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Why do so many people choose to leave their jobs and spend their days writing and speaking about their life’s story and philosophies for living and leading a good life?

Why do the “gurus” seem to have so much influence (and money)?

Basically it’s because the “expert” industry allows you to make more of an impact and income than virtually any other industry. It allows you to tap into your purpose and passions AND help so many people in the process. And it’s easy to get into…

This video reveals it all. And shows that YOU should very seriously consider positioning yourself as an expert in your field of passion or expertise.

If you’ve ever wanted to become a highly-paid expert, author, speaker, coach, or seminar leader, then this is a must-watch video.

Enjoy! And let me know what you think by posting a comment below.

– Brendon Burchard
Founder, Experts Academy

The Expert Lifestyle

Like this stuff? I’m officially announcing the new date for Experts Academy soon. I haven’t posted all my legendary guest teachers just yet. But this tells you a little about the event and you can pre-register if you want. (We’ll sell out once I announce it). That page is only going to get better and better as I post my guest experts. One has been on Oprah six times and will show you how. More later….


  1. Brendon,
    I first became acquainted with your work about a year ago, and it resonated with me, but I allowed myself to remain caught up in the everyday distractions presented to me by full-time work at the same time that I was carrying 12-14 credits in the completion of my B.S. of Manufacturing Engineering at the age of 60. Now, I’m paying attention, and I have to say thank you for the light and inspiration you’re sharing. I already had the belief , given the gift of health and mental/emotional clarity I’m fortunate to be experiencing, that the best years of my life are still yet to be lived, but I didn’t have such a clear picture of the path or the details. I view your videos and it’s an amazing blessing to me to be able to admit that, even though I’m almost twice your age, you explain and exhibit an understanding of the true meaning of, and possibilities inherent in, life that’s exciting and extraordinary beyond my former experience. Thank you for being so alive, so caring, and so sharing! Be well always, you and yours! Peace, Light, Joy, and Fulfillment, in all you do, and everywhere you may go!

  2. Today is the 1st day i heard about you Brendon, this is the 2nd clip that i have watched, i can’t seem to get over how full of integrity you are and uniquely wonderful your style is!! i am totally in awe…in this business i have seen it the other way around. It is enormously important that we are role models and we walk our talk…you pointed that out in the previous clip i watched and i TOTALLY AGREE with you.

    Thank you for doing what you do and being who you are!!


  3. Great information and quite inspirational. Thank you so much.

  4. Great blog man, was quite interesting, hope you update daily! I’ll definitely come back for more :D

  5. WHEN oh when will you sell the DVDs of previous Expert Academy presentations?

  6. Pretty interesting place you’ve got here. Thanks the author for it. I like such topics and everything that is connected to them. I definitely want to read a bit more on that blog soon.

    Kate Swenson
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  7. Your the “shit”.
    I played hoops at the University of Montana. One of my best buds was from Butte

  8. Brendon,

    Your last statement is what it’s all about. It’s all about what you can give to others. More importantly, it’s about changing people’s lives for the better. It’s about making a difference in the world. It’s about leaving a legacy.

    Shea Ellison
    The Success Principles Plus! Workshop

  9. Dear Brendon,

    thanks for your fantastic videos.I think it is a great gift to have you on this planet.Thank you thank you.

    Traudi Katharina Stratton M.A.
    Life Coaching and Home Coaching
    Qi-Mag Internat.Dipl.Feng Shui Consultant

    Kund Regards

    Traudi Katharina

  10. Hello Brendon,

    You are a TRUE inspiration! I’ve watched every video and read every article on you that I could find. Thank you for helping me remain motivated on bringing my relationship and dating business to life.

    FREE Relationship Advice:

    -Gina E.
    Author of: Perfect Love Here I Come

  11. Brendon,

    Outstanding! Loved journeying with you. You own it and make it so accessible to us–clearly, concisely and in your cool, real style. Your content is both effective and strategic–and quickly digestible and implementable. More important, your caring and passion in delivering your message makes it all so much fun. Thanks so much.

