Life’s Golden Ticket Revealed!


Since the day Life’s Golden Ticket was released, I’ve been asked to reveal what the secret message was on the golden ticket at the end of the story.

I was always reluctant to share my vision of what the golden ticket said because I wanted the reader to draw his or her own conclusion. I wanted the secret to a happy and meaningful life to be chosen by the reader, by you, not me.

Originally, the publisher and I were going to put the golden ticket in an envelope in the back of the book, along with an invitation ticket that you could give to a friend inviting them to read the book. But we chose not to include the envelope at the time, so until now the “golden ticket” has remained a *mystery*.

The time has come to finally share what I envisioned the ticket to say. I’m hoping you’ll comment on the golden ticket and also provide what YOU think is the golden ticket. (See below on how to comment).

The Golden Ticket Revealed!!

What is the secret message we were all given on our golden ticket at birth? What message did I want to include with Life’s Golden Ticket? Revealed here for the first time, below is the front-and-back of the golden ticket we were originally going to include in an envelope in the back of Life’s Golden Ticket. Print this ticket out and carry it with you as a reminder of our greatest blessing – the gift of free will and second chances.



Print the golden ticket front and back of the ticket by clicking on the following links:
Golden Ticket Front
Golden Ticket Back

Please post a comment on this blog and let me know what you think of the golden ticket. Just scroll down to leave a comment.

Also, feel free to post a comment and share what YOU think is the golden ticket. This should be your thoughts on what we all need to hear as a reminder to get us to live to our full potential. It’s your reminder to others about what to keep in mind in order to live a happy and meaningful life. Try to keep it to 2-5 sentences max. I’m sure people will like to see and comment on it.

As a thanks, I’ve also included two incredible videos below to inspire you and help you get centered despite this chaotic world of ours. Enjoy!

Thank you for your support over the years. I hope you always remember your golden ticket. And I hope our paths cross soon. Until then, may the gates to possibility always swing wide open for you.

– Brendon Burchard
Author, Life’s Golden Ticket


Life’s Last 3 Questions

This video shares what inspired me to write Life’s Golden Ticket. Essentially, I had an accident that taught me life’s last questions and I wanted to write a parable about a man who is forced to look at his life and decide if he had ever really lived, loved, and mattered. That’s the essence of the book. It’s also the essence of what I know to be important in life based on my accident.


The Purpose of Life

After a participant suffered a seizure during one of my seminars, I shared my thoughts on life. While conducting the seminar, my father was fighting a losing battle against leukemia. I thought this video would help you become present and emotionally connected so that you can truly appreciate the golden ticket (and hopefully help you come up with your own, too).

  1. My Purpose in life:

    To add more Joy to everyone elses life
    In a way that has never been done before
    And to do it Today

  2. For me, the ticket is not what happens to you… but what you DO with what happens to you.

  3. “When you make a small footprint, no one will ever try to fill your shoes.” The real Mother Nature

  4. To me, Life’s Golden Ticket is that we can mess up a million times, and each time, we can start anew. There is nothing we can do that will make the Lord love us any less (or more).

    There is a wonderful world of abundance that is here for us; let’s get after it with all the passion and ability that we have been blessed with.

    Thanks, Brendon. You are a voice for such a time as this!

    -Erik Carlson

  5. hi
    thanks for ur help
    ” in all of your life remember your not alone,GOD will be with you”

  6. Hi Brendon,

    Your sharing is so surreal, especially when you talked about the gift of true presence touched the core of my soul! I was there when my dad, my father-in-law and my premature baby girl passed on, and I understood exactly what you must have felt… that energy is sooo overwhelming that it gives you instantaeious strengh to overcome any barriers…

    Once again, Thank you, Thank you and Thank you again for the sharing of the golden ticket!

    Bless you and yours. TinaJ

  7. Brendon, thank you for all that you share.

    I am here to love. Thru love comes all other things. This includes first love and appreciation for myself, and from that I am free to expand out and love friends, family and even strangers near and far from a clear heart-felt space – unconditional and without requirement that they “get it” or respond in any way.

    I have been blessed in the last couple of years by finding work that allows me to connect deeply with people on many levels and know that what I am offering them will help them to move to a clearer space of love as well. (a pendant that balances and protects from EMF and negativity – and helps people stay in their center more) and my passion – making jewelry
    Thru sharing with others, I am enriched myself, and I know that they also feel the love and intent that I put out as I create my jewelry. I find being in that space of passion and love brings me back more clearly to my soul essence.

    As I move into that space more and more myself I find options continuing to open up and life is becoming more Joyful and Easier.

    I also keep finding that there are so many ways to look at any one situation. If something is hurtful, or painful, can I find a way to shift my focus and find the gift? When I can, everything changes and what remains is the love. I know that’s what you’ve done with many of your life challenges and you continue to give hope and inspiration.

  8. When I was 5 years old sitting on my front porch, I asked the question to myself, “Why am I here on earth?” The answer came direct and clear from somewhere: “I am here to serve.” My heart responded with a felt-knowingness this is true, then my 5 year old mind accepted this as true. From that point on my life has been focused on what’s the most effective way for me to serve– to love, to care, to make a difference in the lives of others. I have had an incredibly adventurous, growth-advancing and fulfilling life. HeartMath has researched the heart-brain connection and found that the heart receives and responds to intuitive signals 6 seconds before the brain/mind. This research confirmed what my 5 year old self knew. Life’s Golden Ticket is learning to listen to the heart’s intuitive guidance — our direct connection to our spirit. Often the heart’s guidance prompts us to forgive and let go, love a little more, care deeper, express kindness, not judge, and have compassion – qualities of spirit expressing itself through human beings.

  9. Thanks for sharing – truly heartfelt and profound!

    For this I am happy,
    that people are starting to see,
    how the purpose of life,
    is fully embraced,
    the second you choose to be.

    Ever wondered why we are called Human Beings?

  10. To me, Life’s Golden Ticket is Self Love. When we allow the Unconditional Love in our heart to flow into us first, spreading throughout our body, loving ourselves unconditionally, we take a deep breath and relax into who we are.
    Once our Self Love is total, then our Unconditional Love naturally expands to others. We accept and love life and people unconditionally.
    Self Love is the key.

  11. To me, Life’s Golden Ticket is Self Love. When we allow the Unconditional Love in our heart to flow into us first, spreading throughout our body, loving ourselves unconditionally, we take a deep breath and relax into who we are.
    Once our Self Love is total, then our Unconditional Love naturally expands to others. We accept and love life and people unconditionally.
    Self Love is the key.

  12. The golden ticket is beautifully worded and in my experience expresses a profound truth. My addition to this discussion is to express my belief in the support that exists for us to live fully into this choice of choices. I believe that the basis of everything, that from which everything arises and returns, is unconditional love. That all of creation is unconditional love made manifest to assist us in our journey through life. If everything we encounter and experience every day is a manifestation of unconditional love providing us with the opportunity to more fully live not only into our choices but also into greater unconditional loving of all that is, what an amazing world we would enjoy!

  13. Thanks Brandon.
    For many years I worked, earned, got promoted, shifted jobs and earned more. But deep down in my heart there lingered a question, ” what is my life all about? Why don’t I experience satisfaction and fulfillment?”

    And then came the time for ‘transformation’ and I found the meaning of my life… to be a possibility of empowerment, leadership, love & peace – to live with a vision of a world without any border (physical and non-physical).

    And the golden ticket to do that is :
    Life is a game and all games have few fundamentals:-
    1. All games are meant to be enjoyed
    2. Giving away (the ball) is more important than keeping (with me)
    3. There has to be a specific time bound target
    4. There are specific rules in all games – no rules, no enjoyment
    5. A team is a must for all games (even for individual sports)
    6. We all play to win
    7. A coach is a must to make the team win
    8. All Games are played ‘out of choice’ and with freedom
    And finally, it is a COMMITMENT, a PROMISE we make to ourselves to live by the ‘vision’, the ‘purpose’ and the ‘dream’ which is so strong that it does not allow us to sleep

    Take care


  14. Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,

    the courage to change those that I can,

    and the wisdom to know the difference.

  15. There are endless possibilities to the meaning of “Life’s Golden Ticket”.

    For myself it was the opportunity to create a new beginning after being involved in an almost fatal automotive incident. I redeemed my “Life’s Golden Ticket” by choosing to stay alive, learn and grow fulfilling my purpose of giving hope to others throughout coaching and inspirational speaking.

  16. Hi Brendon

    Thanks for your wonderful gift. It puts life’s essence into a powerful, yet simple perspective. Like all great gifts, I belive it is important to share with others. I printed copies for everyone in our office today and many remarked how great the message was.

    As well I will keep extra copies to give to the people in my life that matter. I put one on the wall, to look at and remind myself, when I am facing doubts, fears and insecurites that keep me from achieving my dreams.

    I look forward to meeting you and working with you in San Francisco.

  17. I believe we are witnessing a spiritual revolution that is currently taking place the world over. We must all do whatever we can to teach others how to live a life based on the ‘present moment’ so that we may truly live in harmony and inner peace; those that have already been spiritually “awakened” or “enlightened” have a duty to educate others in looking within themselves to find whatever it is they are searching for as so many of us tend to look outside of ourselves for happiness. We must learn that our purpose in life is TO BE and not TO DO.
    Blessings to you all

  18. Brendon,
    Fabulous… the suspense was killing me. Just kidding. But really, it’s a powerful tool I can use (and share) to bring me back to the present moment — which is a gift. Thanks for sharing your gifts with all of us.

    Love and light,

  19. Hi Brendon,

    Thanks for the story and the message of the ticket.

    If I was to be completely honest I am changing daily for the better, and I’m still learning.

    My message at this time would be whoever you are, or however painful your past. Please look to find the beauty in life, to create the memories that may have not been given you, by the ones who should have been the strength of your foundation. With these memories you will find belief, love and so much to be grateful for.

    Take care,


  20. Hi Brendon,
    It ‘s so good to be reminded again about the privilege that comes with being here-of being human… To live, to love, to learn, and to leave a legacy is basicaly the essence of it all and that’s what the Golden Ticket reminds us ALL of. Thanks Brendon for stepping up to the stage with ur message at this crucial moment. I admire you alot cos I shear ur passion and am encouraged and motivated by what you are commited to. U r d man of d moment. Luv ya

  21. Brendon,

    Thanks for this opportunity to share. To me life’s golden ticket is all about your relationships. They are the one thing that is truly eternal. My wakeup call occurred when my marriage of 10 yrs took a nose dive towards an inevitable divorce. Fortunately, God’s presence showed up at the same time which brought great joy during the saddest time of my life. I’ve attached a poem which tries to express this:

    © by – Tom Janicik

    More valuable than gold
    More fragile than glass
    A treasure that runs so deep

    Invest in them wisely
    Plant your seeds and watch them grow
    Nurture them with the utmost of care

    Do not let them die of thirst
    Rejuvenate them
    When there seems to be no hope

    Share with an open heart
    Be truthful, honest and sincere
    And brave enough to face yourself

    Admit your mistakes
    Ask for forgiveness
    Freely forgive others

    When the glimmer of life
    Comes to its inevitable end
    Life’s measure of success is your relationships

    You and your family are in my prayers.

    Take care,


  22. Dear Brendon,

    “The Life’s Golden Ticket” remind me that I born here because I need learn to well die in order to birth into eternal life.

    Receive warm regards,
    With blessings,


  23. Brendon, Thank You! Life is a golden ticket! Living should be a life-long learning experience. Learning ‘how to give’ being one of the most important lessons. Try not to compare yourself to others but love and live the life you are given! What do you think of the words by Emily Dickinson?
    “If I can stop one heart from breaking,
    I shall not live in vain;
    If I can ease one life the aching,
    Or cool one pain,
    Or help one fainting robin
    Unto his nest again,
    I shall not live in vain.” FALA (Friends And Love Always), Hal

  24. The Golden Ticket for me is the ability to dream. To remember that I, alone, choose my destinations. I get to GO, SEE, BE, and DO all that my heart desires. And the only person, place or thing that can stop me, is me. Remembering to DREAM and BELIEVE in those dreams will provide me the resources to make a difference in the world. What if and why not?

