my life. Everything started to fall into place for me as well as the bonus of feeling inner peace.
    Now been with husband 15 years, I have travelled the world & I am embarking on an exciting new career, which I hope will make a difference -at 65!
    Thank you Brendan – I enjoy your web seminars enormously.

  147. Lifes golden ticket is ‘being in touch with one’s spiritual self’.
    I spent 55 years trying to acheive the life I wanted – but it was a series of mistakes other than some educational acheivement. my life looks good on paper. it does not include the broken marriages, serial redundancies etc.
    Once in touch with my spiritual self , everything changed – I live, like I have never lived before, I love & am loved (been with husband 15 years) and am embarking on a new and exciting career which I hope will make a difference in more ways than one.

  148. I have spent 65 years trying very hard to have the life I wanted- on paper I was very successful – but nothing really happened that was significant (bad relationships, redundancies etc) until I was in touch with my spiritual self – then all the rest quickly followed naturally including really Living, really Loving( and being loved) and Making a difference

  149. Hi Brendon!

    First of all thank you for your messages and for your e-mails! I am right now developing my platform (I am a spiritual writer) , and I find that you have really, really good ideas! Thank you again! Back to your question: what is Life’s Golden Ticket? For me it is our intuition, our inner voice. We are never alone! We have 24/7 guidance from Heaven. There are many angels helping us to make earth a better world! You are also a very powerful lightworker, who helps people to get their healing message into the world. God bless you, and please share your message with lot of people also in the future!

  150. Dear Brendon;

    As English is not my mother tongue, I stole the best paragraph from dear Gabriele L.Grach’s reply, which best reflects my impression and appreciation of your ideas, attitude to life, and goals:
    ‘The precious gift that I got, among many many others, was to be present in your exhilarating presence. Your fabulous energy, extraordinary goodwill, outstanding professionalism and heart felt and genuine humanity touched me deeply, inspired me greatly, and gave me much hope; not just for myself, but for future generations who will be blessed to be influenced by you.’

    For this, I’m certainly indebted to Gabriele.

    Now, as a 57-year-old Iranian Azerbaijani living in Tehran, I have been watching life and Man’s destiny since I was a kid in an extremely impoverished family of an unschooled wretched porter in Tabriz. I have been observing the class struggle and class injuries in our dictatorship-ridden and coup d etat-stricken country gripped between the Western capitalism and Eastern socialism in terms of both economics and politics as well as security-wise in an unstable region as the Middle East. With all the hopes tied to democracy smashed by imperialism and the ones tied to egalitarianism of the East shattered by the collapse of the Soviets, my people tied their hopes to the spirituality of their religion, which in turn was soon converted to international terrorism by the warmongers and merchants of death all over the world whose counter-cultural objectives are to destroy all national identities, manipulate international borders, enslave nations by spreading and legalizing unbridled sex, homosexuality, extremist feminism, use of various narcotics, genocides in Africa and elsewhere in the world, the destruction of family as the smallest unit of social unity and security, etc.

    In such harsh and painful circumstances where human dignity is systematically being buried under so much crime against humanity and all established religions and traditions are intentionally mocked and spoiled to alienate people from their families, homelands, and value judgment systems, and make them cruel and indifferent towards their fellow-citizens and fellow-creatures, it is certainly clear that there must emerge an appalling vacuum of ideology and spirituality so badly needed by men everywhere.

    Just how viable and feasible solutions to such a huge tragedy could result from discussions and arguments in favor of the golden ticket, is still a mystery to me. I know I’ll soon be accused of being an unbeliever, yet I have, and in fact everybody has the right to ask for the validity and reliability of claims made to the effect that we were born to choose. But the facts and figures speak otherwise: for hundreds of years the gap between poor nations and rich ones has been widening, every year tens of thousands of the most educated and developed young men and women are directly and indirectly motivated or forced to leave their less developed countries for more advanced countries in search of better life and more democratic environment. The financial institutions in their countries are sending their national revenues to European and American banks to pay their never-ending debts or to purchase weapons to kill their own people or defend themselves against artificially created enemies who are also customers of the same arms-producing companies in the so-called developed world.