    See ya soon,

  12. Hi Brendon,
    Thank you for this opportunity.
    Great stuff, I think everyone has a story to tell, some are just blessed with better gifts to relate to others.
    I have written a book about life and it’s challenges, with my Life Coaching Tips and strategies for a better life.
    It contains recipes for healthy food, exercises for better health and lots of fun.
    The title is “From Dinosaur to Dynamite, How to be Sexy at Sixty” and I made a dvd of my exercise program that I do daily at 5a.m. every day( except Sunday)to be included in the back of the book.
    Some of the proceeds are going to World Vision as i have a daughter in Chad.
    I am blissfully, happily married (23 yrs together) with my young husband. I wrote the book because so many people told me they didn’t enjoy the physical side of marriage anymore and as a Reg. Nurse, wife, mother and life coach I felt I had help for them.
    Please keep on inspiring people to be the best they can be, life is wonderful.

  13. Brandon,

    You’re amazing. Thank you for your strategies, ideas, and tools! Fantastic!

  14. Hi Brendon, I enjoyed your video too. But more important is the fact that for many it is a life changing experience. Sometimes when trouble and obstacles come into our lives, we become confused and disoriented with what steps should be taken to bring clarity into our lives again. I think, the value delivered is plan and simple–HOPE! The other thing I have learned is that by simply listening to the videos and messages from you their is an energy delivered that can sometimes be the difference between life and death. It is the hope delivered that moves us to greatness and you help others regain that focus. I enjoyed seeing you at Tom Antion’s Fusion and at Mega Speaking..God Bless You..Jack Thomason

  15. Brendon,

    Thank you again for all the goldmine of information! I love your delivery style; despite the language, but hey, personality is everything… You are who you are! – ASK GWEN – Always Seek Knowledge; Give Without Expectations or Negativity – TinaJ

    I mentioned love because my message is about LOVE, BELIEF & VALUE!

    Life’s about Choices. As Intelligent as YOU are, make the ones that Impact Others! – TinaJ

    Bless you and yours. TinaJ

  16. It is very interesting to view different people and their opinions on life.Most of them have value and if put together creates a symphony of life’s tapestry. As a motivator on attitude and behavior I learn more and more each day that attitude and behavior form the foundation of communication. I would like to join in this forum to view more and contribute more. I have written a book The Guarantee which assists individuals to find themselves and the power of the Universe to reach their full potential and utilize all the abilities given to us. You are as strong as you have capabilities inside yourself. Over estimate your inner power and you can fall. Under estimate your abilities and you will never live your dream in full
    This type of forum is very healthy for individuals to support, give info and support. Please ensure that this become a full time forum

  17. I enjoyed your presentation very much. Viewing these streams continue to make me want to do more with the life that I’ve been given. Keep the good info flowing and soon I will be making my trip to meet you in person. This is exactly the life that I’ve wanted to live for a long time. I thought the time had past but I know now that the past does not equate the future and my future is looking mighty bright. :o )

  18. I continue to have my hope restored by being involved with your message.
    shit I even find it down right funny, well at least the way you present it. And if we could get every one to understand that it is not the money or the life style but about the fact that every action word and even thought can impact someone or some thing beyond anything we could imagine. Looking forward to getting started with the rest of my life, just to see how much good can be done. Please let me know where to get started!!!

  19. Brendon,

    You continue to be inspiring! I am sitting on so many ideas that could use your knowledge base. Thank you for sharing yourself.

  20. i love this program some more.

  21. Why would anyone ever want to hear what I have to say? Yep, that was what I thought and now I’m beginning to feel that I really want to tell people about my message. Like you said, it really is all about believing in yourself and what you can offer.
    Even this short video taught me something.
    Thank you for sharing.

  22. Sorry to hear that perspective Shirley. Watch my videos at Hope it gives you perspective on my integrity and who I am.

  23. I have written a book called”HOW I BECAME ME” it can be found on and It is a book about my life. I want to become a public speaker. i want to tell my story to all that will listen and hope they get something from it. I want to know can you help me with this. Or maybe direct me to someone who can help me get started. I know i will need an agent or someone who can work with me on getting started. At almost every NA or AA meeting I have told my story to, they tell me I sound like a motovational speaker. This is what I want to do and maybe even get some book sells from it.