  25. It’s also not about what you’ve accomplished, but how far you have come from where you started out. And I should know – I started out as a victim who lost everything. My four beautiful children had to be given up for adoption. Now I’m a victor(ia) who got it all back – Including the children! Using wholistic healing, I changed my lifestyle from “lush” to “lucky”. In 1973, I weighed 71 pounds and lay in bed chain smiking for a year. Today, I am the director of the Joy of Learning Center, whose Mission is to transform negative human energies into a powerful force for healing humanity and the planet. Watch for our video coming out soon on YouTube. We’re doing it!

  26. Lifes golden ticket is living each day as if it were the last day of your life.Forgiveness and letting go of the petty little things that really dont amount to anything are the key to really living a trully fulfilled life.I beleive that we are trully living in a land of oppurtunity right now,but we have noyhing to offer the world if we get our info from sources such as CNN and any other biased networks that are out there.If you drink down stream from the herd you get the same crap as everyone else (hello) the fresh water is upstream.MY FRIENDS THIS COULD WELL BE OUR FINEST HOUR

  27. Brendon,

    I really love your life’s golden ticket passage; it is so true! Life is all about choices. Every moment is a second chance; I agree with this so much. I recently went through a difficult time (i.e. divorce) and now feel like I am getting very focused on what I truly want out of life and I am fullfilling my passion. I will often think of the questions: Did I live? Did I love? and did I matter? These questions will help me in making the important decisions in my life. Thank you. God Bless


    I have lived a selfish life focused on my own needs and building my own castles for many years till I discovered the pain of children without parents. In South Africa there are 2 million due to aids.

    My life was changed one winter’s day in May 2008, by one of these children walking more than 10 miles to school in pouring rain on a stormy winter’s day. We reached out to help one child, who become two and two became 60.

    I started the Orphan Care Foundation and today I see hope in the eyes of children who had no hope. I see children transform from de-motivated to motivated individuals, I see appreciation and respect. I see stumbling blocks removed and blessings poured into their lives. – Martin Oosthuizen


    Man was created by God with an inner search for something greater than himself – a search for a Greater Hand in our lives, purpose and destiny. True fulfilling of this can only be achieved by discovering the Creator and Architect of the Universe in a personal way.

    When you discover this – MASSIVE, UNQUALIFIED GRATITUDE will flow from the deepest centre of your being – Martin Oosthuizen

  30. Love the “love life, love people, love self,” victoria! You go! — Brendon

  31. Reading and watching the ‘golden ticket’ hit me somewhere in the solar plexus. It was/is my stomach doing the talking, the seat of affection which we, Maori, call ‘wha (far) tu (2) ma (Ma) na (Na!) wa (wa/nt)’ here in Aotearoa, New Zealand.
    I ask ‘Who am I? Why am I here? An answer comes back, geneology is who you are, back to the beginning of time. Such a minute moment in time that we exist here on this earth, and yet, large amounts of time are spent on squabbles and arguments, hating and stressing, fighting and destruction.
    There is a better way to spend our short time here on earth. Love every minute the best that we can, have faith, in protection. Support the weak, encourage and guide the youth, honor our kaumatua, kuia, koroua. Elderly, Nannies and koro’s.
    Love life, love people, love self

  32. Blessings;
    BE who YOU really are someone


  33. It’s not about how many times you fall, it’s about how many times you get up. It’s not about fear, but the bondage that keeps you in fear. Life is a gift, what is your gift to life? Get up, break the bonds of the fear and share your gift with passion.


  35. Dear Brendon,

    I loved, loved, loved your “Life’s Golden Ticket”. It made me cry, it inspired me, it gave me reassurance of being on the right path in my own life. I have been living with cancer for the past three years of my life and don’t know if it will ever be gone. But through this experience, I received my Life’s Golden Ticket. It is living today and being happy today, loving today, contributing today and being grateful. I loved the fact that in your book the message on the golden ticket was not revealed, because it can be different and personal for every reader. Although I loved your message on your character’s golden ticket. It’s interesting that your character has no name in the book.


  36. Dear Brendon I’m very happy and excited you asked me about the life’s of golden ticket that’s given by almighty god. The breath we breathe is unique and we don’t even know where its started and when it is going to end.
    I understand when you talk about the love you have for your family It’s amazing how they brought you in this world with integrity and kindness in
    to this planet.
    However you came up with the The Life’s of Golden Ticket and have give out to your follower, to comment for it that is one wonderful thing you did, people who knows only the nugget soon will learn about golden ticket that will lead them to be alive and ones again also appreciate you for ever.
    To know The golden ticket is not given only for you or me and thinking that all of us in this planet that we have to contribute also vibrated and keep it alive forever the life of golden ticket just beautiful and with out that we don’t even know we are alive and we belong to this world.
    we have to live our life ones. i don’t think we live twice?Brendon I’m building my website can you help or give me some advise if it is possible.
    Thank you have good or night whatever it is where you are.

  37. Biological life is about reproduction. I guess as adults responsible for reproducing life, the seeds we sow are ours to give. However how the seed grows depends on both inner and outer environments. The beauty of the human spirit is that no matter how irresponsible or damaging the outer environment may be, our spirit has the opportunity to embrace resilience. Resilience cushioned in a mindfulness of self-honesty and inner sanctum gives us the opportunity to not feel fear, but love.
    Spiritual love is the magic of life.

  38. The “golden ticket” for me is “Tell the truth” ~ Be Flexible ~ Be willing to learn new things. Always approach everything in a state of “totality” and passion. Find the “good” in ALL things.

    This is brief, but telling the truth and living “my” truth has always, always resulted in the greatest beauty both artistically and within interaction between human beings.

    Thanks for asking
    Sian Lindemann

  39. After you have decided to create a new path for yourself:

    1. Be prepared for any discomfort that may accompany the shift………positive changes may not feel ‘right’ at first, but that doesn’t mean they’re not building momentum in the direction you seek.

    2. If you try a new behavior and don’t succeed, keep breaking it down into smaller pieces………..until it is doable. Everyone can succeed at a crumb of change, and that crumb will move you forward.

  40. I like the message on the back of your Golden Ticket…

    In Life We All have the Power of Choice…
    And our life is what we make of that choice.

    Be Well and Do Great Things,
    Doreen Whitelock

  41. You hit the nail on the head Brendon! One day the day will close for all of us. Today is the first day of the rest of your life.

    This is one of the Golden Tickets I try to live by.

    “Do not live with a tight fist, or with a fully open hand. Live with a hand that is open like a cup that you can drink out of, eat from, receive with and give from.” David Ramiah

    Feel free to share this quote with others.

  42. In addition to the golden ticket, when you are born you are also given gifts to assist and guide you on the road of life. Some of these gifts include health, intelligence, spouses, children, parents, grandparents, friends, mentors, teachers etc. All contribute to make us who we are, where we come from and where we are going . The underlying tenet of all these gifts is love. We are blessed to have received love, doubly blessed to be able to give love. Our living is fulfilled by loving. In the baseball vernacular “ What goes around comes around.” Let it be LOVE.

  43. I also have a near–death too life experience. I chose to live my life with purpose. I’ve always been inspirational and empowering to others. I chose not to live as a victim.
    That motivated me to co-found Insights Foundation; a non-profit, motivational support organization. A five-branch system of life skills taught to trauma survivors & impacted groups, those living in shelters, victims of abuse, as well as staff and volunteers who support them.
    Enduring physical – emotional loss and stress creates a void in life skills.
    We all endure LIFE STRESS, how we internalize is our CHOICE.
    The ticket to living an intentional life – with JOY in each moment, is training your perspective.
    It is rewarding to witness the life changes that occur while participation and learning to apply our program.

    Respectfully, Dani Martin C.F.O.
    Insights Foundation Inc.

  44. I received many chances in life. Some deserved and some not. My golden ticket was the love of God who carried me through all the bad patches in my life when I surely would not survive especially lately when I lost my job without the prospect of ever being employed again.
    What I learned from Him was not to judge because you judge yourself. Not to criticize because you only criticize yourself and measure yourself against others. Life is not a competition, it is an exercise in cohabitation and humility. Love yourself and you will be able to love your neighbor, whatever his creed or race.
    Enjoy life and the creation, and be happy with your loved ones because we only pass this way but once.
    Be yourself, the ultimate creation of God.

  45. It is true that if you have not felt pain you don’t know what pleasure is, but everyone experience pain and suffering at one time or another, but the secret to that golden ticket is: take responsibility of your own life, design how you want to live and what emotions you are going to experience and go for it. Make that commitment with yourselve that you will give life 100% of your self; never take anything personal; decide now that you will laugh and be happy all the time; contribute to the world; and develop your fulll potential.

  46. Life’s perfect secret is as it is pefectly explained in the book by ECHART TOLLE”THE POWER OF NOW”both his books are truly great PRACTISING THE POWER OF NOW and THE POWER OF NOW this is something i would want every human being to read.

  47. As it is written and explained ithe book THE POWER OF NOW By ECHART TOLLE the secret of living is to be aware of the present moment LIVE WITH PASSION THE MOMENT.
    for better clarity read the books both very well PRACTICING THE POWER OF NOW and THE POWER OF NOW.

  48. Bless you for giving your readers their voice.
    I believe God whispers into every heart even before we are born. He blesses us with free will to love Him and live according to His purpose for our lives. Sadly most of us fall short and become willfull instead of willing to surrender. I heard His voice very early on but had no-one around me, as a child, to affirm what I heard, so I wandered and I stumbled. In that process God was the perfect, patient Father, loving me unconditionally, more often than not shaking His head as I tried to do life my way. When I finally realized that He doesn’t ‘choose the equipped’, but rather ‘equips the chosen’ I surrendered all. I give my life to Him and now experience Joy unequivocal to anything else life in the world had to offer.
    I ask Him to fit the little of my life into the big of His plan and live to serve Him, as He made my ‘Broken into Beautiful.’

  49. The golden ticket is clarified very well and the word ” choice ” is the key.

    I am currently working on setting up a website which will be live in next few weeks called ocdmindracing based on lived experience which i have now gone through. I can recall very well the struggle of mental suffering and the capacity i became aware of to go deeper and make a choice beyond how i felt. I questioned who was I? What was i meant to be? was i doing the best i could and how to become aware of my own truth and’s an interesting journey into awareness and i have an interior unwavering certitude that i can journey with my fellow companions with compassion. The joy is in the struggle i honestly believe


  50. Wise words, sage advice.

    My Golden Ticket Advice:

    “Be master of your petty annoyances and conserve your energies for the big, worthwhile things. It isn’t the mountain ahead that wears you out – it’s the grain of sand in your shoe!” Robert Service

  51. More of Life’s Golden Tickets to bless and contribute to your worthy endeavours..

    I love the quote by Melody Beattie “Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life. It turns what we have into enough, and more. It turns denial into acceptance, chaos into order, confusion to clarity. It can turn a meal into a feast, a house into a home, a stranger into a friend. Gratitude makes sense of our past, brings peace for today and creates a vision for tomorrow.”

    or this one…

    “If you woke up this morning with more health than illness
    You are more blessed than the million who won’t survive this week.

    If you have never experienced the danger of battle, the loneliness of imprisonment, the agony of torture, the pangs of starvation,
    You are ahead of 20 million people around the world.

    If you attend a church meeting without fear of harassment, arrest, torture, or death
    you are more blessed than almost three billion people in the world.

    If you have food in your refrigerator, clothes on your back, a roof over your head and a place to sleep
    You are richer than 75% of this world’s peoples.

    If you have money in the bank, in your wallet, and spare change on a dish some place,
    You are among the top 8% of the world’s wealthy.

    If you parents are still married and alive you are very rare
    especially in the United States.