    Dear Brendon, where is the golden ticket of the Rwandan or Ethiopian defenseless men, women, and children slaughtered in the tribal clashes instigated by the Western merchants of death and merciless politicians serving freemasonry and racist organizations? Where were the golden tickets of about 3000 residents or workers of the twin towers who were pulverized by the criminal attacks plotted and conducted by their own security system to justify invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq and transportation of so many armed forces to the Middle East.
    Of course, I do understand that it is not a safe world and the competition to control the oil-rich region of the Persian Gulf or silicon-rich Africa or the poppy-rich Afghanistan and copper-rich Chile, etc. is indispensable. But just what happens to the golden ticket that the Creator has slipped into the soul pocket of a young American soldier who has to give into the pressures of a pedophile in a barracks oceans away from home or of a mind-controlled suicide attacker who thinks he would save the world by blowing up a crowd in a bazaar or holy shrine? Or where are the golden tickets of millions of Afghan is and Pakistanis whose wrecked nests have been being bombarded by their own air forces and those of the so-called coalition forces for not knowing where the hell Ben Laden. Yes, Brendon, the Golden ticket is in the soul pockets of those who do know where Ben Laden is and are now enjoying a happy and comfortable life (shitting on high cotton) in their own countries laughing at the poor people killed and maimed everyday and at the US and UN soldiers who are killing and maiming them everyday.

    Still, I wish you good luck in proving your optimism justified.
    Akbar from Iran
    May 9, 2010

  151. Spirit is It.

    Your spirit.

    The source of life, and the divinely sparked impulse to serve out the inside impulse of this great spark.

    The meeting place of this divine impulse and the rubber hitting the road with inspired action — this is life’s golden ticket. Simple in principle, delightfully, magically evasive in action, totally doable in this life…for anyone.

    As you have demonstrated.

    Much Love,
    - Satya

  152. I love the golden ticket!!! It is always a good thing to take a few minutes a day and focus on positive quotes like the “Golden Ticket!” This allows you to be more objective and balanced. I believe we are here because “Spirit” can only know itself through us. There is no judgment, right or wrong. it just is according to ancient philosophy. It is only when we are caught in the Fear Trap manifested by the ego that we forget who we are. Can you explain how a tree becomes a tree or how a flower becomes a flower? No . . . because there are mysteries in Nature and they will remain that way. This makes life magical and fun! I like how Mike Dooley who wrote Inifinite Possibilites thinks: “We are playing a game of hide and seek but because we are playing the game so well, we have forgotten that it is just a game!” I say life is a game to be played and not won! So be enlightened (allowing the light from within to guide you) which comes from just letting go! One last thing, I know that when I follow my intuition I am always guided in the right direction. We have not been left behind on this earth without a GPS system and that GPS system is your heart intelligence. I follow my heart and I am successful because of this. At the end of the movie Key Largo, Humphrey Bogart says, as he stands on the pier overlooking the ocean, “Da head always loses!” You can take that to the bank, so listen to the GPS of your soul and you will always be guided in the right direction. – Cody Horton

  153. Einstein said there was one fundamental question each and everyone should ask:
    Is the universe friendly?
    My suggestion: after stating a very clear YES to that question you go out and live accordingly.

  154. It is never too late to begin again, and again and again. We are here to learn life’s lessons and there is no one way to do that. If we are stuck on a path going in circles, there is no reason not to step off that path, even when we do not know what is next. When we are spinning, everyone around us is affected, when we are growing, everyone around us is affected as well.

  155. As I write this, I have just finished reading Life’s Golden Ticket, and I thank God for the book and the man that wrote it. I ask myself how did he know my story so well and write it so eloquently. My rediscovered Golden Ticket is bright, shiny and as good as new and ready to be fully utilised for the first time in many years.
    My Golden Ticket will be about my new journey, one filled with love, joy, peace, grace, happiness, prosperity and discovery.
    I wish the same for all of you reading this.

  156. Hello,

    Like many things in life–there are many variations, versions and opinions…much of the time leading to “over kill” of a subject–over analyzing it, over thinking it and over anything it.

    One of my favorite tv quotes is from a program called “Six Feet Under” in which one character asks: “Why do people have to die?” and the response is: “To make life more important”. (I think this is pretty close to what was said).

    I think they summed it up beautifully in two lines of dialogue. Make your life important/meaningful to you and that “ticket” extends to others.

    All the other aspects such as love, giving, forgiving, gratitude and so on fit beautifully under this umbrella.

  157. I believe we all share a common mission in life, which is to nurture and care for our selves and learn the true meaning of self-love. Only then can we truly love and care for others. That is when we can really reach out and bring forth our gifts to make the world a better place, and to be of service to others.

  158. Hi Brandon,

    Life’s golden ticket forced me to think about life, and how many road blocks we set up for ourselves. That really becomes the excuse to keep us living a life of mediocre, lifeless dreams. We need to stand and BELIEVE that we humans are Amazing, each and everyone of us have gifts to share. Believe and be that you want to see in the world. Be grateful for all paths that you have endured, they are preparing you for greatness. Know that every path begins with a step. Open your hearts, find your desire and follow it. Don’t multi task, that will only get in the way. Focus on what you want. Thank you Brandon for your contribution and direction, in creating a manual to help us understand. Today, begin a new journey with the end in mind.
    1. Did I live?
    2. Did I love?
    3. Did I Matter?