  24. Lovely and moving,–you’re still trying to repay life for having preserved you way back then. Just a suggestion: You are fixed on a fine level–but don’t let it keep you from advancing even further. Money is a symbol. There are symbols that are many dimensions richer. Open to them–you do not belong to this box. For myself–I am in my nineties, handicapped in hearing–and physically. But still working–not for money but because there are still books in me and
    I have to get them out…Money? I always seem to get enough–having more might be interesting but– I have no time for it. If I need it, it will come. I consider your coming a great gift.

  25. Love, love it, love it. I was in on the conf call you did the other night with TR Sen Lead & Train, it was WOW. I feel so hungrey for what you have to say and teach. My storey is on going, and i also believe that the Universe delivers to you at the right time, and i have been listening to you this week. I feel so ready. Thank you.

  26. I find some of the comments about this web post …interesting. You are obviously the expert in this area and yet people are ready to critique your work. I will just say that I am excited about this weekend in San Diego to learn the technical side and the October compliment to learn the nuts and bolts of the business. The value of these seminars should be far more than the cost. I find your presentation “ticket worthy.” Thanks.

  27. Dear Brendon,

    Shit! That was damn good! Heehee.
    Thanks for sharing…
    it really is about the message, and then the money will come.

    See you soon! Nancy

  28. Great presentation! Keep doing what you are doing! You have a great combination of corporate, training and life experience – plus incredible critical thinking skills. You are able to concentrate concepts down to simple, repeatable processes.

    I appreciate your transparency concerning speaking about your critic who mentioned the above average use of substandard vocabulary. I never would have noticed it myself and certainly would not have counted. What a nice chance to see yourself and do an evaluation of your own presentation skills. It seems they are just fillers, more like a string of umms and ohs, etc. We all have unconscious fillers in our speech. Half the battle is identifying them.

    If you are still looking to take your presentations and the learning experience to a higher level, you may want to self edit. Pick different fillers that may not have the shock value. WOW may be as comfortable to you as S–t. It has higher impact and would allow those sensitive listeners to continue on point with content. If it is so second nature, that at this point it is not worth the effort, you might want to offer an edited version on your video before you post it online. Although we can never please everyone, there is nothing wrong with polishing and making great content even more professional and broaden your audience.

    Your content is strong. You are recreating an industry by sharing your best practices! You offer ways to shorten our learning curve. You have been a great inspiration and I am looking forward to establishing some sponsorships for my upcoming book. Thank you for all the resources you have generously given to us by sharing your message! Keep up the good work!

  29. Brendon, You have all the right stuff for speaking. Everyone is motivated by you and the light that shines within. You are a truly giving soul and I am grateful to listen your motivation. Look forward to hearing more from you. The best to you.

  30. In May of 2004, after a near death auto accident, my life and priorities changed permanently. Before the accident, my life had followed a path of traditional wisdom. One led by society, environment and other people. This awakening happening within me led to a new path and life of unconventional wisdom. Wisdom taught to us by Jesus Christ. The wisdom of Jesus was enlightening, empowering, and encouraging.
    Choosing this new direction for my life also came at cost with many of the same hardships felt by fellow Christians throughout the ages. The pain and suffering for doing what’s right and just, versus doing what is convenient by society. Having compassion for those unjustly punished by a society ruled by misplaced power and authority.
    The book I’ve begun writing is Live Life Empowered-Why Hope Matters Now.This book is a product of two years of solid research, $100,000 worth of time and development, as well as, 53 years of life experiences, knowledge, and wisdom. I have learned how to Live Life Empowered through the Spirit within me.

  31. thank you
    شكرا لك

  32. Mr. Burchard,

    Wonderful video, what I love about your “Promotion-al” clips is how you don’t hold back, I have no hesitation about watching any of your promotional videos because they always include usable information. You are not just a “hype man” you’re a content provider. Keep it up, and I might have to promote myself up to one of your events.