    If you hold your head up with a smile on your face and are truly thankful,
    You are blessed because the majority can but most do not.

    If you can hold someone’s hand, hug them or even touch them on the shoulder
    You are blessed because you can offer God’s healing touch.

    If you can read this message you are more blessed than over two billion
    in the world that cannot read anything at all.

    You are so blessed in so many ways you may never even know…
    May God continue to bless you now, forever and always.

    Huge hugs, and lots of love,
    GG Wishing you nothing but the very best! Always!

  52. Hours before my father passed away, I stood at his bedside telling him how much I loved him, asking for forgiveness for being such a brat and not meeting his expectations…..his reply…..Erika, I LOVE YOU! After his death I sought God with a vengeance, coming across Luke 15:11, The Prodigal Son. My interpretation…..God loves those that love him and seek him with childlike love and requests of forgiveness, not those that “measure up” and do everything without fault……I explained this to my friends who brought me to a local church that very Sunday where the Sermon was about The Prodigal Sons’ return. At that very moment I knew I had been given “LIFE”S GOLDEN TICKET”!! This ticket has allowed me to be free of the life crushing guilt that has kept me incapable of fulfilling my life’s destiny. Lots of work to do, but I am well on my way to completing the job. Every person on this earth is unique and has a job to do, if told you are inadequate….your job will go undone and many will suffer for that loss, find your inner voice and join the race!! This world needs everyone’s input to survive!

  53. I wasn’t able to listen to the whole webinar; Don’t know why, but I would like to share my personal affirmations:

    ASK GWEN – Always Seek Knowledge; Give Without Expectations or Negativity

    Life’s about Choices, so Choose the Life that Impacts Others

    The Only Enemy You Need to Conquer is that Reflection in the Mirror! Conquer It and You Have Lived to the Fullest!

  54. I agree — life’s full of choices and we can make them at any age. After retirement age I made the choice to start a new career – one that weaves all I learned as a professor of counseling psychology, an organization consultant and a spiritual person who has lived a long time. My first book, “Healing Conversations Now” will soon be published. My mission — not a small one — to shift the consciousness of people so that they recognize the possibilities for love, joy and grace at end of life.

    We often don’t make the choice to relate with and learn from our elders. “Healing Conversations Toward End-of-Life” tells stories of what is possible when we do and it provides a map for doing so. Too many people say, “I don’t know what to say” and slink away or keep the conversations superficial and have no idea what they are missing. Healing conversations are a choice worth making. They have changed my life and added such richness. The choices keep coming. For more see my website, Thanks for reading. Thanks Brandon for your excellent work. Joan Chadbourne

  55. Life’s Golden Ticket is to move with the thoughts we think and to rest in the space between them

  56. Life’s Golden Ticket is to move with the thoughts we think and rest in the space between them

  57. Life’s Golden Ticket- The capability to listen to our heart and then follow it! The feeling of desire is our soul’s whisper through our heart and followiing it is living our life’s purpose. Our “feelings” that we so often brush aside are our life’s guidance system.

  58. Having lost everything financialy in my life due to making some bad choices ( i used to consider that my ‘worth’ was based on my financial assets) – and then through thinking that my ‘life was ruined’ because of not being a financialy viable person i then created myself cancer. wow. what an awakening.I’ve just completed 7 months of intensive chemotherapy…. i have gone from ‘thinking’ that i had no choices to a realization that my whole life is MY choice. ‘My’ choice of wether to be happy -creative – fullfilled. ‘My’ choice to have choices ! ‘My’ choice to be surrounded with abundance, joy and love. Every thought i choose to have , decides my next experience !! … I can choose gratitude compassion kindness and love or I can choose negativity, stuckness, blame and sorrow….. the choice is mine ! Now! continually !!!…….thats why I love “The Golden Ticket” …it’s the most wonderful reminder that no matter what, the choice of our experience of our life, is our own choice ! …how easy is that…..we can just choose to be happy, fullfilled, compassionate, wonderful giving human beings ! right Now !! …..Thank You so much Brendon for the gift of remembering this via your Golden Ticket. I want to give one to every one i meet .

  59. I only discovered my Golden Ticket when I started out on my journey to become a Life Coach. I was in a very bad place emotionally and while I was on my journey I realised that I was basically self destructing.

    My Golden Ticket came in sections. The first part was an order for me to STOP!! and listen to me for a moment. Take time out to listen to yourself. Ask yourself who are you and where are you going. I believe that it is only when you answer these questions can you begin to look up, take in the view and decide your direction.

    The final part of my Golden Ticket was to Go For It!!. Everybody has a dream, but few have the courage to follow it. I believe (and have proven it, since I have given up a well paid job to set up my own business and go after my dream) that people should follow their dreams.

    We are all on a journey. Some of it is smooth running while other parts are rougher with many junctions and turns. But that should not put us off. Our dreams and our goals will be our Sat Nav. All we have to do is trust ourselves.

  60. Life’s golden ticket is that indestructible, invincible essence which propels us beyond all adversities. It however requires us to take resposibilities and make choices to key in to it. In the end, it is not what happens to you that matters but what you do with what happens to you. Early in my life I was made to endure very painful rejection from my parents which made me grow up to be shy and with very low self esteem. Years ago, I made a choice and took the responsibility to get out of that state with the help books and seminars by Norman Vincent Pearle, Les Brown, Jim Rohn, Tony Robbins and many more. It took a while, but I too, can now make presentations and lead meetings with ease. I believe we are all given life’s golden ticket ab initio.

  61. Talents are your divine gift. Some believe they were given by a God, others think they’ve been enherited. For me life’s golden ticket is to choose to live your talents and see the opportunities to do so in each and every moment, event and place. In hard times I always remember a quote of my dad: “The only difference between an obstacle and a step up aid is the way you use them”

  62. I was constantly reminded while reading the ticket above of just how wonderful the gift of free will really is.

    The truth of the matter is, God, the one true God, gave us all the gift of free will. But even though he gave us our own freedom of choice, he still hopes and expects us to use our gift wisely and make the right choices.

    Also, second chances are real, or why do you suppose God’s only Son CHOSE to come down and die in place of each one of us, in payment of everything bad that we had ever done? Edited for space…

    Now, I’m not saying “oh, I believe in Jesus; I’m never going to die”. No, someday I’m going to die just like everybody else, and be put into the ground, and my flesh will rot away and leave nothing but a skeleton (morbid picture, huh?) But I don’t have to worry about the punishment that will come after death for my wrong choises. Talk about a golden Ticket! I think I struck it rich right here!!!

    Following your dreams, working hard, perservering… All of them are gold.
    But if you want to talk true gold and not just “gold plating”, remember that God is real, He loves you no matter what, and he’s always listening.

  63. I believe it is possible to create your own reality just by believing you can do it. What’s more I also believe you can destroy many of your perceived limitations by believing that you can achieve greater things. I believe you can create your reality according to what you believe.

    I was always labelled as average whilst at school, but I am not average and have gone on to be not only the owner of my own virtual secretarail business but also an International Advanced Confidence Coach, Group Trainer, Personal Life Coach, NLP Practitioner, Corporate & Executive Coach, Mentor, Speaker & Author.

    I have taken my golden ticket and used it again and again. Take yours today and just do it.

  64. The Golden Ticket is one of redemption. We are indeed given a second chance, a chance to be free from our destructive nature and tendencies. God gave us this ticket in the form of Christ, who gave us the opportunity to leave behind the self we can be on our own and to follow Him. But, like Brendon’s ticket says, “the gates will close,” and the ticket has an expiration date…the ending of our life here on earth. It is only until then that we can pick up this Golden Ticket and place it at the feet of God and ask to be forgiven and redeemed.

  65. I started out in the South Bronx as the son of two poor Irish immigrants. I dropped out of high school at age 15 and went on a journey of survival and eventually one of growth. I found mentors in books and at seminars to support my path of growth.
    Bottom line it’s about the choices we make. Over time I learned how to make choices that empowered me. I went on to create a successful life as a film producer, motivator, husband and parent.
    Just like yourself who created your “Golden Ticket, we have to create our path toward success.
    I share the lessons I’ve learned in my 15 rules for success on my blog:

  66. I believe Life’s Golden Ticket is something we can choose to receive: permission to live a life of love and laughter, passion and perseverance, forgiveness and understanding. Sometimes it’s hard to love, when friends and loved ones have betrayed you. Sometimes it’s hard to laugh, when life seems to have dealt you a bad hand. Sometimes we suppress the passion, for fear we may look foolish. Sometimes we lack perseverance, when the going seems too tough. Sometimes we just can’t manage to feel forgiveness, when we’ve been so terribly wronged. And sometimes we don’t even want to feel understanding, when it’s so much more satisfying to hold a grudge and let the anger linger. But we all have a Golden Ticket to a life filled with love and laughter and the realization that God loves us. And if we pay attention, he just may put someone like Brendon Burchard in our lives to help us feel not so alone.

  67. Life’s golden ticket all combined into a few words: awareness, opportunities, choices….what more can I say! I’ve recently become aware of all the opportunities in my life and the fact that I have a choice in how things turn out and even how I react to any given situation. How powerful I now feel to have a life of freedom and happiness!

  68. I like your Golden Ticket very much, Brendon.

    For me, the Golden Ticket is in knowing Jesus. By taking my place on the cross, he gave me the power to live life abundantly.

  69. Thank you for your great book. For me, life’s golden ticket is staying connected and aligned with the Divine Power Within. This Divine Alignment puts us in the flow of Universal Energy/Intelligence….and unlimited possibility is what we experience. Maintaining this Alignment is amazingly challenging in our accelerated and demanding world. 17 years ago, I called for Divine Intervention to help me abide in this Alignment. Over a period of many years, the Divine answered my call Diamond Alignment, the Sacred Technology that clears the mind of worry and fear, frees the body from stress and tension by bringing us into vibrational Alignment with our inner Joy and Power. I live in humble awe and gratitude for the never-ending miracles that occur in my life and the lives of thousands of others through this Gift.

  70. Wish to thank you. B.Bless always.

  71. I believe Life’s Golden Ticket is finding within yourself the strength and the courage to change. So many people spend a lifetime looking to others for answers, trying every organized religion for answers, reading every self-help book on the market for answers. They don’t realize that the answers lie within! That journey of discovery is encompassed in strength of spirit, compassion for others, innate curiosity, and the courage to use those inner resources to make the changes necessary for spiritual, emotional, and intellectual growth, not only for themselves, but in service to others. In doing so, they find the answers they seek and develop contentment and peace they would otherwise never experience.

  72. Thank you Brendon for opening up your heart to us! Your story really resonated with me. Sometimes we forget that life is a precious gift that we should be grateful for. Each of us has our own unique gift that we can share with the world. I am presently transistioning from the medical field as a respiratory therapist into a career as an author, teacher, business coach, and inspirational speaker as I approach my 50th birthday. So it’s never too late to start! I can remember listening to a Tony Robbins tape many years ago, and he said something that really stuck with me over the years which was “If your life is worth living it’s worth recording”. I think it’s important to capture our most treasured moments with pictures, audio, and video because we never know what tomorrow brings. You never know how your words or story can inspire others to greatness. We are all here to serve using our unique gifts. Don’t die with your music still in you!

    With Love,


  73. Permission!

    Permission to not “have to” do what you were told to do.

    Permission to be who you really are.

    Permission to love and to be loved.

    Permission to pursue your life’s passions.

    I have given myself permission to be me. To live the life that I want to, full of tears and joy and happiness. To choose to live the life of my dreams. To pursue a fantastic body, honest emotions, uplifting relationships, abundant time, ample finances, challenging growth, and a life of contribution. I continue to work on these daily through my daily rituals, daily magic, and daily discipline.

    The most important step for me was to give myself permission to let go and live.