  159. Hi Brendon,

    Thank you for your wonderful stuffs.
    To add on, much has been said about finding one’s purpose or mission in life in order to live a fruitful and eventful life…And truthfully, how many people know what is their purpose & mission in life? Most are still searching…
    To me, the purpose of life is a life of purposes and the mission of life is a life of missions – that’s my Life’s Golden Ticket.

  160. Brendon, you asked us to comment on the meaning of life. I could direct you to buy my 6-vol treatise on the meaning of life, except I haven’t written it yet. In the meantime, here’s a piece of it:

    Love your neighbor as yourself.

    Of course, that is only helpful if you know what “love” means. My personal definition, cobbled together after decades of listening to preachers and teachers around the country, is this: Love is an attitude (not an emotion!) of willingness to give of yourself and your resources to meet the needs of another. Boil all that down to a two word definition: “Love” means meeting needs.

    I could leave it at that, but I’m not going to. I don’t know if you read this stuff yourself or if you have an assistant who weeds out the crazies, in which case maybe your assistant will see some of the following before it hits the shredder, but as long as I’m deluding myself that I have Brendon Burchard’s attention, I can’t waste such an opportunity as this.

    If I were sick, I’d appreciate someone offering to drive me to the doctor’s office, or pick up my medicine at the drugstore, or pick up dinner for the kids while I took a nap. But right now, I’m not sick. But someone around me is sick, or hungry, or lonely. Loving my neighbor is as simple as reaching out to do for them what I’d like them to do for me if I were in their shoes. I can’t change the world, but I can help the next guy out.

    “What if you don’t love yourself?” There have been times in my life, lots of time, in fact, when I thought, and said, that I hated myself. Of course, I didn’t really hate myself. I may have hated my job, or my boss, or my wife (previous wife; I love!!! my current wife). In fact, what I hated were the bad decisions I had made that brought me to such a lousey place in life. I didn’t atually hate myself. I wasn’t standing in the rain trying to die of pneumonia! I was actually trying to take care of myself. I ate food that I liked, slept in a warm bed, watched really enjoyable TV shows (hours on end!). So my advice for those who “don’t love themselves?” Think about this: If you’re cold, do you put on a sweater? Then find somebody who’s cold, and give them a sweater. It’s that simple.

    We are put on this earth to be God’s family; that relationship was interfered with, and now God is on a search-and-rescue mission. Each of us who return to the family are commissioned to go out and rescue somebody else. “Love your neighbor as yourself” is the battle cry of the rescue mission.

    Sorry, but it’s your own fault; you hadda ask!

    Love and blessings,

  161. Never give up belief in yourself and what you can achieve even in Life’s darkest momets. Set your goals and know where you are headed and Never, Ever look to someone else for your success, and Never blame someone else for your failures. Look only within yourself.

  162. Go deep and you lose all separation,
    Hold your nerve and you cross each boundary,
    Get sacred in your love and the numbers will distort,
    where else in the worl Beloved does One an One make Three?

    Perfect peace and Passionate Purpose lie in this ‘wholy geomtry’ composed by my beloved.

  163. Brendon,
    I love your message. It is the same as mine, although we look at it from different perspectives. When I was only 9 years old, I was raped. Because of that trauma, I felt alone and isolated all my life. However, several years ago, I had a realization and EVERYTHING changed for me. What was that realization? It was that I no longer had to be haunted or burdened by events of the past…that if I wanted to change my attitude, I could. It was a choice. Furthermore, God, the Creator, the universe, our spirit (whatever you choose to call the divine) has always been with me and always will be with me. The spirit of God is inside me and wants only the best for me. I am never alone. No one is ever alone because the spirit is everywhere and that means it is WITHIN each of us. Because of this realization, I was able to release destructive emotions and move forward in my life.

    I have just had my first book published (Awakening the Spirit: The Open Wide Like a Floozy Chronicles) and I hope to inspire others that there is a way to find joy despite any adversity. I realize that the spirit speaks to each of us differently, giving us what WE need to succeed. It is never about comparison with others…we all have our own journey.

    My mission is to spread joy and hope throughout the world…for I know that each life touches another. If we choose to promote the constructive attributes of love, understanding, compassion, honor, honesty and humility, others can be touched by that message and hopefully, choose to spread the same message to others. In this small way, I hope to spread light, displacing the darkness in the world.