    David F. Starr

  33. When you asked if people liked me,my hand shot up straight away.I have always had the ability to excite people about my endeavors.I didn’t buy a whidgit business however I did recently buy a whirlygig business.I am determined to promote the feelings of excitement,Joy,Gratitude and Love through my whirlygigs.I always enjoy your seminars and advice and will continue to follow you.I hope to personally attend one of your presentations in the very near future.
    Tracey Hardage

  34. Thank you for this lesson! I have the message (forgiveness), the book (Dearest Children, T.R. Lipscomb – available through most “.com’s” and my publisher [Advantage Books]), the purpose and passion to help people, the ability to teach via word & song, and even my students who fail my class like me (I’m a math professor). I have a definite call from God – now I am ready to be launched. You (and Steve Harrison) have given me some tools to get started. I look forward to going out, the only thing holding me back at the moment is my disability (I have MS and use a walker) as it is extremely difficult and time consuming to comlete anything outside my normal teaching duties. It will happen, happen soon, your encouragement is a blessing. Thank you for being willing to share your knowledge with us.

  35. Great content and I would like to see you in Dallas the next time you are here. I am a people person and coach my co-workers in tough seasons. I keep folks motivated to give great customer service. Thank you for e-mailing me about this program to view.

  36. Your video is excellent! I am now motivated to save up enough money to attend your next event. I am an expert in my field, but working ‘small’ no longer suits me. I need to learn how to market my expertise and it sounds as if you are the man to teach me! Thank you for posting this wonderful video! I will see you at your next event.

  37. Awesome, Inspiring & great timing…
    I was just rehearsing my speaking points for my first tele-seminar on Turning Conflict into Your Best Opportunity. It is a lesson from a book I wrote over 3-years ago (it is unpublished).
    Thank you for the valuable tips but even more for being yourself, being real and for Loving what you do!
    I can’t wait for more.

  38. Hi Brendon, excellnet energy, high spirit, motivated position, interesting speech, you have the product.
    I also went through the courses of selfconsciousness and still am in, and what I wish to know – where and how to put my story, my product. I dont have WWW ( do I need it?), neither do I have an invitation to fill the empty space somewhere. I do have an intention to be present at some events and want to enjoy all the energy out of it. Teach me please, I feel it is my time, and you are giving the world your part of vision. I want to give mine, too.
    Thank you. Zdenka

  39. Thanks Brendon.

    You are always so motivating.
    I can’t wait for your next presentation.

  40. I love the last line…”it’s not about the money, it’s about the message.”

    Share YOUR message, and the money will come along with everything else that you need! Not only is this great advice, but it pretty much sums up how to live a fulfilling life and how to reach your full potential!

    Thank you for your inspiration Brendon!

    Sending gratitude, respect, and love to you and all of the great people reading this message right now!

  41. Hi Brendon,

    I was there… and I will be back! I went at a time of transition with my business that needed to be transformed into something new after 10 years. I left with a compleete undersatnding of who my audience is, what my new content will be, and how I will market it. I came home an began to write immediately, and I am continuing my mission right now! Thanks Brendon for teaching us so well while giving us even more than we expected. I will be back to Experts Academy again next year because I know you will add new things that will be crucial to my success.

  42. I have also woken up to my call, having shied away from it for many years and have come to realise I do no one any favours by living in the dark and hiding what I know. I thank you for sharing the practical tools needed to get out and speak to those who need to hear my message. I am sure we’re all aware of our calling on a deeper level, it’s what to do with this information and how to reach as many as possible that I now require. I have come across your message at a time when I am ready to receive it…”When the student is ready, the teacher will appear…” I look forward to learning more…with love & gratitude, Maeve

  43. Hi Brendon,

    I could, like all the others, praise you on your motovational speaking skills and passionate drive for, not only your own obvious success, but to see others succeed just as much. However, what impressed me even more was that, either you or a member of your tiny team took the time to actually answer a personal email. To a sceptic ,who has learned by life’s trials that to put too much trust in someones word is, more often than not, a dangerous thing to do, to actually feel that you took the time to listen and care about my personal feedback, was heartwarming and gave me hope that there are dearhearts out there.
    By nature Brendon I am shy and much prefer to stay in the shadows but God has called me to share my personal journey with those still broken and I put my trust in Him alone. I thank Him for your supportive help and blessed assurance that we can all turn our adversities into a positive message of hope for others still in bondage. If I should make money along the way I will share that also with those in need.
    Thankyou for the constant flow of hope and encouragement.
    God Bless you and yours.