  74. Life’s “golden ticket” is different for each person. As you live life, your vision changes, knowledge is gained, and experiences broaden your perspective. For me, always being true to the ideals I believe are important rank at the top. Those ideals filter through every other part of my life and as long as I stay true to them, I can know with good conscience that I’ve done my best, I’ve done what I believe is right, and I am who I believe I should be. Once a person is true to themselves and lives that way, along with being true in every aspect of life, happiness is going to gravitate towards you.

  75. I love the Golden Ticket and how it helps you focus on what really matters.

    It is so easy to just go through the motions day in and day out without thinking about whether you are really living the life you want.

    I have an aunt who at 72yrs of age has now lost the ability to make meaningful choices. She had spent her life in the future. A place where she would do the things she wanted to do, be the person she wanted to be and now that future is gone.

    It has given me a wake-up call to pay attention to how and where I am living. Am I living my best life and am I living in the present or the future.

    For most of my life I discovered that I held myself back because of a self belief that I didn’t deserve the life I wanted. This belief, implanted in my childhood has colored everything I have done since.

    The realization that I could change this belief easily and permanently (see The Answer by John Assaraf) has now given me the correct mindset to live life so I will be able to answer the questions ‘did l live, love and matter?’

    Thank you Brendon for sharing your passion it has helped me enormously.

  76. Hello. My story is that I lost 5 close family members in 7 years, my eldest son became estranged from me and my youngest became ill. I was lucky enough to find inspiration in Tony Robbins’ words and decided to change direction and re-train in the Arts. Having enrolled on the same University degree course as the son who was ill, we have now completed our B.A.s and have almost finished our M.A.s. My eldest son is now in contact with us and I have 2 lovely grandchildren.

    I, therefore, believe the most important things to do in life are to survive, follow your heart and forgive.

  77. Thank you for this wonderful reminder of our power within Brendon! Life’s golden ticket is a great blessing and a great responsibility! Each of us is endowed with a special purpose and the power to choose to be who we are meant to be and live the life we are created to live! The question is, will we? For me, one little word “WE” helped me to get motivated to live the life I am meant to live. It helped me to see that we are all in this together, that we are co-creators along with a Higher Power, and that each of us does and CAN make a difference in the world!

  78. Self love is the key to happiness and fulfillment in life. It is the most powerful ingredient to living a life of purpose and joy. Without it, the choices we make cannot be for the highest good for ourselves or others. Self love is essential for self care, which is essential for us to live at our best and give our best to others. The joy of giving our best creates more self love, abundance and happiness as we continue the cycle of a purposeful life.

  79. The secret to a complete life? It’s to experience the magnitude of what it means that you are alive, to be amazed by your own existence as part of all existence, fascinated by the uniqueness of your personality -”flaws” and all- as it unfolds, to feel so fully energized and present that you freed yourself up to act spontaneously and with fearless authenticity.

    It’s a balance between opening to and embracing now and seeking improvement, change, “more.”

    How do you do it? Learn how to Awaken to the joy of being alive by activating your higher brain, so that your lower brain isn’t in charge, so taht it doesn’t mess with you and screw you up.

    Higher brain activation? Lots of different ways. My approach is to shift attention/intention/energy inwards with a skill called Inshifting (clever, huh?), while practicing holistic wellness….but, the trick is to align every wellness practice so that it is aimed at activating your higher brain. Activating your own higher brain is the most important thing you can learn – the “secret” strategy to life.

    Brendon, hope that’s what you were looking for…(fyi, is my book.) Cheers. Jeff

  80. We were all handed a golden ticket by being born in the USA or in a country protected by the USA. All of these ideas about following our dreams are new to the family of man. Three hundred years ago, most people dreamed of living to thirty. Very few people were allowed the education of even being able to read. The interntet is now the most powerful concept yet devised, it links the thoughts of all people in one place. Yes, the moment is everything and being grateful is important. And dedicating yourself is the key to success, but for me the difference between happiness and abject depression is believing in your vision or having the unyielding faith that the path will be revieled if you cannot yet see it. Most people cannot see the way to what they want. We all cannot identify the specific way to achieve our dreams. Throughout history men and women have had the strength to reach for their dreams only when they believed that they were not alone. So, trust that you are not alone, be bold and mighty forces will come to your aid. (Goethe)

  81. Life’s Golden ticket is within. We spend so much of our lives trying to achieve what we think is wealth, happiness,love and abundance .We all hold the power within to achieve anything we want. If we all stopped and are true to ourselves, to our soul purpose the journey is easy. The ticket we all hold is beautiful and should be treasured . We all make mistakes and the biggest lessons, even though we may not see them at the time are the biggest lessons learnt which equals wisdom, thats when we realise that we are where we are ment to be.Wealth comes from within, beauty comes from within and love comes from within. THATS LIFE’S GOLDEN TICKET

  82. My motto has always been “life is a honeymoon if we just make it SO!”
    So make life a sweet journey, a HONEYMOON of a lifetime.
    It’s up to YOU!

  83. Brendon,

    In the last 10 years I’ve researched, studied, interviewed and written about men and women in their 40s, 60s and 80s who have greatly slowed/reversed the aging process to the degree that they are in better shape than most 20- and 30-year-olds. For example, Yuma, Arizona’s Bill Anderson raced his bike around the perimeter of Arizona — 2,000 miles in 14 1/2 days to celebrate his 81st birthday. He averaged over 130 miles a day, despite having to endure long, steep mountain climbs and 110-degree desert heat.

    From these masters of aging I’ve discovered that those who age the slowest are focused on the next race, the next challenge, the next adventure: whereas those who age the fastest and have the worst quality of life are focused on where they seem to be stuck. The secret to a long and healthful life is to choose the best feeling thoughts one can at any moment in time because it’s not the circumstances we find ourselves in that is most important, but rather our reaction to said events.

    Ed Mayhew, author of AGE BLASTERS: 3 Steps to a Younger You http://www.FitterFor

    P.S. See you in October, Brendon!

  84. Being at peace with at all…taking responsibility for our actions and choices is very empowering. Our creativity, opportunities and well-being comes from being in the here and now; giving/acquiring anything you may need to fulfill your journey. Life is always filled with wonderful moments…so lets live!!! and always be grateful.

  85. Love. Pure, unconditioned, unconditional, infinite, Love is my golden ticket.

  86. First, I will like to thank you for this wonderful opportunity to share with you what I think is the golden ticket to a happy and meaningful life. It’s indeed a rare privilege. Thank you.

    What I think is the golden ticket to a happy and meaningful life is as follows:

    - Know Your Creator – God!
    We can’t succeed without the help of God in our lives. We need Him as much as we crave for drinkable water. Don’t forget to serve Him with the totality of your heart and keep His command.

    - Discovering Your Purpose In life!
    Prayerfully find your calling (purpose) in life and function in it. Give yourself wholly to it and be so good at what you’re doing to the point that you can’t be do away with; which means you’ll be sought after. Totally commit yourself to your dreams and dominate that field – master it.

    - Sacrificing Self A Little More For Others!
    Always look out for an opportunity to invest in the lives of others, especially to the less fortunate fellow travellers in your sphere of influence and in the world at large as God gives the grace.

    - Honour Your Parents!
    Take good care of them. Respect the government, the elderly and everyone you meet. Learn to greet. Learn to say thank you, please and I am very sorry. Give little courtesy. Be nice to people in general.

    - Don’t Hate Your Fellow Human Being!
    Don’t discriminate. Don’t judge nor revile against any body. Love people and condescend with men and women of lower estate – living life as a healer.

    Thank you!

  87. Hi Brendon,

    Thanks for inviting me to participate in your blog. In my oppinion, one of the most powerful questions you can ask yourself is.. Who am I? As you do this you start to uncover the truth about who you really are. Which is pure love and spirit…I believe we are all here to serve in one capacity or another using our unique gifts. Unfortunately many people never really discover and express what their real life’s purpose is. They die with their music still in them! For example I am transistioning into a career as an author, teacher, business coach, and inspirational speaker later in life. I’ve always wanted to do this, but self-doubt and fear paralyized me for many years. Instead of being a spectator in my own life, I made a choice to be a player during this brief holiday on earth. I would like to share a brief excerpt from my book “How Will You Paint Your Life Today?” that relates to this topic. It was written by an anonymous author that expresses “Life’s Golden Ticket” very profoundly. The last paragraph of the poem goes like this…

    What place do you fill in life’s great machine-
    Are you using your gifts aright?
    Today have you wrought some truly fine thing-
    Can you claim, to have fought a good fight?
    Will it surely be said that you “played the game”-
    That you life your was prductive and real?
    Or will the world say, as it goes on its way,
    He was only a cog in a wheel?

    I hope my comments will inspire others to take ACTION!

    With Love,


  88. I like the Golden Ticket. It is giving permission to do and be your best from this point forward.

    I feel that happiness is a choice. Even when chaos is present, it is our responsibility to find our own inner peace and not allow it to change our mood or disrupt our day.

    I am not saying it is easy. Just a choice. A responsibility to ourselves.

    Be Happy. That is all we really want, right? Even the outer things we want, we want because we think they will ultimately make us happy. I think the happier we become within ourselves, the more of those “things” will find their way to us.

    Maybe we have it backwards. Things won’t make us happy, but being happy will bring us those things we desire.

    Wishing you happiness!

  89. I started out life in the South Bronx as a son of two poor Irish immigrants. i dropped out of high school at age 15 and had a bleak future ahead. Yet I started a journey of survival and eventually personal growth that changed my future. I beat the odds and didn’t turn out a statistic.
    Bottom line it’s all about the choices you make and we all have a choice. it doesn’t matter where you start but where you end up and who you become. I started out in the ghetto and today I have created a balanced successful life as a film producer, motivator, husband and father.
    Just like you created your “Golden Ticket”, we all have to create our own path towards success.
    I share my lessons and 15 rules for success on my blog:

  90. I too received a second chance at life many years ago. I remember reviewing my life and seeing my connection to all things. I also saw a huge pile of garbage beneath me–all the stuff I had thrown away during my life. I knew I had to return and clean up the mess–the next thing I remember is waking up in the hospital. That was over 10 years ago.
    I know that time is precious, so I spend it wisely. I know that we are all connected, so I do what I can to help others. I know that everything I need is already within me. I wake up every morning and this is my prayer: Thank you God/Good for this day! Help me make this day a Masterpiece of Love and a Symphony of Joy. Thank You! Then I ‘show up’ for Life!

  91. I am convinced that each soul incarnates for a specific purpose, and when we discover what that is, and fulfil our spiritual mission here, then we have found our Golden Ticket. However modest and humble our task may seem, it always ultimately contributes – directly or indirectly – to the progress of Humanity and Life as a Whole. There is no way of telling how important our mission is by apparent immediate and local effects. Each little thing we do or say to anyone around us may have far-reaching consequences right across the planet, and right through eternity. Even the smallest stone thrown into a lake will create rings on the water that reach all its farthest shores. There are many ways of discovering our soul purpose. The best is to sensitively listen within. Properly understood astrology may also help.

    author of the book
    according to reviewers a “paradigm-shattering” book and
    “a fantastic journey which will revolutionize your ideas about the world”
    available from Barnes & Noble, or Amazon.

  92. Life’s golden ticket admits us into the ‘one song’ (universe) and places us amongst the orchestra of life. When we step into ourselves we realize that we are capable of genius, love, wisdom and abundance. Life’s golden ticket is when you realize that you are not in the world, the world is in you and that this life is meant to be a grand adventure. Life’s golden ticket is being able to see the beauty in the mundane, the lesson in failure, the wealth in troubled times. Life’s golden ticket is when you realize that all possibilities are within you now and you begin to live your dreams…

  93. Forgive yourself. Forgive all others. Treat everyone as you would wish to be treated. Find your passion and be true to it.