    Thanks for your wonderful contribution to the world and universe! I am so happy to know you!
    Cindy L. Herb

  164. Loved the ticket’s message Brendon, as always, you never disappoint, thank you! Here are my thoughts on life’s golden ticket:
    All you can do is look forward to the unknown. If life was a game of knowing what’s
    going to happen, then it would be like watching a movie you’ve already seen.
    There are THREE kinds of people in this world:
    -The cynics who believe they know what will happen in each situation, and the outcome
    will be poor. Sometimes they are right, sometimes they are surprised. Often they are
    mildly perturbed when things go well, as crazy as that sounds.
    -The dreamers who believe that they know the outcome of every situation, and if they just
    think positively, it will always be a perfect outcome. Rubbish. They are often
    -The folks who are looking forward to the unknown: These are the people who,
    regardless of the outcome, good, bad, or indifferent, are LOOKING FORWARD TO IT!

  165. Life’s Golden Ticket should be told to the youngest person and to the oldest person, it should be given to youth, very earlier on in life, and explained that you get “ONE TICKET” in life, the Ticket is Golden scheduled with a destination on it, however, dumb choices, lack of discipline, and stinking thinking could tarnish the ticket, change it’s color and could be mistaken by the wrong person to take you to the wrong destination.
    Life’s Gold Ticket should be savored, protected, and positioned to towards the God Given Destiny everyone has been given.

  166. Brandon,
    I love the idea of the golden ticket! And thanks for putting it on here for printing…I coach a group of pre-teens at a Boys & Girls Club in NYC that are not fortunate enough to have role models/mentors that inspire them so I printed the golden ticket on nice parchment paper & laminated it for each of them (25) so they could read it every single day to remind themselves that “yes we can.” Thanks so much for doing what you do & thanks for the golden ticket.

    God bless,

  167. Life’s Golden Ticket was another powerful reminder that we are here to live fully present in who we are, not to be swayed by judgement or criticism, but to follow our heart and the guidance we receive if we listen for it.

    It was also a reminder that we all have our own way, our own path, that we should not judge others because we do not know their past, we have not lived their life. I believe we all do the best that we know how in the moment! Let go of any hurt, anger, frustration and take responsibility for your own life! You control your life – not someone else!

    To feel love and joy is to know that we are living our life fully and following our destiny. We all have a gift and a contribution to this world, not to be measured by each other. There is no limit in our abilities, fear is our only limit, which we have learned our entire lives. Let fear go and start believing in this world and yourself! LISTEN to those that have lived before you, have experienced what you are experiencing, and can teach you through their own lessons as their life in this world comes to a close.

    No more excuses – no more blaming someone else – no more feeling sorry for yourself! Time to start living YOUR life – you are in control – time to find gratitude and give back through living a fully present joyful life! That example is the best gift you could give anyone!!!!

  168. Hi Brendon!
    That books means a lot to me right now. I’m in a strange moment of my life, thinking constantly about the choices I’ve made, the way I want to be, and what I can get what I want. And that book really helps me to understand that it doesn’t matter what I’ve done, that past is in the past, but it really matters what can I do from now on, to mend the things I did wrong, and make smile the people I love..I’m in this word for a reason, a good one I think, so I should think in a possitive way, to bring good things to my life.


  169. Wow! That’s SO beautiful Deb! Thank you for your caring of this young man, and for spreading the message of Life’s Golden Ticket. This kind of compassion can change the world; and indeed you changed this man’s world forever. God bless, Brendon

  170. I printed out the ticket – front and back – laminated it and gave it to a high school exchange student from Bangladesh. I work with a non-profit organization that helps these kids have a great host family experience, great school and community. This particular boy had a birthday today and has been experiencing severe depression for the past two weeks. He was a twin and his brother died at birth so he has struggled with survivor’s guilt all of his life.

    I put the ticket in his birthday card and then I had a beautiful box with lovely ribbons on it setting on the table in the restaurant. As he opened the card, I asked him to read your Golden Ticket out loud. He did and as he finished he had tears in his eyes. Then I told him I wasted 28 years of my life angry at my father for his alcoholism and bad behavior. Then one day I had a crises and needed God desperately. As He forgave me, I was able to forgive both my earthy father and heavenly Father for the past. I finally found both peace and purpose.

    I asked this boy to look at the beautifully wrapped present on the table and think of it for a moment as the gift of life God gives us. He wouldn’t dream of not opening the gift I gave him for his birthday – why let depression or guilt rob him of opening the much BIGGER GIFT – his gift of life.

    I got the biggest smile and the biggest hug – - not because my gift was so good but because you gave me the tools to help him “get it”.

    Thank you Brendon!