  44. Hi Brendon,
    Well done , you certainly are an inspiration to many, and a credit to yourself.
    I have recently finished writing a book and your ideas about partnerships and sponsors on has opened a whole new world of possibilities for me.
    However, I am a single father to beautiful seven year old daughter, and like Joe above I am from Australia.
    Is there any way I can access your manuals remotely as I have no doubt they will help me take the next steps in fulfilling my dreams?

  45. Hi Brendon, thanks for all your ideas. I’m a former ATP Tour Player and mental coach, played 12 years on the Tour and have lots of interessting experiences to share. I already wrote a book called “Evolucion en Arcilla” where i make a paralell between tha human abilities you need on the tennis court and the ones you need in normal life. I’ve had a very good feed back so far and now I’m working on a mental program for tennis players. i might need some help communicating my expert identity and creating all this internet marketing stuff.
    thank you in advance!!!
    best wishes from Germany!!!

  46. It is always uplifting, greatly inspiring as im working on my first book and im loving it…
    Thanks from denmark

  47. Hi, I’m Kemal, gamedesigner.
    Thanks Brendon, this is great!
    Hope to attend one of your seminars in the future.
    Keep up the great work!

  48. Hi Brendon,

    Your energy is infectious and comes through in your presentation. I can tell that you’re speaking from the heart which allows you to connect with the audience at a very deep level. I’ve priinted your “Golden Ticket”, and will be carrying it around with me as a reminder to live in the present!

    Your Friend,

  49. Hello Brendon:

    I have loved your message since the first time I heard it at a James Malinchak bootcamp. You were authentic, transparent, and insanely funny! In fact, I just directed my entire list to your website, referencing your 3 questions:
    Did I live?
    Did I love?
    Did I matter?
    A 5-time cancer survivor – actually a thriver! – I have asked these questions of myself for years now, before every decision I have made. And though I am definitely an expert in my arena, I have never given myself permission to make really big money from this expertise. Gave away a ton! That is until I heard you speak live – and now hearing you in this video I am even more inspired to be appropriately compensated for the great work I do! Thank you so much for who you are and the amazing great service you provide.

    Lots of LOve

  50. I don’t have to tell you how great your messge is. That’s self-evident. My only question is, how in heck do I get to participate in something like this. I’m past 90 and just abiout now approachbng middle-age. I have no physical problems except results of trauma. I’ve been sharing information with others but this piecemeal method is not good enough. I would like you to get me an agent of some kind to do the work required to allow me to enlighten the world on how to be healthhy. My agent and I would operate on a sharing basis, as I am not now in position to pay a substantial fee to get into your program. I have written a book on THE TRUTH ABOUT HEALING.

  51. Brendon,
    Please speak a littlebit slower if you can, and you will have more audience; the people, who has other mother tongue. I would love to understand every word of you!

    Anyway thank you what I understood! And the energy and ethousism which radiates from you.


  52. I like it! I definitely want to know more.

  53. A very good, motivational and useful presentation. You asked to share my own achievement; I have started public speaking, workshops and short speeches and in a very short time I have very amazing results. Waiting for your EXpert Academy launch…thnx a lot for sharing.

  54. I strongly believe that everone is an expert from past experiences in his/her life. Look like I discover 2 days ago some more new staff who I’m. It is conected to counseling, emotions, understanding others and Spirit.
    You are right.

  55. Hope has arrived, I really enjoyed your being honest about the speaking industry, my intention is to attend your next seminar , learn your system and stand up and be myself. I like the (its not the money its the messege) thats cool.