  94. Through my experience in life, I have learned that awarness of your thoughts is the key to a happy life. Become aware of your negative thoughts or any sabatoging thoughts such as: I am not good enough, thin enough, pretty enough, smart enough etc. This is ALL just a past story that can very easily be shifted. It really is all in your mind. When you hear a negative thought just breath it away; LET IT GO! just know it doesn’t belong here, and say to yourself: I chose to think good thoughts and believe them. This will bring you closer to where you want to be in life. And if there are patterns or persistant thoughts that keep coming up, get someone to work with you to help you release these patterns. Someone such as a therapist, energy worker or healer etc. Changing your thoughts to positive and not living in the past will help you to get to the next level in your life and allows miracles to manifest themselves.

  95. We have a choice in life. Either give in and take the easy road (go with the flow) or take challenges head on and stretch ourselves to reach our dreams.
    I read a little phrase recently that I have got into the habit of using whenever I feel like quitting something, “There are no medals for quitters”. When I tell myself this I find I push that little bit harder to achieve my goal.
    We are all capable of achieving our goals. It’s just a matter of wanting to.

  96. Every moment is one of choice. It is the choice to be thankful or the choice to be cynical and negative about what we do not have. In my experience it always comes down to the colors we choose to see in life, people and the experiences we have. It is in this way that I choose to view the world. There are no wrong colors or choices, there are only yours. Every day I fail and succeed in seeing this in my life. Every day my average gets better and better. To be an All Star in baseball you only have to be successful one every three tries. It is with this in mind that I give myself the latitude to love the failures as well as the successes.

  97. The golden ticket: KNOWING WHAT you want in life then going after with all the gusto and passion you can find within yourself and never giving up. All people would choose abudance over lack but what does abundance look like: is the love a specific person or a person with specific characteristics; is it $1000, $10 000, $100 000, or millions of dollars; is it being able to look out your window to see the mountains and water (do you even need a window?); is it health and energy; contributing knowledge, wealth, or physical strength; is it changing the world? If you were going to do just one thing to change the world what would it be? Being clear on the big picture of your life and letting the big picture guide your choices that is the golden ticket. Without that big picture we cannot know our unique nirvana or appreciate it when we get there!

  98. life is short, time is precious, moments matter, opt of the soul’s mission.

  99. Thank you for the Golden Ticket. Indeed, our free agency in life to determine our own path is nearly the greatest free pass we could ever receive. I feel though that there is something missing here. Along with the freedom to choose our future, we are also endowed with God’s own personal characteristics as divine inheritors of all He is. We are His own sons and daughters and as such we carry divine DNA. Not only can we choose to pursue anything we choose in life…we are already capable of achieving any dream we put into motion.

    That’s the true gold in the ticket.

  100. Life’s Golden Ticket is To Love Our Creator and His Creation with All our heart, soul, mind, and, strength…. and Love our Neighbor as ourselves,
    empowering ourselves and all our brothers and sisters to tap into the gifts,
    talents, and destinies we were created to be, to do, and to have, Blessed
    (empowered to prosper) To Be A Blessing.
    Life and death, Blessing and Cursing is set before us Today, Choose Life and Be Blessed!

  101. There are alots of chanllegnes in life, there are thw good and bad close to us, for us to follow the truth at all time we most seek the face of God at all times, without God in our daily activities we are not thing in the site of God.

    God has given us freedom right from the very day we were body into this world. Man has make it so hard to his fellow human being not to achieve what God has given to his children here on earth as gift from God to Man because of grid. The Golden ticket is like life given to man by God, to get Gold there are processes before Gold can be Gold in the sight of Man.

    To achieved great things in life, there most be patience, faith, courage and persistence in all we are to do here in this mortal world.

    This is much i can say for now.

    Thanks and God Bless.

    Sincerely Yours.

    Enohuwa F. Obamwonyi

  102. I treasure your words Brendon, not many people realize they can choose a completely different life in a single moment. It is the commitment needed to continue on the chosen path where people need the greatest assistance. People often are bumped off track by this little pesky thing called life, it is then you must remember you have the power of choice over how you deal with life’s curveballs. I like this quote:

    “if you want to be happy, put your effort into controlling the sail, not the wind.”

  103. To me, life is a series of experiences. Some are good, some are bad and some are borderline indifferent. But, what makes life complete is what is built out of actually experiencing each and every one of these experiences.
    Face it all, the good and the bad, with eyes wide open. Take in every note, every sensation of everything that life has to offer.

  104. Golden tickets are everywhere. It is the sudden smile of an eldrly person passing by, the singing and laughter of a stranger, raspberry’s free for picking, sunshine on my skin, wind in my hair and freetime to enjoy it. A butterfly softly touching my arm, a card in the mail from a friend, the love in my heart for my lover, and the shining eyes of a person i have helped. I am blessed, gratefull,and humble for the rich life i experience.
    Golden tickets are everywhere, if you are willing to discover them in the here and now.
    writing this was again a golden ticket…………

  105. “May it be said when the sun sets upon your life, some of your dreams came true, and you made a difference in the lives of others.”

    To me, life is about having dreams, and sharing the journey with others.

  106. I have believed that “Life’s Golden Ticket” can be found for each of us when we learn to quiet ourselves long enough to hear our inner voice of inspiration and the inspiration that comes to us from the Universe (I call Him God.)
    Isn’t that true, Brendan? You found it sitting on the hood of your car that day.
    I believe that when we listen, the answers come to us no matter what our circumstances. The Gold comes during and after the struggle. It comes when we continue to push forward, looking for the gifts we can share with others.

  107. Learning to forgive. This is one of the hardest lessons to learn in life, but learning it freed me in many, many ways. One example is that it was instrumental to the miraculous healing of my marriage as well as the foundation for beginning of the healing of our family. I tell our story in my recently published book (Dearest Children, T. R. Lipscomb).

  108. First – my humblest sympathies for the loss of your father.

    …and thank you, Brendon for your reminder to recognize the wonky/bad feelings for what they really are…they’re just clues. You’ve helped me realize my negative emotions are the perfect trigger to stop and focus on what’s possible instead.

    Since meeting you and reading “Life’s Golden Ticket” I’ve learned to stop trying to avoid my crap and just used the occasion to reaffirm my goals. It’s amazing how often I make crap up!

    Thank you and see you at Big Seminar in November!

  109. Life’s Golden Ticket is becoming consciously aware of the universal laws of vibration and manifestation. Once we are aware of how reality truly works, we can choose to create and manifest a life of our dreams!

  110. Each time someone awakens out of the haze of going through life, and starts living in the moment, and appriciating the life they have been given, is a miraculous thing! Thanks for sharing your story!

    I try to live out my personal mission statement each day, and maybe it will help one of your readers. “Spend each ‘infinite now’ as best you can to leave the world a better, happier, love filled place.”

  111. Brendon, I agree, free will to make choices that are filled with truth and integrity will bring us success and joy in our business worlds and personal
    lives. And, by letting go of anger, worry and in my case denial will give you
    clarity and strength to make better choices.
    I became a Reike Master after a life challenge forced me to look for an alternative form of healing. I am now writing children’s books and songs.
    I try to sing every morning “Flowers for my God in gratitude for all your love”. My Golden Ticket is the gift of healing myself and others.

  112. Hello Brendon,
    coming to the Life’s Golden ticket seminar- that was my choice of a journey into my trueself…i realized while you we sharing your insights so authentically and loving with us all in the tent seminar in Long Beach 2008! I also came from Germany to particitpate because I had a vision during a meditation in march 2008 to heal with other healers taking place in a t e n t. I got so inspired from that occasion just by reading it over the internet, feeling my vision already manifested and I wanted to experience how it feels….- awesome loved it, touching and over all showing that love is the golden ticket for life! Thanks for your contribution!

  113. You have the freedom and right to do whatever you want to do, provided that right doesn’t encroach on the freedom of others.

  114. the golden ticket is inside us all. we need not add another thing, for those things added makes us less than 100%. Look no futher then inside yourself, you are your own golden ticket!!

  115. Succinctly: Realization of and Gratitude for our Interconnectedness with All Life on this Earth along with the recognition that we each and all are individualized manifestations of the Source Energy; that individually and/or collectively we have the Power to contribute to the Well-being of the Whole (or not) with each thought, feeling, belief and action, that we choose.
    With reverence for all Life, I thank you, kindly, Christa

  116. It seems the front card, known and seen since birth is always before our eyes but only seen never understood. Taken for granted.
    Having seen the back of the card ( as an explanation to the front ) the new windows are oppening and completelly understood, ready to take the part and spread the magic of the life stream. Narrow at the begining the river becomes the ocean in its end.

  117. Believe!

  118. I totaly agree with you and your Golden Tickets.
    There is a big difference when you take a bad decision which we make onece in a life. It took me 23 years to experenece the results after this once not right decision and still suffering from that. But there is a hope for better since I work on myself and understand my mistake. God is the only Hope and Friend and understands everything and everone.
    Probably I can write few books about my life. I do my best to help others women, whenever there is a chance or need.
    Time is crucial. I need to care about my home and business. I’m the mother of wonderful son-25 today- who gradueted from BC and lately 2 years serve Navy ( 6 months in Iraque). Thanks God he will be back tomorrow – healthy at home just finishing his 2 years mission with the new plans to study more.

  119. Brendon, You continue to be an inspiration to us all.

    Life’s Golden Ticket touched me so much that I was in tears by the end of Chapter One!

    I’m glad you chose now to reveal what was written on the ticket – because now more than ever we need to be reminded of what we secretly know.

    Thank you brother,

  120. My husband and I read the book, Life’s Golden Ticket. I recommended it to my book club with great success. My husband and I also attended Brendon’s “Life’s Golden Ticket” event under the Big Top.

    Life’s Golden Ticket is something we are all born with. We use it every time we take a risk, live in the moment and move toward the life of our dreams. It is used every time we face our insecurities and fears of failure. How would you live your life if you knew you could not fail? It is used every time we say YES to life. Life is too short to waste time blaming others. Life’s Golden Ticket is about being accountable for our results and taking action to achieve the results we want.

    Thank you Brendon for writing such a wonderful fable to deliver this message to the world.

  121. Think of a person that you really admire and write down the qualities that you love about this person. Place this paper in a frame and hang it where you will see these attributes every day. Then LIVE your life according to creating these attributes in your life…

    I have my words hanging above my back door. I look at them every day–several times a day. My words are:

    1. Kind
    2. Compassionate
    3. Charitable
    4. Successful
    5. Make a difference in the world.

    I have become the attributes that I love and respect about my mother. The choice is yours to make…

  122. I know the Golden Ticket is self realization. When you realize that you are an individual expression of the divine in the physical. You are forever connected directly to source which is God. Our creator has made us in the same image therefore we are creators. We are very powerful children of God. All creations that we make are to develop and evolve the soul. Our goal is to learn unconditional love for ourselves and all others, this is how we can experience joy and bliss, which are natural vibrations of the divine(Our creator). Once we stand fully in Joy and do what brings us joy. When we hold the intention of love while creating, we attract joy and bliss. To stand in Gods light fully evolved, we must love unconditional without judgment in all ways and directions of time. We are so powerful that we can cut cords to past hurt and transmute them into love and light to be healed forever. people lighten up on yourself and enjoy the ride. Much love to all of you. Tracey

  123. For me, life is a gift. I woke up everyday thanking God for all the things I have, not what I don’t have. I transmit to others that we must live with gratitude, giving without expecting to receive anything. Live with purpose making a difference in the world and leaving a legacy of love to those around you. Brandon, thank you for making the difference in many people around the world, God bless you.

    Frankie Cotto

  124. Dearest Brendon, I was here/there ALIVE when these videos were recorded! I was and am present! as were/are many others who were/are BLESSED with this fabulous seminar and life experience. I am so very grateful to be and have been part of this. I am grateful that you continue to share your self, your love, your gift, your experiences and your highly valuable expertise.

    Would I share my life experiences, which I have and also will via a novel, I would have to say that I’ve been given at least 240 of Life’s Golden Tickets. from my early youth, I have always believed that if God the greatest entity of love and creation, allowed me to experience “these challenges” and “live”, then HE must have a greater purpose for me because I needed to have the understanding, compassion, develop resilience and wisdom to over come and thrive. Then live to share it all. I will, and as you well know I have found my publisher, thanks to you and your team.