    Deb Bowen

  171. Thank you for your beautiful message Paula! — Brendon

  172. Muchas veces nos hace falta tener un “Henry” cerca para que nos ayude a ver que está en nuestras manos cambiar y hacer q nuestra vida sea maravillosa. Por eso, le estoy muy agradecida al autor de este libro ya que para mi ha sido como mi “Henry” particular y me ha ayudado a darme cuenta de que mirar al pasado no siempre beneficia. También tengo la sensación de que el protagonista, al final del libro, vive un reencuentro con su pasado, pero de una manera muy distinta a como lo vive dentro del parque. Y eso es algo muy importante a tener en cuenta en nuestro día a día. Los padres no son perfectos y cometen errores como cualquier ser humano. Nos hacen mucho daño con sus actos y éstos nos condicionan por el resto de nuestras vidas. Es difícil, pero hay que saber enfrentarse a ello y dar una segunda oportunidad, porque ellos, por muchas cosas malas que hayan hecho, también la merecen… Asi que desde aquí invito a aquellas personas que puedan estar en una situación parecida a que les regalen un ticket dorado a sus padres distantes o desaparecidos y le den la oportunidad que todo el mundo merecemos… SOLO SE VIVE UNA VEZ, PERO A LO LARGO DE LA VIDA, NUNCA ES TARDE PARA LEVANTARSE, CURARSE LAS HERIDAS Y TENER OTRA OPORTUNIDAD DE VIVIR PLENAMENTE.

  173. Brendon – LOVE Life’s Golden Ticket and your information on sponsorships!

    Great job – keep it up – let’s partner sometime soon through AspireNow and – we ought to be connected!

    ~Scott Andrews, Founder of AspireNow
    and CEO of ARRiiVE Business Solutions

  174. Thank you, your book has made me draw some conclusions in a moment where I felt a bit lost and was not sure as to what to do…
    The golden ticket is a reminder that my life is mine and that no one can tell me what to do or what to think.
    Today I choose to help others, without expecting anything in return.
    Again, Thank You

  175. Dear Brendon,

    life´s golden ticket to me is made of two components that cannot exist without each other:

    #1) The discovery who I truly am and who we all truly are – at the deepest level of our being. I call it LIFE, this eternal and never ending process of being and becoming. Evolution is its nature. The whole universe has evolved from no-thing, just as you and I do with every breath we take, on and on and on …

    #2) The discovery that my joy in life and my felt security in life has shifted enormously through discovery #1. I always feel safe and secure, whatever happens to me. Because I know that from this deepest perspective of who I AM I can even stand the hardest pain and worst cruelty that I can think of. The reason is because I am not only Holger, this individual I, but I also always have another identity, which is just as true as the first one: It is my transpersonal (!) identity – I AM LIFE. I AM the creator.

    That to me is life’s golden ticket. It means that I had the privilege to awaken to this deepest understanding of who I am, who we all are, we are life and we are one – beneath all our different beliefs, cultures, races, sexes and behaviours.

    Love , Holger

    NB: Have seen you at Experts Academy in 2009. Want to contribute massively to my German people and become a famous event leader and author myself. Check me out on (videos!! :-) )

  176. Brendon, your golden ticket sums it all up, and I wish everyone would realise that life really is what you make it. No-one but oneself is responsible… We are thrown many challenges in our life and it is up to us to make the noble choice. When we don’t then we get knocked down, and it is up to us to get up and try again. Eventually, adopting a positive attitude in the light of all challenges, we realise that our attitude determines the outcome.

    Norman D Austin
    Buried Head

  177. You know, I was just talking to a friend today about small things in life, that somehow seem unfair and unperdictable and the fact of life is YOU have to get up in the morning, you have to continue on your path. I have personally been through hell and needless to say I have learned through my hell, I had to question myself daily what my reason was for continuing on my path.
    Today, I have personal aches and pains and still committed to a playdate today with four children. I am sore, but I still push myself to not let anyone down.
    Is it easy? NO and somedays I feel as if I want to lay around all day and not do my housework, but then something tells me that I still have limbs and I still have a mind and I have to get off my butt and continue to live and love. I love to have fun with my daughters friends, I love to paint and I love to do crafts( I don’t get paid when kids are dropped off at my home) for a short time so the parent can go do some things that they need to do. I do it because I love to see my daughter light up when she knows a friend will be coming over. You have to find what makes you happy and what makes you continue on with your day.
    Looking back, if this will help you… my father was very ill when I was little, I knew this and I also had to accept it. He could never play with me like other children had in their lives, I didn’t have a father who was healthy, and young. I didn’t have a mother who was young… I had to go find out who I was on my own( this is why I don’t feel sorry for spolied people). Sorry if this offends in any way, but it’s true. You have to look deep within to find your own path and what you love.
    If someone truly hates the job they choose then get out, start all over. Find your way. I came from working in a factory job, then made a huge move out of the country to change who I was. If I had not done that, I would never have been able to adopt, and find my partner in life.
    When someone will complain about the job, the wife the husband… I have to say… what are you going to do to make it work? HOW are you going to ever be happy when you don’t know what you want in your life. I know because I have questioned everything in my life, and had to pick myself up and keep going, no matter how bad things got. Life about feeling happy and to find your happy you have to consult yourself and then act upon it.
    I believe God gets me through everyday and wake up calls are all around us. I have been “shy” in someways all my life because I was afraid to let my voice be heard, but now… I know my purpose.
    Thank you and I hope I can help someone reading this.
    Charlotte Tersigni