    See you soon


  56. VERY INTERESTING presentation. What’s next?

  57. I have been on your mailing list for a while and this was the first video I have seen. WOW! I believe that things happen when they are supposed to and that the time to hear your message is now. I have been asking, praying, meditating, contemplating my purpose for being here. I have been kicked on, trampled by people in life, the object of many cruel tauntings, ignored, shunned, laughed at, and so forth,. I have been on the bottom so many times that now I try to enjoy the slide, and you know what? I am very proud to be ME! I accept who I am, I like that I don’t “fit in”, and that I am a round peg in a square hole. I have helped many people move up – most are in better places than me especially financially at this time. I hear whiners and thank my HP that I am NOT them. I love action even if it kicks me in the butt.
    I like what you have to say, and how you say it. I am going to give serious consideration to your messages. Thanks for sharing.
    Maybe I should stop giving it away and join”the team”. I am an expert on living life on life’s terms and how to get through the obstacle course. I share with others for free all the time, I think its time to spread my wings and share my expertise in a fruitful way. Thanks.

  58. YeeHAA! Brendon, you continually to inspire and motivate with your authenticity and enthusiasm. Your Partnership seminar delivered all you said and more. You DO tell people how and SHOW the way! I’m grateful for your expertise and sharing. Can’t wait to be a part of the October Experts Academy! (This is not a paid solicitation, in case any one is wondering.!)

  59. Brendon, My hat goes off to you and yours!

    I, too, experienced and learned many highly valuable lessons from your LIVE expert’s event. Lessons I can easily put in to practice, each and every moment of my and our precious lives.

    It is your transparent authenticity, your brilliant expertise, your sound “bleeding edge” advice, your kind and generous demeanor coupled with your heartfelt desire to GIVE, GIVE, GIVE–only your/the best and SERVE, SERVE, SERVE us and the GREATER GOOD.

    You INSPIRE, EDUCATE, SUPPORT and NURTURE the unique essence, growth, development and contribution of each and every human being willing to grow and develop and share their God created gracious gifts.

    That is what makes THIS SPECIAL EVENT and all of your honorable endeavors so utterly amazing, extremely worthwhile and HIGHLY VALUABLE for ALL WHO ATTEND. Not to mention the everlasting synergistic bonds created between all those we have the opportunity and privilege of meeting and interacting with.

    I/WE LOVE YOU BRENDON! I spent my last penny to attend this seminar. It was a real challenge to save for the trip, experience and expenses involved. I was/am surviving on a small disability allowance while recovering from a brutal assault rendering me out of commission for a few years. I am so very grateful that I survived and that I am ALIVE. I am so grateful that I was able to save just enough money to make it happen. I am so grateful that I attended and experienced this fabulous learning adventure. I will and would do it again, in a heart beat!


    YOU are more than an EXPERT, YOU are a TRUE GIVER and CONTRIBUTOR. YOU put yourself out there. YOU make it happen and show others how to do the same. We and our children are so blessed in this generation to have you as a living example of what true LOVE, PASSION, GROWTH AND FRUITION IS God bless you and yours! Now, forever and always. Thanks again!

    GG with love.

  60. Brendon:

    Your message is right on the moment. We are all experts and we do not realize this fact until some one like you – Brendon, comes along and hey – yes you are. You bring it out of our hearts and souls.
    Great short take on the your live events. Unfortunately in my present unempolyment, I will not be able to attend the seminar – boy do I wish – so I could get a kick start.
    Thank you for your inspiration and your emails to keep us positive.


  61. Brendon:

    Your message is right on the moment. We are all experts and we do not realize this fact until some one like you, Brendon comes around and hey – yes you are. You bring it out of our hearts and souls.
    Great short take on the your live events. Unfortunately in my present unempolyment, I will not be able to attend the seminar – boy do I wish – so I could get a kick start.
    Thank you for your inspiration and your emails to keep us positive.


  62. Brendon:

    Your message is right on the moment. We are all experts and we do not realize this fact until some one like comes around and hey – yes you are. You bring it out of our hearts and souls.
    Great short take on the your live events. Unfortunately in my present unempolyment, I will not be able to attend the seminar – boy do I wish – so I could get a kick start.
    Thank you for your inspiration and your emails to keep us positive.