    I believe it was Mother Theresa, who said, “If one is still alive, then one’s mission and purpose is not over yet or complete”… something like that. :-) I would also like to share with you some more of her wisdoms which have helped me through my challenges and other rich life experiences. I hope these will help you and others, as much as they have contributed to my life. God bless you Brendon and God bless your father and all your loved ones, friends and associates. Our generation of children are so lucky to have you as a prime educator and coach. Please read below:

    People are often unreasonable, illogical, and self centered; Forgive them anyway.

    If you are kind, people may accuse you of being selfish or having ulterior motives; Be kind anyway.

    If you are successful, you will win some false friends and some true enemies; Succeed anyway.

    What you spend years building someday could destroy overnight; Build anyway.

    If you find serenity and happiness, they may be jealous; Be happy anyway.

    The good you do today, people often forget tomorrow; be good anyway.

    Give the world the best you have and it may never be enough; give the world the best you have anyway.

    You see, in the final analysis, it is between you and The Source (God); It was never between you and them anyway.

    Warmest regards, huge hugs and lots of love, and, many thanks for simply being you! Sincerely and appreciatively, forever in gratitude, Gabriele

  125. We are not God. Therefore we are imperfect. Being imperfect we are not eternal. Yet, a perfect human did exist, and was murdered for it. This human to be perfect would be God. If one were to say, “This statement is false.” then the statement would be false if it were true, and true if it were false. The Father and Son work in this way only no falsehood is found therein. Life’s Golden Ticket, is the freedom from sin. The graceful payment of your dark deeds. Some say oh I’ve only done a little darkness I don’t need help. Darkness still diminishes your light regardless. To get back to the positives, Jesus paid your debt through His blood. I deserved to be on that cross. You deserved to be on that cross. We deserved this so that darkness could be done away with. Yet if light payed this debt, then all you have to do is accept it and turn away from your darkness. To turn from darkness you would need to love everyone, lest the darkness of hypocrisy taints you once more. For the Gift, the Golden Ticket, paid your debt, freely. Give this love freely to others as it has been given to you. If you desire darkness, you may get to keep it.

  126. Brendon states that you must show up each day with the belief that when you are being driven by the callings of your heart to do something, you will also find the way to do it. I’d add that you will be helped or guided by that universal intelligence which is a part of all of us and all things—which I elect to call God, but you may define by another name. When you believe, things that may seem like miracles begin to happen. Serendipitous events will occur and move you forward on your path. However, because things will typically unfold one step at a time, or you can not plan out all the steps and write them up in a neat action plan as so many of us have done for our jobs, anxiety can easily step in and steal your peace of mind. Your faith is usurped—at least briefly. Thus, you must be on the lookout and nip such incidents in the bud—through prayer or other practices that you know can put you back into a place of belief. Personally, I often ask God to give me a small sign that indeed, I’m still on the right path—fulfilling my unique purpose versus giving into the desires of my ego. Usually one is given, or some serendipitous event occurs. Anyway, one point I clearly want to make is that it takes effort for me to discipline my mind so that I stay in a place of belief the majority of the time. However, when I do so, my work becomes almost effortless. After all, what I need to have to move forward seems to magically appear. And frankly, this is so exciting—an exhilarating way to live.

  127. Brendon,

    I had the pleasure of meeting you several times and first time was last summer just three weeks after your wedding. Your business approach was unique and your story about how “Life’s Golden Ticket” came to be was fascinating. I loved being in the BIG TENT with you. It was magical.

    The Golden Ticket is a metaphor for “taking action.” Sometimes we take action because of fear and sometimes because we are inspired. When we are comfortable it takes a lot to move us unless eventually boredom sets in. To start anew require a reason. You are a motivational speaker and have provided much fuel to take action.

    Your story I like best is the lion tamer. [excerpt: (They locked him in the lion's den but he was too cowardly to fight the lion in the den.) Finally, Mary (his fiancee) appeared... I ran between Mary and the lion. Mufasa (the lion) roared and lunged. I raised my arms high in the air and screamed, "MUFASA, GET BACK...GET AWAY FROM HER, YOU BASTARD!" Mufasa's eyes widened, and he stepped backward and roared at me and at Mary...I took another step toward him and screamed with all my might, "GET BACK NOW, YOU SON OF A---" I looked over my shoulder for Mary...she has disappeared. I looked back at Larry (the lion tamer). "Something worth fighting for," he said.]

    I like this story best because it is about LOVE. Love is something worth fighting for because there is SOMEONE worth fighting for. Since I write about love and satisfying a woman by filling her love bucket, the reason behind fighting or TAKING ACTION is very powerful. When you experience LOVEMATISM (see the website) your motivation is powerful and will take you to new heights.

    Thanks for all you do, Brendon.

    Sherrie Rose
    The Love Linguist

  128. Brendon, from the moment I heard your story and met you I was truly inspired. Everything in life happens for a reason whether it’s sad or it’s pleasing. So often we tend to focus on the things that we have lost instead of all that is right in front of us and living with purpose and gratitude.

    Speaking from personal experience of being involved in gangs and drugs as a youth then sentenced to 40 years in prison and losing my 5 year old son to an impaired driver during my third year serving time “Life’s Golden Ticket” is a constant reminder how short life really is and we should use every waking moment to be the best we can be and to reach out and help others by being a part of the circle of giving just as you are doing. I am so grateful to the speakers that helped me to turn my past around and use it to become an international speaker and author myself and that is the greatest gift that I could give to my son to keep his memory alive and not let his death be in vain. Keep up the great work Brendon, you are AWESOME!

  129. I really appreciate the message of the golden ticket. It is extremely precious. I have travelled to other countries and places where some people do not have a high degree of “privileged access to a world of choices” as many of us do in the United States. The golden ticket is a great reminder of the bountiful blessings that we have at our fingertips and it is an open invitation to make the most of each day. We can choose to live our lives to the fullest by making a conscientious decision to love those that surround us and be fully present.

  130. It is all good, correct and continue, grow bigger than your problems and share your vision.

  131. Thank you for your service……..The real deal golden ticket is that we are all servants on many levels one if we use our gift of free will we will choose to serve our Creator ……with all of ourselves and that is to choose love and love all no matter what………. even if others do not look at things the same way we do…….. that is service to mankind ….and all and all we need to serve and replinish our own Spirit to be true to ones convictions and serve self on a deeper level not self serving level…….This way we are empowered to serve at full capacity……

    Thats it Thats All

    Sincerley Serving
    QAP/Ideal Life Systems

  132. Each person is created with a purpose, a special talent, a gift to share with others. Life’s Golden Ticket reminds us that not only are we important, but
    essential to our families, friends, and those who’s paths we are destined to cross. No one takes this journey alone, and to be fulfilled we must share our
    gifts with others. The choice is ours to design our life: to be happy, to be loving, to be understanding, to brighten the future of those who’s lives we touch.

  133. I think it can be summed up quite succintly in this little story….”The Prince and the Statue.”

    There once was a Prince who was afflected by a crooked spine. He was a noble man yet he could not stand up straight to see his servants. One day the Prince commissioned a scultpture to make a statue of himself in exact detail but with one exception…. Make the statue’s spine straight.

    The project was complete and the Prince was asked, “Where do you want the statue? In front of your palace so the kingdom can see?”

    “No” replied the Prince. Place the statue in my secret garden where only I go and visit. The Prince would go the garden in the morning, noon and night and stare at the statue. Days, weeks months and years went by and soon the Prince’s subjects began to converse.

    Many thought their eyes were playing tricks on them because the Prince appeared upright.

    Something had been happening slowly over time and as the Prince stared at that statue his body began to tingle. Waves of energy began to shoot up and down his body. The Prince was being modeled into what he could become and did become.

    When one chages his or her perspective things change. It is NOT how the world sees us but how God sees us. Perfect, complete, confident, able, courageous, bold, loving, kind and calm.

    Life is the ticket to become AWARE of the real “me” located in each and everyone of us. We are enough and have what we need the only thing lacking is simply BELIEF. So find your statue and look at it often and soon you too can realize the greatness that has always been.

  134. The ticket remember in life is to remember that there are no free tickets. We each have to pay our way in life through hard times and through times of difficulty.. Out attitude is what helps us to live our life and to pary our ticket in our life. We can accept that what has been handed us at any particular time move through it no matter how hard and reap the benefitsof our growing and lessons learned. It is also in how we decide to respond to the tickets handed to us.. Feel the fear and do it anyways. God has a plan for all of us and our tickets are all different in that our experiences are different in what the ticket of life holds for us. We will make it through and we will come out winning because or experience whether a neg or positive experience will help us to help others going through similar experiences… We are hear to help eachother and to teach how we can recover and still go on in our lives.. to be contributing citizens to society and to be shining star in their ticket that lives gives them

  135. You’re absolutely right Brendon about the golden chance we have got to live. I recently got a second chance to live my life from a devastated sickness. Every moment is precious like a golden ticket. I’ve heard your presentations several times and you’re one of the most powerful influence on our youth and thank God for people like you. Keep up the good work. We all posses a Unique soul and are endowed with unique talents, so let us put it to good use. Ups and downs are part of life and we can keep learning and growing as we go along.

    Love to be on your blog. Thanks again!

  136. Brendon,

    Great message and great videos. As we all make the most of our lives and answer the questions did we matter, did we love, etc., I feel the most important thing we can do on a daily basis is let go. Let go of the frustration, anger, lonliness, resentment and all other emotions that prevent us from being who we are and prevent us from being present to all situations and people we come in contact with. There is only so much space available in our souls and lives. To allow greater feelings of love, fulfillment, etc., we have to let go of the other emotions that are taking up that space.

    Letting go. Something I think about daily and urge my clients to think about as they serve their customers.

  137. Letting go of the past – holding no anger, disappointment, frustration, pain and suffering, is the most difficult thing I believe a human being can accomplish. To fully realize that the gift of life is you own gift. You are able to determine just how wonderful and happy your own life can be. My father once told me that when all is said and done, it’s the relationships that we built throughout or lives that mattered most. I try every day to remember that wisdom.

  138. You say it perfectly. As a psychiatrist, I would add an ‘analysis’. What holds us back from recognizing, appreciating and acting upon the Golden Ticket we are born with? We start out with innocent eyes of wonder, open to the world’s possibilities. But with each hurt: the pain of parents who don’t love us unconditionally, the memories of bullies who followed us home from school, the humiliation of being picked last for teams, the rejections of lovers, the disappointments as we try to follow our dreams – taunt us and make us fearful of taking that E-ticket ride. But we need to dig deeper each day to find the strength to, paradoxically, return to that innocence and wonder that tells us we can create the life we want and make the world a more loving place, one vision at a time, keeping in mind that the Carnival has a closing time…. making it imperative for us to use our Golden Ticket NOW!

  139. I agree. God calls us all to fill our highest potential, to love and to use the gifts He gave us to the fullest. I don’t think He would inspire us to take a road he knows we wouldn’t choose. Somehow I know whatever we choose from deep in our hearts still fits in His plans for all of us. Also, I think we still have second chances, that is, we can buy more than one ticket if we missed the first show.

  140. My father once told me that it is the rare man who counts true lifetime friends on more than one hand.

    He was right. But a fortune cookie helped me see that there are many relationships that are ours for the taking if only we will stirve to build them.

    That fortune cookie said: “A wise man knows everything, a shrewd one everyone.” As I thought about it I realized that: “It doesn’t matter what you know. It doesn’t matter who you know. What really matters is who trusts you.”

    Trust and it’s deepest form Love is what really matters.

  141. I think that ‘Life’s Golden Ticket’ is the ability we all have to life our best life. Imagine the possibilities if everyone had the awareness to know what makes them happy (their passions) and then had the courage to go after it and live it everyday. WOW. That to me is the golden ticket. Happiness. Because when you are in bliss, you are giving your best to the world and your contribution is like nothing else. Pure positive energy. It is contagious and infectious. What a wonderful world to be in.