  178. What a great question! I, too, believe that creating your natural mission (s) in life provides your inherent direction to live of life authentic of purpose on purpose.

    Your purpose being that you create and empowering role (s) derived and created from your core values, “that which truly matters, is truly meaningful and important to you.” When these three elements are CLEAR to you, you begin to live a life of passion because out of CLARITY OF VALUES, CLARITY OF VISIONS AND CLARITY OF EMPOWERING ROLES falls a NATURAL MISSION (s)~and inherent direction and authentic purpose.

    That, which you, with the synergistic leverage of other like minded people, create to provide true service to mankind based on it’s their needs and the world based on it’s needs. Thus you contribute the highest value in an truly authentic manner, coming from that “essence” which is uniquely you.

    CLARITY, gratitude for, respect and reverence of this “gift” called life is key, and a true beginning or starting point for any success. Existing and living or two entirely different things. Living a life of prediction and living a life of creation are also clearly two different things.

    CLARITY OF VALUES, leads to CLARITY OF VISION which leads to CLARITY OF ROLES which leads to CLARITY OF MISSION which gives you INHERENT DIRECTION and AUTHENTIC CLARITY OF PURPOSE~a life time of living your created missions~values, visions and roles~ to the mutual benefit of all.

    To understand if you mattered, you need to understand what truly matters and go do that, in alignment with you values, visions and roles and natural missions. Then you “That wonderful creation and unique essence of a precious human being will matter. Your highly valuable contributions and helpful and meaningful services will make a highly significant positive and constructive impact on the lives of others whether on a micro or macro level. Whatever suits you. Yes, then you will matter. And, if you were born and/or have ever been loved, as from the very beginning of time by God, our parents, your caregivers, family members, friends, siblings, …then you obviously mattered even if you didn’t know it yet.

    Did you live, YES, if it was clearly and authentically on purpose, contributing your absolute best, stretching beyond all your boundaries and limiting beliefs thus realizing your full potential, contributing in every great way! Yes, it will be and is very clear that you lived. I pray that you will share this earth with us for many many wonderful years of your and our lives. I am certain that your spirit and legacy will live on into eternity.

    Did you love? Yes, if one of your core values was/is creating high quality, long lasting, mutually beneficial, respectful and loving “relationships” of any nature: God, family, wife, father, husband, mom, sister, brother, friends, customers, associates, the environment, creativity, the universe, yourself and of course if and when you were were present creating, building and nurturing these relationships! Then for sure you loved and continue to do so. That is our blessing!

    It is sad but sometimes true, that we need a few wake up calls to truly appreciate and be genuinely grateful for this beautiful gift called life, which is in and of itself pure love. To communicate and share your unique essence and light with the rest of the world in every great and meaningful way to the benefit of all~ is to have lived, loved and mattered.

    YOU Brendon Burchard, are very much present and loved. Your light, love, essence and warmth, simply exude across the universe touching all who have ever met you, deeply in their hearts, soul and spirits. You share the love, you share the light, you truly do matter to us and all your loved ones and you are truly living a life of passion and a life of your dreams!

    Surviving a near fatal situation, you woke up, you began a life of gratitude and reverence for this gift called life, and you took control ~via responsibility and accountability of all precious moments granted and all future results you were going to and are blessed to achieve.

    So not only were you blessed Brendon but so were and are we, your family and all your loved ones. That is because now, with full reverence and gratitude, you recognize that ever precious nano second of life matters, love matters, relationships matter, contributions matter, making a highly significance difference in the lives of others matters, and that YOU, a most precious and unique living creation can fill every second of your life here on earth with highly valued and highly valuable learning, growth and contribution. YOU ARE LOVED!

    You definitely are very much a live and are living, you exude love to all and you are loved and deeply cherished, YES Brendon, YOU TRULY MATTER!