  63. Hi Brendon
    Thanks, Your video brought back wonderful memories of the incredible depth of content (I was at your experts Academy Seminar) of how to become a highly paid expert author, speaker,seminar leader with an underpinning message of service, giving and passion.
    Importantly you helped me let go of my limiting belief that there are already
    so many self help books, seminars and speakers and that I am a tiny speck amongst these Giant leaders.
    I am now ready to kick ass and your message fuels my optimism
    Cheers and thank you

  64. Brendon, I’m based in Australia. Is there a way I can get access to the training and manuals remotely?


  65. Brendon – Thank you for sharing how anyone who really desires to tap
    into the plan and purpose which we were created, can passionately pursue
    helping others find and follow their lifes path, fulfilling many of lifes goals, dreams, and desires. As Zig Ziglar once said, ” You can have anything in life
    you want, if you just help enough other people get what they want.”
    Be Blessed ( Empowered To Prosper )


  66. Thank you for all your invaluable information! I and my sisters have so many creative visions for our future and our families. You are extremely inspirational! Thank you for everything!

  67. Brendon – I’ve attended your partnership and Experts Academy seminars and I can say without a shadow of a doubt you are heads above anyone else I’ve heard. You are motivating, captivating and you walk the talk. I started working on my partnership/sponsorship program and already have two events planned. I am using your handouts and it works! You are great!

  68. Hi Brendon, I loved this video…I was so into it and then it was over…

    The woman who actually sat there are all weekend and counted the times you said sh*t is a representation of why people are stuck in their lives.

    They focus on the wrong things, the bad habits, and then can’t see anything else. She completely missed the message.

    Looking forward to your event, I first met you last year in Denver, and then again at Life’s Golden Ticket event in Long Beach.

    You’re doing a great job!


  69. Brendon,

    I can’t thank you enough for posting this. I attended this seminar. I filled 3 notebooks with notes (I actually had to buy more pens because I ran out of ink.) I wrote a whole plan on the flight home. I started taking action…

    Going in, I didn’t have a business. I didn’t know what kind of expert I was. I just knew I was supposed to be there. This section of the seminar was the key part for me. I remember thinking, “This is it! This is why I am here.” That opened the door to a bunch of possibilities…

    I’m just beginning a new journey, but this video gave me back my mojo. (kinda feels like I got another golden ticket.)

    Thanks so much for sharing.


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    I also provide consultancy on management sytem for ISO certification, but there are other expert in the industry thus am quite hesitant to write a book about it. After watching your video, maybe I can do it and collaborate with other expert for the contributions and editing. Just a matter of writing it is required.
    Maybe, I still need an expert advice on how to write it in such a way that it can be more appreciated by the reader. I wish you can also have some pointers on how to do it.
    Thank you very much for coming out with this great video.

  72. I really like the fact that you make the material easy to understand and are in tune to what people are thinking (or should be thinking). You are aware that there are many ways to get to the top of the mountain and are willing to help everyone get there. Your positive outlook and appreciation for life and your willingness to give back is what makes you special.

  73. Just watching your video on The Expert Lifestyle already gave an idea on how I can do it the rightway, may be I can have more of it if I can have a good team that will really help me do this stuff, what hinders me is my age at the moment. Am now 58 years old though have been conducting seminars but have not written a book about it.
    I also provide consultancy on management sytem for ISO certification, but there are other expert in the industry thus am quite hesitant to write a book about it. After watching your video, maybe I can do it and collaborate with other expert for the contributions and editing. Just a matter of writing it is required.
    Thank you for this great stuff.

  74. I must admit that I was focusing almost totally on the idea of selling books when I was inspired by watching your video to map out a quick business plan for the speaking side. After all, as you point out, it truly is about the message in my case. I am old enough to have seen how untreated PTSD ruined the lives of so many Vietnam veterans, their partners, and their children. I don’t want to see that with this current group of war veterans. So, I took things I’ve been teaching couples all my life that are applicable to the types of problems that PTSD-impacted couples are apt to be facing, and I put together this book. But as one of my endorsers told me who has held high-level behavioral health positions with the Army, it could be a very helpful book if the folks needing the information and the skills it teaches will actually read the book. Your video reminded me that not everyone would want to do that since some don’t like to read—or they learn better by listening. Thus, if I truly am dedicated to getting my message out there, then I must get out there myself and do some speaking. Fortunately, though, as you pointed out, it can be very lucrative while also making the type of difference one wants to help create in the life of others and this world.

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    Charlotte Tersigni

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