  142. There no shift possible unless one accepts embracing discomfort!
    thanks for all that you are and all that you do!

  143. “To Thine Own Self Be True”

  144. As a father of two beautiful and healthy kids, I try to reinforce with them every day the unique opportunity they each have to create their own story in life. My father had a variation on the Golden Ticket theme….”Live honestly, fully, and with no regrets.” And my father really did! Trouble is, it is not as easy as it sounds! I try to communicate that message and the challenge it represents to my kids every chance I get. Life really is a “Golden Ticket”! I am going to give one each to my kids. Thanks. Rick

  145. I’m not a sappy person, but reading this ticket brought tears (happy tears) to my eyes. It took me a long time to find “my ticket” you see, only finding it last year and now that I’m living life on my terms I’m the happiest person I know. I’ve printed the golden ticket and will share it with others. Everyone should experience the fulfillment of letting go of the past and growing into the person they have the potential to be. Step forward! Thank you.

  146. I was doing some cardio exercise upstairs in my health club last month when all of the sudden in the distance a middle aged man fell off the treadmill, had a seizure, followed by a heart attack and died. The fitness trainer and paramedics were not able to revive him.

    Life is precious! We should never take it for granted, neither live it half-heartedly.

    Thus far in my life, as documented below in my bio, I have accomplished much. Yet it could be so much more if I had the necessary funding and corporate sponsorship to go to the next level and expand my global influence.

    Undoubtedly it takes dollars and cents to make it happen if you want to be a world-changer.

    That is why I so value what you do Brendon, teaching those making a difference (or desirous to do so) how to get funding to make it happen. I only wish someone could sponsor me to attend your seminar.

    Consider what I’ve achieved on a shoestring budget just using my own money and small (now depleted) inheritance from my grandparents (whom I cared for in their old age prior to their passing, or as I say “getting promoted”).


  147. I watched 5 of your videos yesterday on your website. I believe you are funny, authentic and inspiring.

    I believe the golden ticket is the people that are willing to tell you the truth even when you may not like how it sounds. What I find helpful from people like that is they are also able to see how I have been in contribution even when I am not owning that part too.

  148. Choices and abundance! We were born into this world with all the abundance of whatever we desire without regard to where we came from or what family we were born into. So do we choose abundance, love, happiness, success; or do we choose fear and lack? We create our own journey based on these choices. So ask yourself, what do I choose? Then BE accordingly! And when life hands us a challenge, big or small, we GET TO choose what we do with that. We can crumble or we can learn and grow and be thankful for the experience.

  149. We are all here on this planet holding a hand of cards which we were dealt. Some people spend their whole life cursing the hand. “My parents didn’t love me, I didn’t go to the right schools, if only I hadn’t married him, on and on and on and on. I guess this is the stuff most psychologists eat up. People spend years thinking about it and yes, talking about it as well. The truth is, there is not that much we can do about it. What we can do about our hand of cards , is DEAL! Everybody has stuff! How you process that stuff, determines the type of life you shall have. The good news is, you can change your own hand! Not only can you change it, you can change as soon as today! TODAY IS THE DAY!

  150. B, I still remember the story of the bumper boats from Life’s Golden Ticket. The ‘spinners’ wanted to stay longer, while the kids who completed their task were content to move on to the next ride.

    Every purpose-driven chapter in my life, win or lose, has been more satisfying than the aimlessness in between these chapters. All the inevitable mistakes and character flaws and uncontrollable bad turns just seem to tear at me more when I’m aimless. When I’m living with purpose, giving of my talent and love each day, these things don’t have the same hold over me they once did.

  151. Thanks for sharing your Golden Ticket, Brendon. It is always great to get other people’s take on what life is really about. For me, my Golden Ticket is about enjoying the process, taking in the path and the journey, and being present for all of it, rather than being focused on some end goal that keeps you distracted from what IS right now. Because you never know where the path will lead you, or what you might find on the journey – things that you might miss if you’re just focused on the destination.

    Times feel hard now for so many people, who feel lost, distrustful, abandoned, neglected, or worse. And it’s easy to get caught up in those negative feelings and end up feeling worse. The hardest part when you’re in a place like that is to be able to step back enough to get some real perspective, to see what you might be learning or how you might be growing from a tough experience. I’ve had to do that myself in the last year, as I started a business in the worst economy since the Great Depression, to process what this experience is like with those around me, so that I can get the kind of perspective I need to keep going. It’s a challenge, for sure, but it’s not one I would trade for anything!

    Keep on doing what you do, Brendon!

  152. If we want to feel differently, we have to think differently! We can instantly create a new reality only by changing the direction of our thought!

    Language which enables us to communicate with others and ourselves is an extremely relative and dynamic tool. Let’s use it wisely!.
    Once programmed and conditioned in a wrong way, humans will suffer more than necessary.

    My Poem:
    When I was born, they gave me a name, they lent me a nationality, they forced me to adopt their religious believes,
    they introduced me to their culture and they taught me a language.
    They told me who my friends and my enemies are. They shaped my character with their own ignorance.
    They programmed my brain with their limited beliefs!
    Then I woke up, what a surprise! Everything has changed, everything was possible!
    My language merged with the universe, my nationality dissolved and lost its importance!
    My religion turned into love, knowledge, curiosity and understanding!
    Life became my best friend.

  153. I believe that our creator, God has made each one of us in His image, that He has gifted each one of us with talents, experiences, and the opportunities to acquire skills (through hard work on our part) that take us each down the road we are meant to travel. Life is hard and full of pain and sorrow, but at the same time, joy, peace and fulfillment are available to each one of us. To experience real life, we have to take the bad with the good. I believe that there is a “Golden Ticket,” and that is to understand who God is, to connect with Him every day, and to do our best to live a life that honors Him and His perfect plans. In so doing, we will experience life to its fullest.

  154. Thanks for sharing this, Brendon. Helping people who are struggling has always been a focus of mine…and the more people I can help, the better. I love helping a friend in need, but helping a group is better. Helping one college student or grad with their job search is good; helping hundreds or thousands through my book and column is better. If we all threw our nets wide and helped as many people as we could with the challenges they’re having, we would be fulfilled and there could be less stress and worry in the world (plus it’s nice to remember, too, that ‘what goes around, comes around’ so I know someone will be there when it comes my turn to struggle).

  155. Life’s Golden Ticket gives us entry to the Grand Game of Life! A game with basic rules to guide our way yet with opportunity for creative expression; meant to be fun, yet played in earnest; must make individual effort yet better off with teammates; requires short-term tactics but only moves us forward with longer-term strategy. Winning is great and brings rewards however defined, with a note that true champions win with good sportsmanship, an appreciation of all excellent play on the field, a desire to up their own game and to bring others along in their ability to join in. The Grand Game involves passion to play and the joy of growth towards mastery-as each uniquely defines it.

  156. It has often been said, “Whatever doesn’t kill us, makes us stronger”. These words are ripe for misinterpretation. Sometimes, the things we survive, need to make us weaker and more vulnerable instead of stronger, if that makes sense. Life’s Golden Ticket is allowing the things we survive, to build bridges instead of walls. I life worth living, is a life worth sharing. I life worth sharing, always has meaning and purpose to at least one other person.

    People save my life every day, and it is a miracle every time it happens, and for that, I am truly grateful. This does not mean that I face my own death every day. It simply means that every day, someone gives me more reason to live life to its fullest and never take a bit of it for granted!

    Life Golden Ticket, is simply knowing that you have one!

    All my best,


  157. About 2500 years ago Plato wrote, “Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.” I carry these words with me every day. As an exercise in a church group a long time ago, we were asked to write down our struggles and challenges (anonymously) and then we put them all in a basket. The basket was passed around and we each had the experience of reading the struggles others were facing. When asked if we would want to take on others’ challenges or take back our own, everyone wanted their own back. Even though the challenges I carry with me every day are difficult and sometimes seem overwhelming, they are mine to carry. I would not “trade” mine for anyone else’s, because without those challenges I would not be the women, mother, daughter, friend and wife I am today. Everyone is fighting their own “hard battle.”

  158. When you were born, everything you needed was installed inside you. You have genius inside you and everything in your life happened for a reason to give you clues and lessons to shape who you are at your core to serve your higher purpose towards your divine destiny. Your genius is your gift that makes your heart sing and by sharing your gift you allow the world to hear your music. The purpose of life is to share your gift to release all your songs before your last breath.

  159. The golden ticket is a great reminder of the gift we call life and the millions of choices we have along the way. These choices come in many forms and can help to form a life one loves or a life one does not love. It also provides opportunities at any point in time whether it is in the beginning of one’s life or the end of life to change the outcome! What else gives you all of this? The best part of this gift is helping someone else see they have choices to love and happiness too and then seeing them live it!

    Great Book!

  160. All of us are born with the knowledge of who we are and what we will become. Over the years the veils of illusion cover our eyes. If we are lucky words of wisdom find us and shoot down the veil. If we dont grab the wisdom then we are doomed. We are all in Gods image.

  161. Life’s golden ticket to me more than choosing who I want to be ….. would mean to unravel mysteries such as Purpose of life (other than propogation) and AfterLife.
    It would also mean a chance to unshackle to world of humanity with modern day slavery to materialism and wealth.
    This magic wand would allow me to enable or control humanity to live within its means rather than the 20% rich gobbling the entire universe with its clout and riches.
    It also means making communication to the masses possible in their own language to make their lives better and of all humanity and the universe.

  162. The secret to a great life is recognizing that life was never intended to be fair. Life simply isn’t “fair,” and that’s okay. The joy of life comes from playing the game of life as best we can, focusing far more on the love and good example we can contribute to other lives than on demanding money, stuff, love, or appreciation. Service becomes a source of joy when it is not viewed as a duty.

    Light and Joy,
    Jonathan Lockwood Huie

  163. Words from more than 2,000 years ago that inspired me:

    If I am not for myself, who is for me?
    If I am for myself alone, what am I?
    If not now, when?

    Words from my 8th grade shop class, circa 1962, pre-political correctness:

    Great men discuss ideas.
    Average men discuss events.
    Small men discus other men.

  164. A significant – often painful event in our life makes us reevaluate what life is all about. The experience reminds us that the choices we have made or failed to make have brought us to the uncertain point we are at. Then someone or something hands us a Golden Ticket, a second chance to go, to be, to do, to find our dream.

  165. For me it’s having the ability to make choices about the quality of life I want to live. Having the freedom to choose who I spend time with, where I choose to live and what I choose to spend my time doing. It’s about inspiring other to cease control of their lives, and empowering them to achieve their goals and desires. We need to focus on the quality of life and not just sit back counting the quantity that has already gone. Treasure the moment!

  166. Brendon, it’s been a long time since we’ve chatted, I’m confident all is well with you.

    Both of my folks passed away from Memory Disorders in less than 9 months apart. I took care of them for the better part of 5 years, FULL TIME. I had to stop working; there was no other choice.

    My ticket…..well, it’s the realization that at age 50 and starting all over again, you must do what your heart tells you and what drives you passion. It can no longer be (initially) about the financial rewards, but what and how you can give to others, all the rest will come to pass.

    Have faith in a Higher Power, BELIEVE and trust that your new mission in life (whatever that might be) will come around 10 fold.

    My best to you always.


  167. My Billion Baby Step method:

    Step 1 – acknowledging the choice I have each moment to Life the Life I was given fully, with no excuses or stories about why I can’t…

    Steps 2- 1,000,000 – choosing to dissolve and forgive all that would hold me back in old patterns of thinking and behaving, with no excuses or stories about why I can’t…

    Steps 3- 1,000,000,000 – being grateful for whatever IS and living joyfully in that gratitude, with no excuses or stories about why I can’t…

    There, I just wrote and published my book!

    So appreciate you Brendon…

  168. Life’s Golden Ticket is Love. Love that transcends Ego favoritism, race or religious prejudice. A love that radiates from the Soul with no condition on who is touched by it.