    Thank you for waking up! Thank you for all your amazing contributions and the endless energy and expertise that you share in such a loving, caring, respectful and professional manner.

    God love you Brendon, we all truly care and we are very grateful to you and also to your mom and dad for their part in creating and raising you.

    Keep up the fabulous work. YOu are an inspiration to all.

    Warmest regards, huge hugs, lots of love and an abundance of joy and laughter too. Continued success beyond all expectations and God bless you and all your loved ones past and present! What can I say. YOU are THE BEST of the BEST!!!!!!!!!!

  179. Lifes golden ticket is very simply three things. Something to look forward to.Something to do. Someone to love

  180. La verdad es que es algo raro, pero necesitaba leer este libro… había algo dentro de mí que decía “comprálo, es la oportunidad, no la dejes pasar, es ahora o nunca”. Sólo tengo 16 años, cuando compré el libro tenía 15 pero no lo podía leerlo porque debía leer los libros para la escuela.
    Sinceramente, me ayudó mucho, demasiado, a mi corta edad creía estar acabada… que mi vida ya no tenía sentido. Pero con esta historia aprendí que todo se puede y que la única barrera que me impredía ser quién quería ser y hacer lo que quería hacer, era yo misma.
    En verdad te agradezco por hacer que me diera cuenta que se puede cambiar y vivir como uno quiere, porque algo dentro de mí sabía que mi vida no era esta… que había nacido para otra cosa, gracias por ayudarme a encontar la respuesta.

  181. I believe my work is to help adults know how to help children keep hold of and awareness of their Golden Tickets. My 39 years of experience has led me to believe that we are made to be able to keep hold of and work with our Golden Tickets (this phrase is, of course, thanks to you). I have discovered the root cause to losing touch and awareness of our Golden Ticket, and I have discovered and designed a way to heal the damage caused by this root cause. This is my work.

  182. My Golden Ticket, at least what I know right now, is to remain in constant contact with the core, the eternal chord, the source, the divine center of my being.

  183. Dear Brendon, We all start our lives conditioned by other humans -what to believe , what to wear , what to eat etc. When we realize that we can change the course of our lives we know that we have found, and are using The Golden Ticket! Thank you for putting this message into an easy to grasp idea.. ..What fun to send this out to many others who have not yet realized they hold The Golden Ticket and if they CHOOSE can go on the ride of their life!
    Blessings ,Bonnie

  184. Happy New year 2010! May this and many years into the future be the absolute best of the best of TEH BEST! God bless you and yours! I look forward to sharing more fabulous times and precious moments with you and yours!

    Please extend my heartfelt thanks also to Jason and Jen, and the many others who make sharing your great essence possible. Blessings and love to your lovely wife and family too.

    Nothing but the best for the BEST! What can I say! :-) GG with huge hugs

  185. I am truly blessed because despite experiencing much tragedy, terrorism, embezzlement and assault of many natures, I can still cheer many people up through my gift of music, love, laughter, understanding, forgiveness and compassion. I can influence positive outcomes and I can effect positive change. I can get people to see the best in themselves, I can bring out the best in others. I can inspire people to value themselves and I can guide people to live a life of true value.

    Though I hobbled all the way to the Expert’s Seminar in San Francisco I was blessed to meet you Brendon and the many fabulous participants of the conference including one of my kindred spirits, Tony Robbins, the wonderful Mike Koenigs, the endearing John Gray and your fabulous publisher who I would like on my side any day as my very own personal dragon slayer :-)

    The precious gift that I got, among many many others, was to be present in your exhilarating presence. Your fabulous energy, extraordinary goodwill, outstanding professionalism and heart felt and genuine humanity touched me deeply, inspired me greatly, and gave me much hope; not just for myself, but for future generations who will be blessed to be influenced by you.

    Well, there is much great work to be done as I too, received the world series of Golden Tickets. Nine lives doesn’t even come close to the blessings that I have received. I am grateful to be alive, to be blessed with my daughter’s presence and the gift of many dear friends and associates, not the least of which is you.

    You are very much alive, Brendon. You are the epitome of love and you truly do matter and make a highly positive and deeply meaningful difference in the lives of others, myself included. You have and continue to give your utmost and contribute in every great way. If my Golden Ticket were only to be able to say that I lived to experience you, your fabulous event, the learning, the camaraderie, then I could have said, I lived, loved and mattered.

    Brendon, you are truly a blessing to all of us. Thank you for being YOU!

    Sincerely, appreciatively, and eternally grateful,

    Gabriele L. Grach~ EAPC~Live, love and laugh lots! :-)

  186. Hey Brendon!
    Here is one of my favorite words of wisdom:
    “Between stimulus and response, there is a space. In that space lies our freedom and power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and freedom.” Victor Frankl

    I have some others but they are written i swedish!

    Thank you for your newsletters!

  187. The strong man. As soon as he knew that he could be ‘as strong as he wanted’, people around him tried to stop him, tried to keep him ‘in his place’. Out of care, or out of jealousy. That’s wat ‘awoke’ me. It’s not that I am doing wrong, it’s ‘the other’ who cannot or wil not understand my ‘drive’ to change. Next time I want to ‘grow’, next time I want to go forward I’ll thank them for caring and will continue my ‘road’ in ‘my way’. Thank you for ‘the golden ticket’.

  188. I can’t remember when I’ve enjoyed reading a book as much as Life’s Golden Ticket. Your storying telling is magnificant, but second only to the concept that it so well conceived. I am truly hopeful the majority of the world will read you book and find the enlightenment with which I’m sure it’s intended.

  189. Brendon, for the first time in my life, I was laid off at the end of 2008. I realized what a golden opportunity this is to do what I’ve been preparing myself for since the 1980s: to write my book about personal security and situational awareness, a method anyone can use to save their own life and thereby experience their own Golden Ticket for the full ride. The book will be available early next year. Life is a journey. The Golden Ticket enables us to enjoy the good things, give something back in return, and enjoy the company of others along the way.

  190. The universe has been here for billions of years.
    We are here for a split second. We now have found our Golden TIcket…..Make it count!!!
    Live, Love, and Matter to oneself and to others everyday, in every way that we can…..

    Thanks Berndon!!!!

  191. i am here to be salt and light to every life that i touch. some people i will only be connected with for a brief moment. what can i give them in that moment? what will be better for them because i came their way?

  192. I believe that everything you mention in your Golden Ticket is soo… very true. I remembered recently what I had forgotten for a while -who I really am and why I am living on this earth. THANK YOU and people like you who keep reminding me of this truth.

  193. First i would like to applaud as well as encourage your efforts even further. Your inspiration helps finding that golden ticket that much easier.

    I believe the golden ticket to life is giving. Giving to your friends and your family, because when you give and you see the smiles on the faces you have grown to love life becomes satisfying.

  194. I´ have cried, there am laugh. I was reflected in your book as in a mirror my eyes did not reflect future, until I finished reading GoldenTicket thanks, infinite to occur a reality, to occur a miracle. From Buenos Aires, Argentina. God bless you.-

  195. Life’s golden ticket for me is to ideally live life discovering, doing and growing continually into more and more of who I was born to be. Like an acorn, always on purpose and always reaching up (with everyone and everything around me), I want to acknowledge the perfection of everything at any given second. I don’t know the who, what , where, why, when or how’s most of the time so I’m very blessed to have had the abilities to carry out and reach many of the goals I’ve set for myself. Many things that seemed impossible at first but something kept me going. Faith is totally involved at any given moment for me with the one source being God’s Love. We are all connected I believe in this love.

  196. The Golden Ticket for me is to live everyday as if it is the last. The most important person is the one in front of me at any given moment. Loving each and every one who comes into contact with me and making time for myself, my family and friends. Being a teacher AND a student. Spending time in nature, prayer and gratitude. I was born to serve and being humble and living in integrity enables me to choose to surrender to God that I may be an instrument of Gods Good. Essentially, My Golden Ticket is FAITH and knowing I am never alone, that God is Good and wants to Give me the Kingdom. All I have to do is Ask, Trust and Show up!

  197. Life Golden Ticket for me is the opportunity to live to the fullest every day of our lives. To wake up every morning and see the sun, walk, speak, hear and specially being happy for all we have. To make someone laugh.Life Golden Ticket is the opportunity to be grateful just to be alive so like that we’ll be able do the best we can every minute, every second in order to make a positive change for ourselves and for others.

  198. The golden ticket is about knowing that you did your very best.
    That you dared to do what you dreamed was possible.
    Realizing that you have achieved what mattered most to you.
    That you have achieved the outcomes that you have engineered.
    And that whatever you pursue will come true.

  199. Thanks for the positive message and always leveling up, in spite of personal events. What do I think about Life’s Golden Ticket? We get tools (like coaching) put them in our toolbox and use them to build a foundation for achieving all that God has for us. The only thing holding us back…the most profound force keeping us from reaching our peak…the challenging obstacle to achieving ALL that life has to offer is…the limitation of our own mind set and how we view ourselves. Thanks again, Life is a Golden Ticket.

  200. Hi Brendon,

    To me, Life’s Golden Ticket is to find what si our mission during this life and to follow it.

    Thank you for your contribution to people’s life.

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