  169. Brendon,

    YOU are an inspiration. Thank you. Been listening to your great calls with Steve – as I, too, have a message to reveal.

    My message – about ForGIVEness – includes a short effective meditation breathing in golden light particles! So I would say those are definitely GOLDEN TICKETS to a life more fulfilled, more elevating, more peaceful, more refreshing and more illuminating.

    My GOLDEN ForGIVEness meditation is a gift on my website

    To paraphrase the great ones: An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, a limb for a limb makes the whole world blind, dumb, and lame. Forgive NOW.

    I learned this meditation in Peru at the sacred Lake Titicaca at 13,000+ feet up in the Andes Mountains. The Golden Sun of that understanding is the gift of divine insight, divine knowledge, and divine unconditional love… the GOLDEN TICKET to inner peace AND peace on earth.

    Blessings… and thank you for all you are doing, Brendon.

    Love & Appreciation for the Golden Lifestyle,

    Pat Crosby

  170. Yesterday a woman asked me to consider speaking to a group of women about my life as I have had so many failures in it and have continued on.
    “I haven’t had any failures in my life!” I said enthusiastically.
    “Sure you have: your 3 marriages, your different jobs, your situation with your children. . . these are failures,” she said.
    “Not to me they’re not,” said I.
    And to me they are indeed not failures, as I see them all as gifts that have enriched my life and made me the great person I am today.
    It’s all in how we see things, isn’t it? I live in MY head, I look at things MY way and I am one very happy person because of it.

  171. Hi Brendon,

    You’re absolutely right that everyone has to come to their own conclusion. What would be Life’s Golden Ticket for one person would be a nightmare for the other.

    I believe Life’s Golden Ticket is the ability to inspire yourself to create and attract the things, the results and the people you want in your life.

    Be Inspired!

  172. Thank you Brendon, inspiring, truthful and authentic as always…..
    Life’s Golden Ticket, my perspective:
    I woke up at a very specific moment in life to an awareness and understanding to my life’s purpose. I realized that the choice to enter into this world in this lifetime, into this chosen family, into this religion, into this culture, and all relationships thus far was perfectly orchestrated to reveal the magnificence within me. Life’s Golden ticket is to stand ALIVE in this present moment, to give gratitude with all my heart for the privilege to serve with humility, to be a blessing and to be blessed.
    Much gratitude

  173. Brendon,
    You are wonderful. Life’s Golden Ticket is wonderful and meaningful!
    My personal passion is revealing how a single moment can transform life forever. You are a perfect example of this and the good work you have done as a result of your one moment in time- your Moment of Being!
    We never know when our life can be changed in just that – a moment.
    Thank you for being Brendon Burchard.

  174. Brendon, in my mind, the Golden Ticket represents a Golden Opportunity- that is precious and deserved. Life prepares one for many opportunities. However there are a few opportunities that define one’s destiny and truly count that pay off ultimately. The curious thing about my life is that I have had the same dream/ambition since I was a child. And my spiritual intuition is such that I experience life until I know the truth for myself. I do have faith in God and the Universe however I like to test things so I can truly understand the bigger picture. In this I can celebrate and be confident. People can direct, however once we truly trust in our own unique abilities (our mind and our capacities for change and success) and maximize this potential then we’re nearly there. Once we’re there we can do almost anything and at this time the Golden Ticket appears in our lap.

  175. My mantra has always been “is what i am doing moving me closer to or futher away from my goals of happiness, healthiness, peacefulness and prosperity.” With this mindset life is more of an adventure opposed to a grind. Whats happens every day is another opportunity to learn and grow opposed to a burden to overcome.

  176. My take on Life’s Golden Ticket is…

    Be Thankful of Life’s Lessons and
    Create a better life from these experiences.
    Dare to be all you can be and
    Share with others the Love in your heart.

    Be in the moment and
    Seize the opportunity to create the life that you want!

  177. I was there when the guy had the siezure right in front of me in the Experts Academy Seminar. The guy was laid out on the floor – waiting for EMT’s – Brendan was absolutely brilliant in his response to keep 300 people focused and steady with his on the fly comments. It was really something!
    I think the golden ticket is given to all, and it is unique for each of us. Follow your heart and live to your own unique full potential. Be the best you.

  178. For me, the defining moment in my life was not a true “life or death” situation. It was the realization of the value of my “free time”. You know what I’m talking about, the 30 min you spend sitting on the couch watching mindless tv, or the extra hour you spend in bed on Saturday. As my career started to take flight, I realized that my time WAS valuable, and when I started running the numbers I realized that my free time was even more valuable than my time at work, at least to me. However because I never put a value on my personal time I never realized it. When I put it into perspective I realized that I was cheating myself. I was taking my most valuable time and wasting it away. From that moment on I decided to take note of any wasted personal time and start converting that time into productive time, time to accomplish my life goals, time to actually raise my son, time to appreciate my wife, time to spend with family and friends, time to make meaning. I still watch tv, I still sleep in now and then, but I do it with the knowledge that every second is precious, and I have learned to appreciate each and every second I have.

  179. Brendon, Your message is right on. It is especially encouraging for those who feel “stuck” in their situation. It doesn’t have to be that way. There is ALWAYS a way out! I teach addicts how to permanently overcome their addiction. It’s frustrating for me that they have been told the lie that their addiction is a disease and they’ll never be able to overcome it. I’m here to show them the truth, and to walk with them on the road out of addictions and into loving their abundant life. God created each of us for a unique purpose, and when we are living out that purpose, we are so fulfilled. Keep on getting your message out there, Brendon, it’s needed by many.


  180. “Everyone wants success, but what seperates those that succeed from those that just dream, is one simple factor; The successes in life, want it enough”

    Steve Craven (Craven Publishing and soon to be launched in the UK, The Craven Sales Academy)

  181. Brendon has a beautiful message. And what’s great to see is him living his message.
    Life never said there would not be hurts. Life never said there would not be hard times. But it also never said to stop living. In fact God, the universe, the energies are all about living fully. As a person takes action towards dream the universe moves into place to assist in the reason for that person’s life.
    Each human being does have the God given right to live the only life that is you. There will never be a duplicate. You are the only person that will ever exist that is YOU. To me that is awe striking. To me it proves how important each person is. It also says that together, working towards the world wanted, helping each other, and celebrating each other, we could not be stopped.
    Brendon, your golden ticket is full of hope and promise.

    It is my hope and prayer at times that people realize the accomplishments, the caring, the help, the ongoing work they get done each and every day and give themselves credit for that. That we all realize just how important we are to each other, to this world, and to life.

    The reason is to fill your soul, living the reason that grows your soul, realizing that this will be different for each person so there is never a need for judgment. Honoring that there is beauty in each human being. And that humans despite their mistakes are amazing creatures.

  182. BB – I have found my golden ticket to be the courage to live boldly and fearlessly. perhaps we come to appreciate the golden ticket when we can recognize its value and the freedom it brings to living fully. great concept and lovely idea, which I came to after losing my parents. Thanks Brendon

  183. I would like to share a very special message with everyone.
    life = time
    As we recognize the simple fact that we are all pleasure seekers we must absorb and understand the 5 steps of pleasure leading us to a successful and fulfilling lives.

    most importantly the law of intention.

    when are intentions are genuine, authentic and filled with passion and enthusiasm, good and exuberant energy we will achieve lifetime happy results.

    indeed by opening the intention key we reach out, reach in and discover the secret in life

    as within so without
    as above so below

    Thank you

    Ana Weber

  184. I was fortunate to have known my grandfather for the first 6 years of my life. He told me several times a day that the key to being happy was to forget the bad and remember the good. He went on to say that every person and situation has some of both and that if we would look always for the good and remember that, forgetting the bad in the person or situation.
    Thanks for all you do for people you are always a beam of hope.

  185. This is the secret of the universe:

    In order to be successful, you must help others succeed.

    In order to feel love, you must love.

    In order to feel blessed, you must bless others.

  186. It really is a choice. My golden ticket came to life in my 40′s (I’m now in my 60′s) when I went through a couple of huge trauma’s, since that time I haven’t really looked back. I could have let them sink me, although it took some learning, I came to realize that thinking positively, being grateful for what I did have and not focusing on what I didn’t have, which most people seem to do and persevering to reach my goals and dreams as well as coming from a heart centered place creates a life of joy and abundance. Live your life with positive intention and you will always have your golden ticket.

  187. Great ticket!

    Our creator is the source of love and ideally we should all come from love when making decisions.

    Along with free will, we were given freedom to act. This means that we can decide for ourselves not only what we want to become but how we are going to get there.

    I choose to use my free will to live in joy and kindness and I got here by choosing my actions from the perspective that I am a soul in a physical body. Stuff is just stuff but people are souls as well. No matter how misguided they may seem, it is neither my place, nor my job to make them into who I think they should be.

    I only give advice when asked and limit the advice SPECIFICALLY to the question asked. This is how I respect others free will and freedom to act. In fact, I wrote a whole 500 pages book about it called The Magic. It’s in the pocess of being published right now.

    With love and kindness


  188. My comment is there in my novel ‘A Girl Called Asha Albuquerque( available at the online bookstore,; go, grab a copy; and you will find it.
    Vikshiptha aka Niranjan Sharma

  189. Love it! This is great marketing and helps to direct peoples thinking in the “right” direction.

  190. From my perspective I have noticed that the one major roadblock to people living a life full of joy and promise is FEAR. In the absence of fear, all that is left is love and the knowledge that we are all one.

  191. Life’s Golden Ticket is the Gift of Life which we are all blessed with. As long as we have “breath” we have hope. Each day is a gift, each moment a new start, each breath gives us new life.

    I choose to forgive, release and move on as if each person and event in my life is a blessing. It is more easily said than done but with intention and practice and of course, asking for God’s help, it becomes easier and easier to do.

    Prayer helps me connect with what is meaningful in life.. When I am tempted to give up because of perceived defeats and loss, I say a silent blessing or prayer, “Bless, Bless, Bless” and this refocuses my attention on a state of gratitude and changes my physiology and my outlook.

    Look for ways to bring the “sunshine in every situation” … sing a new song, love more, care deeply, leave the rest to God.

  192. Choice. Sometimes we have choice over what we experience in our lives. Other times, experiences happen whether we wanted them or not. We always have the choice, though, in how we respond to what we experience.

  193. Tips suggestions and formulas

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  194. My Golden Ticket is the realization is that there is no salvation outside of ourselves-the answers always come from within. It is the progress of giving from within and putting it out there-not about what you can get!

  195. Excellent! Every moment is full of possibility; for joy, for frustration, for curiosity, for confusion, for delight, for irritation, for a silly gesture that embodies love – the choice is yours. Focus on and look for what you want to experience and the challenges you encounter will become opportunities.

  196. Letting go of past negativity is the hardest thing to do, yet something that must be done in order to move forward to a new place where so many new and good things are awaiting to be discovered. I’ve learned this from you and am working step-by-step to let go of so many of past bad behaviors, thoughts, and feelings. Thank you for being there to show me the “right” path.

  197. BB – This is so very true – We can choose to live at the effect of others choices or be at the cause of our own. What many don’t realize we are always at the cause of our own even if we stand still. Life is meant to be lived fully, enjoyed immensely and shared lovingly. This became abundantly clear to me on June 27th as a result of my accident that I probably should have never walked away from, yet I did.

    Thanks for the Golden Ticket – I will keep it, share it and live it always! Mel

  198. Brendon:
    Fundamentally, there is life and there is death. Your words remind each and everyone of us that the choice is ours to choose how fully we wish to live our lives in the moment. I can not think of any greater gift to give oneself than to live a life on purpose. There are no guarantees in life and as someone that almost died a decade ago I know all too well the wise teachings you share with your words here with us today. When it is all said and done we either live in love of life or we live in fear of it. Thank you for sharing and reminding us all that we all have the power to choose our destiny. Let us all chose wisely.
    Many blessings,

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